29 June 2016

Sleeping in Luxury

Dunelm Elements Grey Stripe Duvet Cover Set Review
I don't think I'm alone in saying that sleep is one of the things you miss the most when you have a baby. Although Willow sleeps fantastically and has had a full 12 hours a night since she was 6 weeks old, looking after a baby is still tiring and throughout the day I find myself getting more and more excited for bedtime.

Before Willow was born we had a really rubbish set up bed wise. We were using a very old third hand king size bed, the mattress was all but tatters and the only thing saving our backs was a mattress topper. Trying to get comfortable whilst pregnant is difficult enough, but when you add a bed that is well overdue it's retirement into the mix, it can make getting any decent sleep a nightmare. 

When Willow arrived my partner and I decided we needed to make the change and invest in a new bed, especially as we often bed-share as well as co-sleep; we needed a bed that was safe, rather than falling to pieces, and a set up that was comfortable, cosy and most importantly, not destroying our backs.

27 June 2016

Mama-Made Monday's | Woody and Florence

Two weeks into my new weekly series - Mama-Made Monday's - and so far I've shared an amazing community, Punky Moms, as well as my top unique gifts for new mamas. Today I'm handing over the spotlight to Chloe, a hard-working mama who runs her own online business covering everything from inspiring prints, beautiful jewellery and the original beaded mama bracelet; Woody and Florence

26 June 2016

The Quickest Five Months

The past five months have gone by so quickly, I can barely remember what it felt like to be pregnant. Today Willow is five months old and it feels like she is growing up quicker than my heart can handle. My tiny newborn who was so vulnerable and reliant on me every second of the day, is now an independent baby girl whose personality has really started to shine through.

20 June 2016

5 Unique Gifts for New Mamas

When you have a baby everyone wants to shower you with baby gifts. Cute little outfits, teddies, essentials like muslin cloths and nappies. All attention is on the new baby, but what about the mama? Here's 5 unique gifts for new mamas, something to make them feel special and appreciated when they've just given birth to a baby they carried, grew and kept safe for 9 months. Something to show the mamas in your life that they are awesome!

19 June 2016

Baby K by Myleene Klass

Baby K Stripe Dress with Knickers Review

When you have a girl everyone expects you to dress them in pretty pink dresses and frilly bows. Willow has her fair share of 'feminine' outfits but we are very big on the gender neutral upbringing in the Tattooed Tealady household and so our wardrobe is a very colourful and varied one.

On a recent visit to Mothercare in Nottingham I spotted the Baby K range, which has been designed by Myleene Klass. I was instantly drawn in by the beautiful designs and outfits, all of which had a very definite black and white theme with the most subtle splashes of bold yellow. There's a fantastic mix of clothes for girls and boys, but also a lovely variety of in-the-middle gender neutral options too. It's one of the most beautiful gender neutral ranges I have come across and I am so impressed with the range as a whole, which is unique to any other I have come across so far as a new mama

13 June 2016

Mama-Made Monday's | Punky Moms

As a new mother something I have encountered in abundance is an amazing array of mama-made businesses, communities and support networks. Mama's who earn a living, working extremely hard, whilst also being full time mothers. Mama's who have built businesses up from the ground, often inspired by becoming a mother, in order to provide for their families. Mama's who have created communities, starting out from a simple hashtag or opening up a forum on a website for mother's to connect. Support networks connecting mothers from all over the world, providing an online-family for those who need it. 

Each Monday I want to use this space to help share and promote these businesses and communities. Businesses I have come across when shopping for my own daughter, communities which have held me up and helped me become the mother I want to be. To kick things off I'm handing things over to Paula from Punky Moms, a fantastic community of mothers from around the world, particularly the UK and America, which promotes supporting all mothers. 

12 June 2016

High-end Bases Worth the Splurge

High-end Foundations

For the past three years I have definitely converted to high-end bases. For me personally, the quality of high-end foundations is superior, leaving me to go out from morning to night without worrying about my base sliding off my face or going dry and cakey. Add to that a more natural finish, fantastic coverage options and a variety of formulas that work with my dehydrated combination skin, not to mention far bigger shade ranges and undertones in skin catered resulting in spot-on shade matches. For me it's worth paying a little extra and not having to reapply or touch up my makeup several times throughout the day. 

These are my favourite high-end bases, the ones which really do tick all the boxes when it comes to finding that perfect foundation. Covering liquid to powder, sheer to high coverage, the bases I know I can rely on for the look and finish I'm going for.

10 June 2016

Shop my Graze Favourites

Graze Review
If you follow me over on Instagram you will know I am a huge fan of Graze, first signing up when I started University back in 2010. I love the delicious little snack boxes you can get delivered right to your door and over the years Graze has expanded their range, now including some of the most irresistible treats.  

Like all great brands, as years go by their ranges expand and now you can find Graze sold in shops like Tesco, as well as their own online shop; ordering your favourites, select special personalised boxes and buy all your favourites in multipacks, so you never run out of your favourite treat. Even better? You can snap up my favourites - and any other Graze treat which catches your fancy in the Graze shop - with my exclusive 40% discount!

7 June 2016

Gallinée La Culture Foaming Facial Cleanser

Gallinée La Culture Foaming Facial Cleanser Review

It has been many years since I have used a foaming facial cleanser, finding in my early twenties that they did little but dry out my skin. I recently decided to take the plunge and add one into my skincare routine, to see if foaming cleansers had improved, and mostly, because I was really intrigued to try a new skincare brand I had been introduced to; Gallinée.


5 June 2016

LapBaby for Working Mums

LapBaby Hands Free Seating Aid Review
Every new mama adores spending time with their baby, but they'll be occasions where you really need to get things done and being home alone with your little one makes it very difficult. Step-in the new mama-must-have LapBaby. Whether it's managing to eat a meal whilst it's still hot or working from home, LapBaby makes it much easier to get stuff done, with the brand new, unique and innovative hands-free seating aid.

2 June 2016

New Dunelm Store for Nottingham

There's few things I love more than shopping and when you team that when a one-stop-shop like Dunelm, you have a pretty happy Tattooed Tealady! I love shopping for homewares, always picking up new pieces to add a new look to our home, and Dunelm has been one of my favourite shopping destinations for many years now.

1 June 2016

La Gondola Loughborough Restaurant Review

Living in a small town like Loughborough, it's easy to get into bad habits. One of my bad habits is sticking to the same places; whenever my partner and I go for something to eat, it's always the local Wetherspoons. When I was recently offered the chance to try some more local venues, seeing what Loughborough really had to offer outside of the usual chains you'd expect to spot in your local town, I was definitely intrigued. Could I find somewhere in Loughborough that would tear me away from the easy option?

After trying La Gondola, I can not only say that those easy options and bad habits have officially been broken, but I am in food-adoration. Can you fall in love with a restaurant? Because I have.
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