When Two Months Have Passed

26 Mar 2016

60 days. 8 1/2 weeks. Two months. Time is going by so quickly, my little newborn is growing up so fast, no longer a newborn but now a little baby, a baby that is changing and developing every single day. Everyone says they don't stay small forever, that time will go quicker than you realise, but I never thought it'd be this quickly! 

And yet with each new day, everyday that she grows another 24 hours older, the way she develops and the little milestones she reaches melt my heart. I'm utterly in love, absolutely besotted; I have a two month old that has stolen my heart.

Things are so much better now
That first month was crazy, especially the first few weeks. I struggled massively with breastfeeding, she was constantly crying as she had some of her own struggles with wind, she lost more weight than the midwife and health visitor wanted. It was a tough first month, nothing like the dreamy ideas I had of smiles and happy memories as we started life with a newborn. 

Now? Things couldn't be more different if we tried. 

We have a feeding routine that works for us (did you catch my breastfeeding journey and Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine posts?) and although Willow is still weighing in at less than expected, she's put on enough weight for it not to be a worry any more. She's on the 75th percentile, born at 8lbs 8oz, and at her last check a week ago she was just below her line, coming in at 11lbs 2oz. 

She's finally in 0-3 months clothes wise and I have to admit, I felt a little sad putting away all those little newborn and up to 1 month clothes. She was in them far longer than I thought she would be, in fact I was so sure I'd have a baby that was so big she wouldn't even fit into newborn sizes! Being in 0-3 months sizes now does mean I can pop her in proper outfits though, it's much nicer having her in little outfits in the day and sleep-suits at night instead of living in her sleep-suits because they were the only things which fitted her.

Her wind issues have almost all but disappeared, which is just an absolute miracle for us and makes life a million times easier each day. I hated seeing her struggle so much all day everyday, now she can just be our happy little baby without the hours and hours of tears and wind. Her skin is also getting much better; something I didn't mention last month is that she has had baby acne since she was born. I think it's pretty noticeable in some of her younger pictures on my Instagram (@tattooedtealady) and particularly the photos in her one month update, but most days it doesn't show at all now, which is great! 

We don't have a routine
Getting a routine in place has never been on my to-do list if I am honest, as my partner's shifts alternate every week and so our hours and day-to-day schedule changes every other week. That said of course when she is older and goes into her nursery, we'll give her a little night time routine, but for now we're just following her cues. 

She is sleeping better and longer at night, sometimes I even get a whole 5 hours sleep through the night which leaves me feeling amazing come morning! The past 10 days or so she seems to be in a loose routine of her own. She'll wake between 6am - 7am for a feed, stay awake for an hour or so then go down for 1-2 hours. Then she's up most of the day having her feeds, playing with her toys and having the odd 20-40 minute nap here or there. Come evening she's started sleeping around 7pm until 11pm, before waking for a feed and staying up for another hour at most before she pops back off to sleep for the night. We're not taking it for granted though, as I'm sure as soon as the next growth spurt comes along or she starts teething, that will all go right out of the window!

She's so much more aware
The change in her over the past month has been incredible. She is very alert now; whereas before she could only see things directly in front of her, she can now see things much further away, will follow you with her eyes if you move around the room, she is entertained by toys, singing, music, she focuses and concentrates on so much more compared to predominately white or black in her newborn days.

She responds to touch and different sensations, particularly loving having her feet played with ('this little piggy' and tickling her feet are big favourites of hers right now!), her tummy tickled and the back of her neck stroked. 

The most noticeable thing though? She's so much more vocal! She'll coo and ahh, she chuckles and does almost-giggles. She has a conversation with you in her own little baby-talk. She smiles constantly and is such a happy baby, it melts my heart. Every time you go to pick her up after a nap she has the biggest smile waiting for me and I spend everyday feeling in complete awe that this tiny little person can make me feel such immeasurable love and joy. It just blows my mind.

There's so many other things I could share with you but I would be here forever and it'd be a never-ending update! So for now until next month, we'll leave it here - I have a smiley baby who keeps giggling at her mama as she types, wanting a cuddle, so imma'grab those cuddles and cherish every moment of her being 2 months old.