The Happiness Planner First Impressions

24 Apr 2016

I think I've gone a bit planner mad. I am utterly obsessed with my Erin Condren Life Planner and it's something I actually look forward to sitting down and writing in. I love organising my days, getting to keep on top of family life and blog plans with ease as well as having space to plan meals, keep note of any special appointments and jot down any ideas or little things I need to remember. It's become an incredibly handy asset to keeping my baby brain organised and staying on track with every aspect of our lives, which for me is brilliant as I just love being as organised as possible.

I knew it wouldn't be long before I looked into other planners which I could add to my desk and fall in love with, and after some online searching and lusting over Instagram, I finally decided to order The Happiness Planner.

The Happiness Planner had been on my radar for quite a while but as far as I knew, they were only available to order from Canada. After my experience with the delivery of my Life Planner and being surprised with £20 in custom charges upon arrival, I was really put off of the idea of ordering abroad again. I decided to pop the brand a tweet and ask about their custom charges policy, only to be told they actually have a UK site and post directly from the UK to UK addresses, hurrah! That sealed the deal for me, I placed my order and eagerly awaited the arrival of my gorgeous new planner.

I decided to go for the undated 52 Week Journal (£30), which considering we are almost in May seemed to be the best option. There are two colour variations available and honestly, I found it so difficult to choose between the two but ended up going for the Peachy Pink option which features white, gold and a lovely peachy pink. 

So what is The Happiness Planner? It's a journal for people who don't always want to or remember to write daily, but want to set themselves goals and reflect on time passed. It features a few pages for each week which cover weekly goal setting, a weekly overview and something I really like; a weekly reflection. The whole point of this planner is to instil happiness into your life and give happiness a higher priority, working to improve your positivity, mindfulness, gratitude and ultimately, work on self-improvement both towards yourself and towards your life.

The planner itself is absolutely beautiful and comes presented in a very sturdy peachy pink box, which I will be keeping my planner in as I just love it. It also came with some lovely little extras; some gold paperclips and 4 printables; Change a Habit in 30 Days, My New Year's Resolutions, My Bucketlist and My Goals. I basically can't wait to get stuck in and start using it!

I know for a lot of people something like this will seem entirely unnecessary, a self-indulgent purchase, just another current trend with the recent rise in popularity when it comes to planners and organisers. Yet for me this is something I really, really needed. I need something like this to help me keep grounded, to clear my head, to help dispel negativity and embrace positivity as much as I possibly can. The Happiness Planner for me is the perfect way to add a touch of much needed mindfulness to my life, especially as I find anything and everything much easier when it involves putting pen to paper. It might not be for everyone, but it's definitely for me.

Have you tried The Happiness Planner? And if you're curious, you can check out my first impressions of the Erin Condren Life Planner too!