March Favourites 2016

28 Mar 2016

The best beauty products of March 2016
March has been a very simple month for me beauty wise. Having had a few more issues recovery wise, I've just not been all that fussed in wearing makeup or doing my hair. In fact, I've just wanted to make sure my skin is in tip-top condition and that I look decent enough to face people, and that's been enough. Yet the products I have been using have perfectly ticked all my boxes. Conditioning, soothing, plumping, soft hues and natural finishes. I'm pretty smitten with my March favourites!

Two products have stood out where skincare is concerned, covering eyes and lips. I'm trying to use up products to clear some space in my beauty stash, because boy does having a baby take up more space than you realise! I definitely need to cut down everything I own (read: hoard) and that includes uses up beauty products so that I can free up some of my storage for more important things. One of the products I'm currently trying to use up is the Bee Good Youth Enhancing Life & Brighten Eye Cream (£8) which I reviewed back in December (read hereand really, really like. The scent is just beautiful, it keeps the delicate skin under my eyes hydrated, provides a lovely cooling sensation on application which is great if used in the morning as a wake-me-up and leaves my eyes look fresher and more youthful. Big fan - you can pick it up at

Another skincare product I'm trying to use up, but one which I will be repurchasing as it's a must-have for me and has been for many years now, is the Lanolips 101 Ointment (£10.99). I first reviewed this back in 2012 (read here) and alongside the Lemonaid Lip Aid from the same range (review here), few salves work as well to keep my lips soft and smooth! Available at

I've started riffling through my beloved The Body Shop Body Butter (£14) stash again, which I stopped using whilst pregnant as I was using pregnancy specific products. Gosh, I've missed them! I'm currently using up a Cocoa one and it smells so good I end up wanting to eat myself! It smells delicious, and like all body butters from The Body Shop, it leaves my skin incredibly soft and hydrated - my favourite brand for body butters, available in-store and online at

Something new in my beauty arsenal is a Dr. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Deodorant (£5.79), which I'm very impressed with. I suffer with eczema in the most awkward of places, including my underarms. I had been using Skin Likes Natural Deodorant, which was the best I had ever come across for keeping my skin happy and eczema free (check out my review here), but they've recently gone up in price for less product, so I wanted to try something else. I actually prefer it to the Skin Likes one because throughout the day it has a better (and less noticeable) scent. Formulated with plant extracts, it contains Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, Icelandic Moss and Vitamin E. It's softening, it's kind and gentle to my sensitive eczema prone skin and it provides protection morning to night. Big fan! Available in-store and online at

I've also been making my way through my hair care stash in an attempt to free up some space and one of the things I've been using daily is my Macadamia Deep Repair Masque (£28.95). I've had it in my stash far longer than I should but I didn't want to just chuck it out as it's not the cheapest of conditioners! Although it's not one you'd need to reach for everyday, in my attempts to use it up I have been, which has left my hair very happy indeed! In fact, alongside some natural shampoos, my hair is in the best condition it's been in for years. I think this will take me another couple of months to use up though, it's never-ending! Smells just as good as I remembered, too. It's one I've repurchased a couple of times since originally trying it back in 2012 (review here) and it's one I'd consider purchasing again if I needed a deeply intensive masque. Available online at

Makeup wise I've gone for simple yet effective products this month and two have really stood out. I'm trying to cut down my ridiculous base-stash and so I've been making a concious effort to use up any foundations which are half full or nearly empty. Although my makeup wearing days are extremely few and far between at the moment, when I have worn makeup this month it's my beloved and holy grail Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation (£31.50). I first shared my love for this base in 2013 and nothing has even come close in the 3 years since it came into my life (check out my review here!). It's the perfect colour match, it applies beautifully, it leaves the most gorgeous natural finish and is incredibly long-wearing. It's a miracle base! Available at Bobbi Brown counters nationwide and online at

Last but not least, my favourite nude polish at the moment, Mavala 311 Ivory Beige Color Cream, which also featured in my January favourites. It's just the most lovely everyday nude and works so well for any occasion. It's such a shame this shade is no longer available, as although most nudes always end up looking the same, Ivory Beige is distinctly different to any other nude polishes in my collection, and I really love it. You can check out other shades available from Mavala at

What stood out for you this month?