Four Months of Change

26 May 2016

This morning as we were getting ready to take Willow to her baby clinic at our local Sure Start centre to get weighed, it hit me. My daughter is 4 months old. It feels like those newborn days are a long forgotten memory, a time that feels like it could have been years ago. I never knew how much would change in just 4 short months, and this month in particular has been a month full of changes, challenges and wonderful developments.

We have a little chubster on our hands!
When Willow was born she was a pretty hefty 8lbs 8oz. She lost quite a lot of weight in her first week due to my lack of milk supply and it took us a while to get her back to her birth weight. She'd always sat just below her percentile line (the 75th), and every time she has been weighed we were always just below her line. 

I knew her weight would have shot up a little since we had her weighed 5 weeks ago, when her weight was 13lbs 2oz, and I was right! She's not only shot up in weight, gaining 3lbs 2oz, now weighing 16lbs 6oz, but she has shot up to just below the 91st percentile line, for both her weight and her head circumference. Personally, I'm pretty darn chuffed with that. She is a happy, healthy baby. Our health visitor was very happy with her progress, said she is perfectly in proportion and having been born at a very good size, she was never going to be a skinny minnie, so we're all happy with her progress. Plus, I am so in love with all her little wrist and leg rolls, it just makes me want to eat her! 

She's a clever little girl, don't you know
Everyday Willow amazes me with her development. I have a fairly good idea of the development we go through from birth to adulthood from studying both child and developmental psychology for my degree, and so we use a wonderful app called Wonder Weeks which is based on a book written by psychologists. which basically saves me getting my textbooks back out. It is basically an app which tells you about the developmental leaps babies go through, at what ages they typically go through these leaps and what they may master during these leaps - as well as the behaviour which may come along during a leap. 

Willow is doing absolutely wonderfully, developing by her due date opposed to her birth date (she was born exactly 2 weeks overdue). and she quickly masters the new skills she learns during each leap. As well as developing wonderfully, there's a few things she can do which make me beam. She is almost sitting up unaided, which astounds me. She can hold books or if I am holding a book whilst reading to her, she'll try and turn the page. She has started properly laughing and finds the most ridiculous things hilarious, and seems determined to hold her bottles herself (although I'm not quite ready to let her feed herself, as I think the bottles are too heavy when they are full of milky goodness!). 

Will it always be this overwhelming?
For the past month I have most definitely gone crazy with hormones. Every single day I feel completely overwhelmed with love for Willow, and I've felt overwhelmed with love with her from the moment I knew I was pregnant to the moment she was born and every day since. But it's getting intense. I get emotional. I get teary eyed. I've never felt such intense love before, my love for her is more intense than I ever imagined possible and I constantly feel like I'm going to burst at the seams because of how she makes me feel. 

Does it always feel like this? Am I destined to explode with love forever more, for this amazing little girl who has changed my whole world? 

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