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12 Apr 2016

A Snugglebundl Baby Blanket Lifting Wrap review

Having an emergency caesarean has had a much bigger impact on my start to motherhood than I could have ever imagined. When you have a caesarean you are told that recovery will take between 4 to 6 weeks, it gives you a time frame to look forward to and until then, you just have to get through the healing and recovery process.

But if you're like me, you can hit 11 weeks on and still be recovering. I've had infection after infection, I gave myself a small tear and throughout these 11 weeks I have struggled continuously to fulfill even the most simple of daily tasks. It doesn't make life easy when you have a baby to look after, when even so much as getting up from bed can cause pain and discomfort.
A Snugglebundl Baby Blanket Lifting Wrap review
A Snugglebundl Baby Blanket Lifting Wrap review
A Snugglebundl Baby Blanket Lifting Wrap review
When I was approached by Snugglebundl and asked if I would like to give a Snugglebundl a try with Willow, I honestly felt a surge of relief. My biggest struggle every day has been getting up, whether that be from the sofa or the bed, whilst holding Willow. I have to ensure I have a firm hold on Willow, that she's safely and comfortably held, whilst also trying to get up without causing an issue with my healing caesarean scar. It's more difficult than you'd think, although the past couple of weeks have been easier as I start to finally properly heal. Snugglebundl has definitely helped me in finally healing as I should be, as it has been taken so much pressure off of my wound and stomach since using it.

So what exactly is Snugglebundl? Snugglebundl is a baby blanket and the world's first baby lifting wrap. Incredibly soft and made with 100% cotton, it's a lovely blanket which is available in four patterns and has a specific and unique design which means it can be used in several ways. It can be used as a blanket wrap, with a handy tie on the side to keep your baby all snuggled up and safe, as a way to move your baby from their car seat, crib or pram without disturbing them if they are asleep and in my case, as a way to safely lift Willow from the sofa or bed, cradling her in my arms whilst she is all snug in her Snugglebundl. It's much, much easier on my stomach muscles, it's much easier going for my caesarean scar and also has helped with the pain I felt in my back every time I would bend over. 

It's very easy to use, is exceptionally well made and I'll be honest, it's that cosy and snuggly for her, I kind of wish there was an adult version just to use as a use blanket! We opted for the grey and white star design, but all the designs are very gender neutral including a colourful rainbow polkadot, a barley cream and a red. Willow is 11 weeks today and she still fits in perfectly and will for a long time yet, as it's very roomy. 

Although it's not a completely necessary purchase, I do think if you've had a caesarean or if you are suffering with back ache, that it can be a massive help in easing pain and discomfort. For me it has massively helped and instead of wincing and dreading the time when I would need to stand up from the sofa or bed whilst holding Willow, I know I can do so safely, easily and painlessly with our Snugglebundl.

Available at, £34.99.

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