Some of Our Favourite Things #1

7 Apr 2016

A picture of Baby's Very First Black and White Books
For as long as I have written Tattooed Tealady, I have shared my monthly favourites featuring products which have stood out to me the most that month, the products and brand I've enjoyed using the most. I wanted to start doing the same sort of posts for Willow, now that our days are filled with baby toys and products specifically for babies. These posts won't necessarily be every month, but as and when we have a few things that she's been enjoying that I'd like to share.

As well as being a nice way to document the things Willow is enjoying at different stages, it may come in handy for any expectant or new parents who aren't sure what products to go for or whether a certain toy or book is the right one for them. 

A picture of Sophie La Girafe Baby Body Lotion, Mustela Soothing Comfort Balm and Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil
A picture of toTs Joy Bunny Comforter and Whisbear The Humming Bear

I don't care what anyone says, you are never too young for books and everyday I read to Willow. Sometimes it's just picture books and I tell her what the pictures are and watch her expression as she takes in the colours and shapes, other times it's proper stories as we settle down for bedtime. One set in particular I really love is the little box set of Baby's Very First Black and White Little Library (£5.60). It's a set of four black and white books, each with a different theme. What surprised me about this little set is how small the books are, but it's actually worked out well because they can be popped in our changing bag for when we're out and about, and they're also small enough for Willow to grasp and explore. I picked ours up on Amazon.

Products wise there's a few things that have really stood out, products which we've used since Willow was a week old. Every morning and night as well as after baths, Willow gets a tummy massage with our Kokoso Baby 100% Natural & Organic Coconut Oil. Despite using this daily, we have hardly made a dent in the huge 168g tub. For £7.99 it's an amazing product and will obviously last us many more months yet. It's great for tummy massages, treating cradle cap - and in those first few days we also used this on Willow's wrists and ankles to soothe and gently remove the dry skin all babies get on there. You can pick Kokoso up in Boots stores nationwide as well as online - the Kokoso Natural Baby Brush has made it's way onto our wishlist now!

The Mustela Soothing Comfort Balm has become an absolute saviour, a product we use regularly and one I will most definitely be repurchasing. In case you didn't know, babies aren't allowed medicines until they reach a certain age and even then, the medicines they are allowed are extremely limited. Willow often ends up a bit bunged up with a blocked nose and it makes her struggle when feeding or sleeping. We have the baby version of Vicks - Snufflebabe - ready and raring to go when she hits 3 months, but until then we've been using the Soothing Comfort Balm; and I think we'll keep using it after, too. Suitable for use from birth, it is a lovely moisturising chest rub which can help soothe colds, comfort and aid sleep. We use it nightly when she needs it, giving her a little chest massage as we rub it in, and it works wonders to help clear her up with it's formula of Pine, Rosemary, Shea Butter, Honey, Camomile, Lime Extract and Avocado. She lights up with smiles when we apply it, so I think she really recognises the smell and likes how it feels when massaged in. A fantastic product and at only £6.50 for a 40ml tube, you really can't go wrong! Available at Escentual

I am more than a little bit obsessed with the Sophie le Girafe Baby Body Lotion, which has the most delicious fudge-y scent to it. We use it mostly after bath times, but sometimes just as and when we feel like it too as I just love Willow's reaction as I massage it in. It leaves her skin amazingly soft and has a lovely nourishing formula of White Tea, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Lavender Water and Oat Milk, and a lovely consistency that sinks into her skin easily, providing hydrating all day long. Another one we will definitely be repurchasing, a 150ml tube costs £12.99 and is available in-store and online at Boots.

Toy wise there's two things which Willow adores and both of which I have featured in full reviews already. The first being Bluey, her lovely bright toTs Joy Bunny Comforter. You can check out my feature review here, but simply put it's a lovely comforter that Willow is besotted with and she simply won't be without it now. We have already popped a back-up on her Christmas list (never too early to plan for Christmas, right?!) to make sure she always has her Bluey! Exclusively available in-store and online at, £9.99.

Yesterday I shared our love for Whisbear, The Humming Bear, which has become absolutely invaluable in helping us soothe Willow. You can check out my feature review here, a must-have for any new parents; we honestly couldn't live without ours! Available at, £39.90.

I wonder what favourites Willow will have to share next time? 

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