The Staple Nail Shades

3 Mar 2016

A picture of nail polishes
If you've read my blog you'll know I'm a big nail polish fan. It's something that features heavily on Cherry Pie, especially the more budget polishes, so I thought I'd put together a post about the staple nail shades I think everyone needs in their collection. As much as I love nail polishes I do seem to have a very excessive collection, which I need to cut down; if you do too then hopefully this will help you out!

A picture of Rimmel blue nail polish

A picture of Essie Top Coat Nail Polish

A picture of nail polish swatches
For me every collection needs a nude shade. I don't know about you but I love the look of nude/beige polishes on my nails, even in the winter. This is followed very closely behind by a grey polish. A couple of years ago grey polish became huge and every brand was releasing different grey shades. My current favourite is one from Barry M, you can't beat a bit of Barry M! Sometimes I love having a darker nail but black can be a bit too harsh so grey is perfect.

When beige or grey isn't doing it for you but you still want something a bit girly then a pink works brilliantly. You can go bright Barbie pink or go with a softer more baby pink shade, great for wearing to school/work if you're not allowed bright polishes.

A red polish is an absolute must for any collection. It's great for parties and special occasions and always looks super sophisticated. Sometimes if I don't fancy a red then I opt for a bright colour. I have loads in my collection but sky blue is probably one of my favourites as it's so bright.

To complete any collection a glitter polish or top coat is a must. As much as they're a pain to remove they do look super glitzy and are great for any occasion or even everyday wear. These days there are so many gorgeous glitter polishes out there, with some great colours too.

And finally, to keep all those different shades in place, you'll be needing a clear polish! One of my favourites is from Essie, not only because it comes in a pretty decent sized bottle but it also doubles up as a strengthening polish so it's good for the nails.

I feel as if I need another good clear out of my collection now. We're always told how we only need a staple wardrobe, with only key pieces that can be worn together to create lots of different looks so why not apply the same theory to our nail polish and even make-up collections. You can wear the staple nail shades on their own or mix and match.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR | Cherry is the author of Cherry Pie, a UK beauty blog with a fantastic mix of both high-street and high-end reviews and beautiful photography and a big passion for nail polish. You can also find Cherry on Twitter @CherryP13 and Instagram @CherryPieBlog.

Cherry is one of my wonderful guest bloggers whilst I settle into life as a new mum. I hope you enjoyed Cherry's post - it's certainly made me want to delve into my nail polish collection!