toTs Joy Bunny Comforter

2 Apr 2016

A picture of toTs Joy Bunny Comforter

One of the most exciting things as a new mama is seeing my daughter become more aware, interacting more and the massive leaps she makes with her development. One of the most recent developments she has made is being able to interact with things, such as toys, rattles, teddies. Whereas before she would just look at them, confused and curious, she now bats at hanging toys, grasps her teddies and snuggles anything soft. She is particularly fond of comforters and one she simply can't get enough of at the moment is the beautifully bright and adorably soft toTs Joy Bunny Comforter.

A picture of toTs Joy Bunny Comforter

What is toTs? Well it's the exciting new range from world-renowned and multi-award winning outdoor toy brand, smarTrike. A brand which sells one of their incredibly popular children's tricycles every 16 seconds, they have now created the toTs range for all your baby needs. From gorgeous and stylish changing bags to bedding sets and room accessories and even soft toys, the toTs range is a little bit exciting, especially for  a new mama like me!

The Joy Bunny Comforter range features the same design of comforter, in three gorgeous shades. There's a gloriously bright fuchsia, a vibrant grass green and a lovely bright blue, which is the one which Willow has and makes me think of Alice in Wonderland and her gorgeous blue dress. Talking of Alice in Wonderland, did you spot Willow's recent fashion d├ębut, where we shared the Mamas & Papas Alice in Wonderland Collection?

Joy the bunny, or as we call ours 'Bluey', is a super soft and snuggly blue bunny that uses 100% cotton jersey in a lovely soft off-white, with the other side being a super colourful blue and polka dot white theme with 100% polyester fabric. It's pretty big in size, much bigger than our other comforters, and is completely safe and suitable for use from birth. As soon as it arrived and we introduced it to Willow, she has been smitten. She definitely recognises it when we give it to her, she loves to feel the differing textures and you can always catch her stroking the super-soft cotton side whenever she's holding it. She really loves to snuggle it close and I find it works wonders to soothe her and is great at helping her get off to sleep, as it gives her something to keep close to her (although we do make sure to keep an eye on her and move it away during the night, 'just in case'). 

Costing just £9.99 it's a very affordable comforter, in fact it's roughly half the price of similar sized comforters I have seen from popular children's brands. I think I'm going to have to get Willow a back up, perhaps the pink one, in case this one ever does a disappearing act as she is definitely very much in love with her Bluey! It particularly come in handy yesterday after her first set of immunisations, where all she wanted was mama cuddles and her soft and cuddly Bluey nearby.

Does your little one have a favourite comforter? Are you as excited by the new toTs range as me?

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