5 Unique Gifts for New Mamas

20 Jun 2016

When you have a baby everyone wants to shower you with baby gifts. Cute little outfits, teddies, essentials like muslin cloths and nappies. All attention is on the new baby, but what about the mama? Here's 5 unique gifts for new mamas, something to make them feel special and appreciated when they've just given birth to a baby they carried, grew and kept safe for 9 months. Something to show the mamas in your life that they are awesome!

001. Riot Mthrrr Lightning Bolt and Mama Gang Blue Heart Enamel Pins, £6 each
I am addicted to pins lately and I'm collecting a right lovely stash of rad pins to adorn our changing bag with. These brand new enamel pins from Riot Mthrrr over on Etsy are perfect for the alternative mama, something different to the usual 'congratulations!' gift and totally perfect for giving mamas a little pick me up. At £6 each or £11 for the pair, they're great for a small gift that doesn't break the bank.
Available at www.etsy.com/shop/RiotMthrrr

002. Mère Soeur One Bad Mutha Mug, £9.50
From my favourite mama-made brand, this is my go-to mug on a daily basis filling it with as many cups of tea as I can fit into my day. Tea, coffee, whatever your mama fancies, this is the perfect mug to keep her topped up throughout the day and showing off her mama-hood with pride! Plus, did you ever see a more awesome mug than this? Totally one to treat yourself to too, mamas!
Available at meresoeur.com

003. Stanley and Maud Sterling Silver Bar Necklace, £32
If the mama in question is a fan of the more sentimental keepsake gifts, then this is the perfect option - a sterling silver bar necklace that can be customised to include the name of their little one! With space for up to 10 characters you can easily fit most names on one of these beauties and it is sure to make any new mama feel special and important.
Available at www.stanleyandmaud.com 

004. Land and Furrow Mama Bear Enamel Pin, £6
OK, I'm definitely addicted to pins but this one is super sweet and simple and would be great for any new mama bears out there. There's something about the phrase 'mama bear' that I really love, a phrase that suggests love and protection. Mama themed pins are great because they can go on clothing, handbags, changing bags or even popping on your dressing table as a sweet daily reminder of the wonderful journey all mamas are on.
Available at www.etsy.com

005. Woody and Florence Mama Waxed Cord Bracelet, £3.95
A simple yet beautiful bracelet bearing the word 'mama' and available in different colour combinations, this is the most purse-friendly of my picks. I have this bracelet myself and I cannot tell you how much I adore it - so much so I plan to get it for my friends birthday who is also a mama! The original beaded mama bracelet, it'd make the most lovely sweet gift for the new mama in your life.
Available at www.etsy.com/shop/WoodyandFlorence

New babies always get spoiled, so it's nice a lovely thought to get the mama a sweet gift too. After all, their life has just changed forever, and that is definitely something worth celebrating!