The benefits of babywearing

15 Mar 2016

A picture of We Made Me Baby Carriers

It seems like babywearing has exploded in the media over the past year, almost becoming the next big 'thing' that everyone should do with their babies - except babywearing is certainly not the new fad it's being made out to be, and there's more than meets the eye when it comes to the benefits of babywearing. To the outsider it may just look like a 'hands-free' way to carry your baby around with you, but mentally, psychologically and emotionally, babywearing is so much more than that.

When I found out I was pregnant babywearing was a no-brainer for me, something I wanted to do from the get-go. I spent months looking at the different brands, types, materials, checking out carriers in Mothercare and looking at what was on offer online. There is a huge array of designs, styles and types of carrier on the market covering a huge range of prices, so there's literally something for anyone regardless of budget.

A picture of We Made Me Baby Carriers
A picture of We Made Me Baby Carriers

A picture of We Made Me Baby Carriers

Why was I so determined to use carriers? Simple. The benefits are countless and as someone who wants to create a very strong bond with my baby whilst also aiding her development, using carriers was a must for me. Although many mamas in the Western world are only just cottoning on to the benefits of baby carriers, you only have to look at other parts of the world and cultures where it is standard practice to carry your child with you, often well into their toddler years. Women working in fields all day with their children on their front or back, close to their mamas as they work. It gives mamas - and dads - the chance to get things done whilst still having baby close to them, and to me that is extremely important.

Although I'm on maternity leave until October, there is a lot I need to get done each day and if I am sat holding Willow all day everyday, my to-do list will never get done. Household chores, blog writing and admin, keeping up to date with new training for my job as well as cooking, spending time with friends and family both at home and out of the house as well as simply finding a few minutes to do my favourite thing; indulge in a good book. Babywearing is the perfect solution for all of that, because it gives me the chance to have Willow in a safe carrier, wrap or sling, whilst both my hands are free to get on with other things. That's definitely one of the biggest appeals to the rise in baby carriers recently - the best of both worlds, getting your to-do list ticked off whilst your baby stays close, safe and happy.

Babywearing has shown to be great for babies because they love the close contact and find comfort in it. Think about how long your baby is inside your uterus in a very small space, listening to your heartbeat from the moment they are able to hear to the moment they are born. They are so used to being close by their mama that when they are born, it can be quite the drastic change; babywearing gives your baby that reassurance and comfort they had in the womb, in the same positive way for example that skin-to-skin contact does. As a result of this, studies have shown that babywearing can help reduce fussiness in babies, whilst also promoting a calmer, happier mood. It can help reduce the amount of crying your baby might do, which is particularly beneficial for those who suffer with Colic or Reflux, especially as the upright position of most carriers helps to keep baby in the recommended position for helping to clear wind and aid digestion.

Developmentally, babywearing can help your baby by helping you bond better as well as enhancing their social and physical development. Think about how long a baby will spend lay down, in a bouncer or on the floor on a playmat. There's only so much you can see from below everyone else, and there's a lot of world out there that's out of their reach. Babywearing lets your baby see and experience things the same way you do. They will be at a better height to take in more, opening up their world and ultimating adding a whole new dimension to how much they can take in. Babywearing aids your babies development of their senses, extra stimulation which can help their brain development.

There are tons of other ways in which babywearing can be beneficial, such as helping to reduce or even prevent back, shoulder and neck pain which can come from carrying your baby in your arms, providing babies with a sense of security and trust, aiding attachment, overall creating a happier, calmer, more relaxed and confident baby, to name just a few.

Over the coming months I will be sharing my thoughts on three different types of baby carriers, how I use them on a day-to-day basis as well as what my preferred type of baby carrier is. I'm going to be working with a fantastic brand whose products are made with baby and mama in mind, using extremely high quality materials and with designs that have been created to keep baby as safe and happy as can possibly be. If you're curious about the carriers I'll be testing out, you can check out the full range for yourself over on

In the meantime I'd love to hear your thoughts on babywearing. Do you think it's a good idea, or a fad that people will get bored of? Do you have a favourite brand for baby carriers, or are you still on the hunt for the right one for you?

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