A Quarter of a Year

26 Apr 2016

Exactly three months ago today, Willow was born. Those three months have absolutely flown by and in that time she has changed more than I ever imagined possible. I simply cannot believe the change in my little girl, the way her face has changed entirely, the things she is now capable of, the way she grows and develops every single day, her tiny fuzzy hairs as her hair starts to thicken up. She amazes me and leaves me in awe with each passing hour and I still have to pinch myself everyday; how did I ever get this lucky?

We have a routine! Sort of.
I've said from the beginning that we're not going to try and implement a routine, instead just going with the flow. So far, it's worked, because Willow has actually got herself into a rather perfect routine. We get up between 6am and 7am each day, when we'll come downstairs to the living room where we'll spend most of our day. We'll feed, play, I'll read to her, she'll go psycho on her playmat, we'll watch a movie together and try a bit of tummy time. Every other night we'll have a bath between 4:30pm - 5:30pm and she'll go down for the night between 7:00pm - 7:30pm. I'll then wake her up (with cuddles and a nappy change) around 10:30pm - 11pm, one last feed and then she goes down for the rest of the night. She's been doing this for what is now our 6th week. I keep meaning to share one of those baby milestone snaps on Instagram, but I lost my baby milestone cards (again)

It works for her and it works for us. I usually use the evening period to get some stuff done around the house, reply to emails, plan blog content and of course, relax! Then I manage to get around 6 hours sleep through the night - although she does have me up a couple of times with complaints if she drops her dummy or can't find her Bluey comforter!

This girl just doesn't stop!
From the moment she wakes up, with the biggest smile as soon as she sees me might I add, she is all go, go, go! Her legs are constant, her arms are constant, she's starting to slightly roll to one side and slightly roll to the other, although not all the way over just yet. She is talking in her rather adorable baby talk all day long and her little giggles melt my heart. We haven't had a proper belly laugh yet, but I don't think it's far off! 

She takes in so much more everyday, paying attention to sounds and shapes, listening when you talk to her, turning towards you and following you as you move around. She is such a cheeky little girl and knows when she is being cheeky too, giving you this little side smirk before giggling when she sees my faux shocked reactions to her funny little mannerisms. Put her on her playmat and she'll be happy'as'larry batting, pulling and grabbing anything within her reach.

Always developing.
At our last baby clinic with the Health Visitor (two weeks ago) we found out that Willow weighed 13lbs 2oz. She had put on 2lbs exactly in the 5 weeks since her previous weigh-in, but that was actually less than we expected as she just seems to have gone from this teeny tiny newborn into this huge baby with wrist rolls and chubby cheeks! She's just this week gone into 3-6 month clothes; she could have stayed in 0-3 month clothes for another couple of weeks but they were getting a little tighter by the day and so I gave in, packed away our favourites and moved her into 3-6. The positive of that being that we now have lots of lovely new outfits and proper pj's for her to wear!

She's learning so many new things each day. She can hold rattles and shake them if passed to her, but can now also pick them up herself with no prompting which amazed me the first time she did it. She can pick up and put things down. She can touch her feet and always seems amazed they are hers. She can take her dummy out and put it back in unaided. She tries to hold her bottles when having a bottle feed and even moves the muslin cloth to wipe her mouth when she has milk-mouth. She can sit up without us needing to hold her if propped up against a pillow and can very almost sit up completely unaided. 

As we enter month four we're expecting some of the easy times to get a little bit harder again. We follow the Wonder Weeks app as a guide to Willow's developmental leaps and so far they have been completely spot on each time. She is actually ahead development wise as she seems to be mastering everything by her due date rather than her birth date, and we're currently smack bang in the middle of the month everyone dreads; sleep gets interrupted, which I think is starting to kick in by the looks of last night, she's a little more fussy and her moods can change out of nowhere. Add in teething which she started at just 11 weeks, and we may just have a few hard weeks ahead of us... I'll let you know how it goes in next month's update.

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