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29 May 2016

Mindful Chef UK Review
We're big foodies in the Tattooed Tealady house and one thing I am trying to do more is pick healthier ingredients to make healthier meals for us as a family. It won't be long until we start our baby led weaning journey with Willow and I really want us to have a better diet when that time comes, so that she is given a varied, nutritious and healthy diet.

I was recently introduced to Mindful Chef UK and it's exactly what I needed to help me get on the right track with healthier cooking. A food delivery box which covers all the ingredients you need to make up to 4 recipes per box, the difference between Mindful Chef and other food boxes we've tried is the thought behind each recipe. Recipes are created with British award winning produce from farms in Devon, resulting in truly scrumptious, nutritious and good for the soul meals. 

Mindful Chef UK Review
Mindful Chef UK Review

I absolutely adored every single meal in the box and my partner found them pretty scrumptious too; I was worried they may be a little too healthy for him but he wolfed each down with me and was very complimentary on how delicious each recipe was. The recipes themselves are exceptionally easy to follow. This is the main selling point for me when it comes to food delivery boxes; every ingredient is provided in the exact amount that you need for the recipe and the instructions are so easy to follow, no matter how new you are to cooking, you'll be able to master the recipe without fail. 

The recipes in our box got us trying some things we have never had before, which in turn has really inspired me for future meals at home. We had an amazing Keralan Coconut Monkfish Curry with Coriander & Wild Rice, my first time trying Monkfish and a dish that was so scrumptious I was craving it for the rest of the week! We did add some basmati rice into this recipe as I felt for us, the wild rice portion was quite petite, but that's something we need to work on as portion sizes are our biggest downfall in this house! 

Next we tried Pomegranate Chicken with Chicory, Asparagus, Orange & Walnuts. This is the only recipe my partner didn't completely like - he wasn't a fan of the chicory but loved everything else. I thought it was absolutely scrumptious and would be such a great dish for a hot summers day sat out in the garden. 

My favourite of the 4 dishes was the Rosemary Lamb with Italian Cannellini Beans & Kale Crisps, gosh this was delicious. Absolutely scrumptious and is something I definitely plan on making again soon! I've never tried cannellini beans and I think they are a new favourite of mine, one I plan on including in lots of meals from now on.

Last but not least and one we had as a lunch opposed to a main meal, and something that will definitely entice fans of spice; Spiced Pork Fajita Baby Gem Wraps with Sweet Potato Fries. Not only was this recipe delicious, but I finally learnt how to make sweet potato fries at home! Definitely ended up making sweet potato fries later in the week to go with another meal, I am completely addicted. This is something I'd love to try with Willow, with a touch less spice, as it's a really fun meal that she can explore and get stuck into.

We really enjoyed the meals in our Mindful Chef box, a delicious array of recipes and incredible ingredients. You can find out more about Mindful Chef and pick up your own box on

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