The All Time Favourites

7 Mar 2016

A picture of Dean Koontz Odd Thomas

‘Favourites’ posts are a pretty common thing in blogland. Lipsticks you’re loving, shoes you’re smiling about and magical mascaras. However I find, as I imagine anyone reading does, in the life of most of us something is probably our forever fave for all of about 8 days, at which point a new nail shade, riveting read or food craze comes along to get obsessive over.

But there are some things that everyone has that stay firm favourites for years. The fashion, beauty or lifestyle equivalents of the cuddly toy you had as a child or that giant blanket you bought when you were at Uni because your rubbish student house didn’t have double glazing and putting on the heating wasted valuable beer’n’beans money. The product you’ll always repurchase, the skirt you’ve had since your teens or the book you can recite every word of yet still read on a monthly basis. Here are some of mine.

Illamasqua Maneater Lipstick
There’ something about sliding a bright red onto your lips that gives you a bit more oompg and leaves you feeling like everyone else better move over, cause the wow! factor just arrived. The perfect stand-out red, with Illamasqua’s standard long-lasting, high performing pigmented formula. I’ll often play around with all kinds of shades, but if I need a badass red, I’ll find myself going back to Maneater.

Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz
My absolute favourite book. Dean Koontz in general is my favourite author, and I love his sci-fi/mystery horror-tinged novels. I picked up Odd Thomas from a charity shop after a recommendation from a friend, and ever since, it’s been a book I can go back to again and again. A well-crafted and relatable (well, mostly) hero, suspense, relationship stuff, weirdness – everything about this book is just a joy to devour. A wonderful, battered, beautiful story that I just fall into over and over, again and again.

The Black Lace Playsuit

I first set eyes on this playsuit not in Primark itself, but in the Oxfam shop opposite Angel station while browsing on my lunch break for clothes I totally couldn’t afford; I instantly knew I had to have this. A perfectly-fitting lace playsuit with actual sleeves?! Dream, and despite having its £25 tag on still, I picked it up for just £12. Ever since, I’ve worn it to work, out for drinks, to gigs – anywhere. Now, there are holes beginning to form in the lace, the collar’s lost its sharp white brightness, but it’s still up there as one of my favourite things to wear.

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate
I have no clue what I did before Kiehl’s. Seriously, it’s a miracle worker. Ever since I started using it my skin has improved so much. Gone are the days of multiple lotions and potions changing on a weekly basis. Well – almost gone, I still love to try new things, but this is the one I’ll always go back to.

Leopard Print Dressing Gown
Recently, an old friend from my Uni days visited us in London, and was amazed that I still had this – something I bought in my first year of Uni and still wear almost every day. I keep meaning to replace it with a big fluff mountain of a thing but there’s just hella attachment to it, really. I’ve faced fire alarms with it, drank prosecco from the bottle wearing it, slept in. Despite the burn hole in the cuff and the broken belt loops, it’s something I just can’t let myself part with.

What makes it into your all time faves?

ABOUT THE AUTHOR | Milly is the author of Mini Adventures, a UK blog which features a lovely variety of beauty and fashion features with a perfect mix of lifestyle content including some pretty tasty food reviews. You can also find Milly over on Twitter and Instagram @WhoisMilly

Milly is one of my lovely guest bloggers helping me out whilst I settle into life as a new mama. I hope you enjoyed Milly's post on her all time favourites, it's certainly made me think about what would make it into my all time favourites. If you have any products, books or even clothes which you truly couldn't live without, be sure to let us know!