Lush Frozen Bath Bomb

1 Apr 2016

A picture of Lush Frozen Bath Bomb
If you hadn't already guessed, I'm a bit of a Lush obsessive and one of my favourite products for a quick Lush fix is a bath bomb. The bath bomb range is never-ending and I have more than a few favourites, but over the past year I have really gone all out in making sure I try each of the new bath bombs to join the range, especially the ones which were once Oxford Street exclusives and are now available in-store nationwide as well as online.

Those of you who have watched Frozen, the current Disney film that every kid and their mama seems to be addicted to, then you should be able to guess the theme behind this one. Personally, I'm an old school Disney fan and so I've never seen the film, and the repetitive 'Let it Go' song that the whole world seems to sing whenever I don't want to get an annoying song stuck in my head, has ensured it's one which will never join my Disney DVD collection. That said, it wasn't enough to put me off of a bath bomb which had been inspired by the film, and for that I'm glad - as Frozen Bath Bomb is a bit blooming beautiful!

Creating a stunning ocean blue display, Frozen is a shimmering two-tone blue bath bomb which has been created to lift your mood whilst helping you relax and feel revived. The three key ingredients in this one are Neroli Oil, Grapefruit Oil and Rose Oil.

Neroli Oil has a lovely soft floral fragrance, slightly warming in scent, which has the added benefits of toning skin whilst giving your mind a real positive boost. How? It just so happens to be one of the only essential oils which can increase Serotonin - that's the happy chemicals in your brain -, and has even been scientifically proven to improve happiness levels.

Grapefruit Oil adds a lovely cleansing and brightening effect to Frozen, an ingredient which is a great all-rounder as it's beneficial for skin, hair and scalp - so if like me you like to get right under the water for a good'old dunk, then this one will work it's magic in more ways than one! It also has antiviral, antiseptic, astringent and antibacterial properties, and of course that lovely uplifting zesty scent!

Rose Oil adds a lovely softening floral touch to Frozen, an oil which has been adored for centuries worldwide due to it's nourishing and hydrating benefits, as well as being a great ingredient for improving your mood.

Frozen creates a lovely display in the bath and has a great combination of products with a gorgeous subtle scent. Like most Lush bath bombs it comes in at £3.95, and is fairly big in size. Must-try? I think so. It's one that would suit a whole variety of tastes as manages to be effective without being overpowering, lovely!

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