Our Saviour the Whisbear

6 Apr 2016

A picture of Whisbear The Humming Bear
When you're a new parent with a newborn that won't stop crying and you've ticked off all the usual culprits; do they need feeding? do they need a nappy change? are they too hot or too cold? do they have wind? maybe a cuddle will do the trick?, but they just keep crying, you'll do anything to make them stop. 

In those first few weeks with Willow, we really struggled. She would cry and cry and cry, and of course now I know it's because she had difficulties with wind and she wasn't getting enough milk from me during each feed, but at the time we just thought we were stuck in hell, that this is what our lives were going to be like from now on. A screaming baby that couldn't be soothed, crying all day and night no matter what we did. 
A picture of Whisbear The Humming Bear

A picture of Whisbear The Humming Bear

A picture of Whisbear The Humming Bear

A picture of Whisbear The Humming Bear
Then a few things changed. We became more confident, taking charge of the situation; we decided to commit to combination feeding with formula, and so her appetite was finely satisfied. We became better at winding her and helping ease her discomfort. We found techniques, tips and tricks that worked for us when in the middle of the night she was still 'fussing', as we came to call it, and needed a little extra help getting off to sleep. That help came in the form of Whisbear, The Humming Bear.

I'd come across Whisbear before Willow was born and was really intrigued by the background behind it. For those of you who are long time readers of Tattooed Tealady, you will know that I studied Psychology at University and so I'm big on research and Psychology in general. Whisbear is one of the few baby products I have come across that makes claims on it's magical powers of soothing babies, that actually backs up it's products with research studies and professional Psychologists opinions on whether a product like Whisbear would actually work - you can find out what Dr. Harvey Karp had to say here.

Whisbear is a 'guardian bear' which helps to soothe your baby, whether that's at home during the day, at night when they're fighting off sleep, when they wake during the night - or even out and about with the handy attachment ring for you to attach your Whisbear to your pram. It emits white noise, with a volume control that can be turned both up and down, operating for 40 minutes when left to run or simply turned off as easily as it is turned on, with the push of a button. 

It features an innovative Cry Sensor Function, which has been an absolute saviour for us during the night when Willow will sometimes have night terrors or become unsettled if she loses her dummy or comforter - as soon as she starts crying, Whisbear will start emitting the white noise, shushing her back to a peaceful sleep. It's like magic, as soon as Whisbear starts, she instantly quiets and goes back into a calm, peaceful sleep. 

The Cry Sensor Function emits the calming sound for 20 minutes, opposed to the 40 minutes which will play when you manually turn Whisbear on. Of course as with any time a baby cries, it's important to check that they are OK and even when Whisbear is helping Willow get back to sleep, I'll check she's comfortable, the right temperature, whether her nappy needs changing etc, but whilst doing so Whisbear is there calming her and making her feel safe. 

I do think with white noise toys and apps that it is exactly that, making a baby feel safe. Whilst in the womb the noises a baby will come to know sounds just like white noise, so it's comforting for them to have that noise even when they are born and as they grow.

For us, Whisbear has been invaluable. I tried free apps on my phone, but they never worked in the way Whisbear does. Maybe because Whisbear is louder, or maybe just because Willow feels happier with a bear teddy, that's soft and sensory that she can actually see, grasp and hold, Whisbear has beaten any free apps I've tried hands down. If it's even possible, I actually love Whisbear more now than when it first arrived, as Willow is able to interact with it more now she is getting better at touching, feeling and grasping; she simply loves scrunching the front paws and the feel of the soft fabric on the back paw. 

I would whole heartedly recommend Whisbear to new parents, as well as anyone putting together gifts for expectant parents. Whisbear has become a valuable member of our toy-family, with his very own spot on the side of Willow's crib at night and always with us in the mornings when Willow wants her Whisbear nearby. 

Available in 3 designs at whisbear.co.uk, £39.90.

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