Illamasqua Metamorph Collection

9 May 2016

Illamasqua Metamorph Vital Palette Review

is a brand that stands out from all others, a brand which encourages beauty creatives to experiment and explore, yet a brand which doesn't receive half as much praise as they deserve in the blogging world. Stand out products with incredible formulas and shades which are truly unique, Illamasqua should be the brand on everyone's to-try list, and the Metamorph Collection is the perfect starting point.The Collection features baked highlighters, a mascara, brow products, an eyeshadow quad and some pretty gorgeous nail polishes. My favourites from the collection all centre around eyes, my favourite area of my face to experiment and be more creative with my look. 

Stealing the show for me is the Vital Palette (£34); a four shade eyeshadow palette which features incredibly pigmented shadows with beautiful matte finishes. Each powder has a silky soft formula that delivers amazing colour pay-off and has pretty darn amazing longevity, even without an eyeshadow primer. Very easy to apply and blend, I've experienced no fallout whatsoever with these shadows and have found them lovely to work with. Bubbles is a lovely warm peach, Envision is a soft warm brown, Drop is a deep brown and Trace is a cool toned grey-brown. For those who love matte finishes these really are unbeatable, and a gentle way to ease your way into the bold Illamasqua range. 

Makeup adorers are always on the hunt for the perfect mascara and Masquara Gain (£20) comes pretty close to being one of my favourite high-end mascaras yet (and I've tried my fair share!). It works to volumise, lengthen and define lashes with an innovative colour-building formula. Not just any mascara, it works to tint lashes and improve colour intensity after continuous use over a two week period. How? The formula utilises an active derived from Walnut; this acts as a natural dye extract and alongside the spear shaped wand, ensures every lash is treated. This is the first mascara of it's kind I have tried, and I have certainly noticed more intensity in the shade of my lashes; however my lashes are naturally black, so this would be even more wonderful on beauties with paler lashes who want more than just a mascara. 

Last but not least for eyes in the Metamorph Collection and a product I have thoroughly enjoyed using over the past few weeks; Brow Build (£18.50). I am a big, big fan of defining and enhancing my brows and so I am always intrigued when a new brow product comes along that promises to give me the perfect brows. Brow Build works to add definition as well as giving brows a fuller look with built-in fibres. A few brands have fibre building brow products but it's a product I think is difficult to get right; too many are too thin in consistency and so brows look like they have been slathered in a gel, or too thick to the point where the product is unworkable. Brow Build is the perfect consistency, applies beautifully and gives me enough confidence with my brows that I don't feel the need to reach for my usual powders, gels or waxes. A quick and easy way to achieve naturally defined brows.

You can check out the full Metamorph Collection at Illamasqua counters nationwide as well as online at

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