Lush The Experimenter Bath Bomb

17 Mar 2016

A picture of Lush The Experimenter Bath Bomb

If there's one Lush product that seems to have taken the beauty world by storm, its The Experimenter Bath Bomb. The most colourful and uniquely designed bath bomb Lush have ever released, it's a bestseller that no one can resist. Whether you want to try it because you want that oh so perfect Instagram snap or you're simply a Lush addict that can't resist the lure of such a distinctive bath bomb, The Experimenter is definitely one you need to add to your to-try list.

As far as bath bombs go, The Experimenter is definitely one which will keep you interested. Unlike other Lush bath bombs which are round in shape, this one has a unique hexagon shape which features four colours; white, electric blue, bright pink and a golden yellow. It's one of the most vibrantly coloured bath bombs in the range and has a vibrant centre, too, with popping candy which adds another exciting layer to the already enthralling display.

Scent wise there's nothing too strong, in fact I think Lush have played it very safe with this one, probably because they knew the shape and colour combination would make it a very popular product among Lush fans. The three star ingredients are Fair Trade Vanilla Absolute, Tonka Absolute and Vetivert Oil. The Vanilla gives a sweet and comforting scent to the mix whilst also providing soothing and antibacterial properties, whilst Tonka, which has a sweet scent similar to Vanilla, adds in anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic aspects, thought to be particularly beneficial for aches and pains such as joint problems. Meanwhile Vetivert, an ingredient and scent which has rapidly increased in popularity over the past few years, adds that extra something-something by helping to add a relaxing aspect to The Experimenter, with it's restorative and soothing properties.

The Experimenter gives quite the colourful display, and something I learned on a visit to the Nottingham Lush store was that it's the way you put yours in the bath that determines how the colour display will go; the golden yellow and white side of the hexagon will create a different display to the bright pink and electric blue side, which I think is very cool indeed!

There's no denying The Experimenter is an incredibly fun product to add to your bath time routine. At £3.95 a piece it's one of the more pricey bath bombs in the range, but in my opinion it's well worth a splurge! It also makes the most perfect and fun gift, so a great one to pick if you're treating a friend or loved one to some Lush products for their birthing or special occasion.

Have you tried The Experimenter yet?

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