Baby Bath Time Essentials

21 May 2016

Bath time is one of my favourite times of the day, always full of smiles and giggles from Willow who (thankfully!) adores splashing around and playing with her bath toys. She even loves having her hair washed, which is such a rare thing for babies. It's a time of day we always look forward to and we've definitely picked up some favourite products along the way that make our bath times special. 

A product we use both before and after bath time, in two different ways, is the Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil, which I have raved about ever since we first used it on Willow. Before bath time it's a great natural cradle-cap treatment. I give Willow a lovely head massage, making sure to gently massage the coconut oil into the areas she has any cradle-cap, roughly an hour or so before her bath. We'll then use our Kokoso Natural Baby Brush, £7.99, to brush her hair before bathing her, as well as after her bath when her hair is wet and when her hair is dry. This is the most effective way to remove cradle-cap I have ever come across and it works wonders every time. You can pick up Kokoso online at, and it may even be stocked in your local store; a 168g tub costs £7.69.

Willow never seems too fussed with bubbles, although that's something I am sure she will enjoy much more when she is older, but I always have to pop in some Sophie la Girafe Baby Bubble Bath, £150ml £9.49, whenever I run her a bath. We are huge fans of the Sophie la Girafe baby care range and love the delicious fudgey scent they have. The whole range is available in-store and online at

When it comes to washing Willow one product I really, really love is the -TEN- Skincare Baby Cleansing Foam, 150ml £11. To seems to be lasting an absolute lifetime and it just makes washing Willow so quick and easy - especially when I was still recovering from my caesarean and having to bath her in a bowl on our bed. We simply apply one or two pumps to her bath sponge, and away we go! It has a lovely gentle scent, nothing special but very 'new baby'. I love it! Another natural baby care range that is absolutely lovely. Available online at

For hair we have a few products we switch between but my favourite is without a doubt, the Neal's Yard Remedies Baby Bath & Shampoo, 200ml £8.50. Babies have such incredibly fine hair and you really need to use a gentle product to look after it. Although we have some lovely baby shampoos, I find most of them just a touch too thick in consistency and they only seem to work for a day before Willow ends up looking slightly greasy! This lovely multi-use product, which we personally use just for hair washing, is natural and gentle and has such a light-weight consistency that it effectively cleanses her hair, without being too heavy. Plus it smells so gorgeous! Of all the baby shampoos we've been trying, this is the one we'll repurchase for sure. Available in-store and online at

When I was pregnant one of the things I really struggled to find was a nice, fun, snuggly bath towel. We ended up getting a couple of cheap supermarket ones to see us through, but now we use our adorable Zoochini Lola the Lamb Hooded Towel*, £22. I mean honestly, could you get any cuter?! I love wrapping Willow in her towel after bath time and playing peek-a-boo with the hood! She giggles every time. Available online at

After bath time it's time to moisturise top to toe and get snuggled up ready for our book and feed wind down before bed. This is where the Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil comes back into play, which I use to give Willow a tummy massage. I love the way it makes her smell good enough to eat, and as a big fan of baby massage she always smiles and giggles away as we use it. 

Willow is really great with having products applied and it seems to guarantee smiles, and one product she seems to absolutely love is the Mustela Soothing Cleansing Balm, 40ml £6.50. I'm convinced she loves this one for the herbal scent is has, helping to soothe and clear away any congestion and stuffy noses. It's also a night time essential for us and I just love the way she giggles as I massage it in! Available online at

To ensure Willow's skin stays soft and hydrated everywhere else, we turn to our beloved Sophie la Girafe Baby Body Lotion, 150ml £12.99, applying to her legs, arms, back and bottom! It leaves her smelling so scrumptious and her skin is left so incredibly soft. 

Once we've slathered Willow in her softening and hydrating products and popped her into her sleepsuit for the night, she gets snuggled up in her My 1st Years Hooded Fleece Robe*, £25. These robes come in a huge variety of colours and each can be personalised with up to 15 characters; you can also use the font used. They're available in lots of sizes from birth to 4-5 years, Willow has the 6-12 month one. It's a touch big for her but we opted for this size as it's something we can get really snuggly in and it'll grow with her. The attention to detail is seriously impressed; the embroidery for the personalisation is fantastic, not a single thread out of place, there's adorable bear ears on the hood and it is quite possibly the softest material ever. I don't think I'll be able to resist buying her another when this one is too small, it's our favourite thing to wear at night when getting cosy on the sofa with a bedtime read. Available at

For us, bath time is a special time to bond and have fun, our favourite thing to do each day. These are our most favourite products and bath time essentials - I'd love to hear what yours are!

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