Easy everyday eyebrow routine

14 Mar 2016

A picture of eyebrow products

I often get asked questions about how I do my eyebrows, so thought I would share how I go from over grown, un-shaped brows to neat, and filled out brow sisters.

A picture of eyebrow products

To start off with, I usually line my brows following the natural shape with an eyebrow pencil. Then afterwards I use the gel in upward stroke motions to fill out the rest of the brows. Once I am happy with the density and fill, Ill use a little bit of the powder section just to set that gel in place.

Before attempting to fill my brows in, I try make sure I am working on the best possible canvas, neat and trimmed brows. I suffer from long, thick brows, so tweezing and trimming is a must! Its the only way they'll stay in one direction. To trim, I often use a simple pair of brow scissors. Using a spoolie brush, I brush my brow hairs upwards, and trim any hairs longer than the top of my brow.

To shape my brows, I use a pair of tweezers. Wax strips are used in the most severe circumstances. I try and make sure I am tweezing any unwanted hairs every week, its now a regular think in my Sunday evening routine now. My eyebrow hairs seem to grow back at the most rapid of rates, plus, lets be honest, no-one likes messy eyebrows, they just make filling them in the hardest of chores.

I've tried in the past to use a number of different techniques and products to fill in my brows, but I've found using a pencil, alongside some gel and a powder set duo, is the perfect combination for me. My personal favourite is by Rimmel, Brow This Way. Its small and compact in packaging, but the product does an amazing job at filling in the sparse sections of my brows. 

What products do you use in your eyebrow routine?

ABOUT THE AUTHOR | Rumbie is the author of Rumbie Love, a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog that covers high-street to high-end brands and beautiful imagery. You can also find Rumbie over on Twitter and Instagram @RumbieLove. 

Rumbie is one of my lovely guest bloggers whilst I settle into life as a new mama. I hope you enjoyed her tips and tricks for an easy everyday eyebrow routine. Do you have any favourite eyebrow products?