8 Life Lessons

11 Mar 2016

So far all my baby themed posts, both during and post-pregnancy, have been written by myself on my own experiences about my own journey on becoming a first time mama. Today I wanted to share a post with you all from another blogger, and also a close friend of mine, Megan. Megan writes over at Seek my Scribbles and is also a first time mama, to her beautiful little boy Arthur. Today Megan is sharing a post with you all on 8 life lessons she hopes to teach Arthur. I hope you'll enjoy the read, and a different perspective from a new mama about her baby boy.


Since becoming a mummy to my little boy Arthur, in October, I've learnt many things, from how to change a nappy to how to get myself ready in just five minutes. But one of the biggest things I've discovered is that the role of a mummy is multifaceted. You essentially become everything to your child, including their nurse, cook, cleaner, personal shopper, playmate, chief cuddler, poor-poor kisser, shoelace tier, detective, referee, cheerleader, social event co-ordinator, all-round superhero and teacher.

I guess it’s only really just sunk in how much a parent has to teach their child. I'm not talking about the obvious things, like talking, walking and feeding (though very essential) but the lessons that will shape their lives and influence the type of person they become. It is these life lessons that I've been thinking about recently so here I've shared 8 important things I want to teach my little boy.

001. Kindness is everything | It doesn't take much effort to be kind but it can enrich your life and those of others in so many ways.

002. Animals are our equals | Show kindness and love for animals. Just because they don’t speak like us, doesn't mean they’re not important.

003. Be polite | Say please and thank you. Hold the door open for others. Offer someone a hand if they are struggling.

004. Respect women | I may be a single mama but that doesn't mean I can’t teach my son to be a gentleman!

005. You can be both sensitive and strong | You can be sensitive and kind, yet still a strong person. In fact, you’ll be stronger because you can feel and show emotion.

006. It’s okay to make mistakes | Trust me, I've made plenty and I’ll probably make many more. Your mistakes will make you wiser and you’ll rarely make the same one twice.

007. Always make time for family | There’s nothing more important, so look after your grandparents and give your mum a cuddle (it’ll always make my day).

008. Be true to yourself and whoever you want to be | What ever you want to do, I’ll support you. Be true to yourself and the person you want to be, not what you think you have to be. It’s the best way to find happiness and I’ll be rooting for you, always.

Oh and don’t forget, mama knows best! You won’t learn this until you’re much older, probably in your twenties, maybe even later but you’ll realise eventually. I did!

Are you a mummy or daddy? What are the life lessons you want to teach your son or daughter?

ABOUT THE AUTHOR | Megan is the writer of Seek my Scribbles, an all-round blog which covers beauty, lifestyle and parenting, sharing a personal insight into life as a first time mama. You can also find Megan over on Instagram @Megan_Janes03 and Twitter @MeganJane03.


  1. animals <3 loving this post! have a nice weekend girls!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    1. Thanks Pam! I think it's so important to teach children to respect animals. Hope you had a good weekend too! xx

    2. Glad you enjoyed Megan's post Pam! xo

  2. This was such a lovely post! I'm really hoping to have a boy after Ada and one of the huge lessons I think is so important is to teach boys to respect girls.

    I really want to teach Ada that animals are our equals, and being a vegetarian I'm hoping than when she gets a little older she'll choose to stay vegetarian too, as I won't be giving her meat until she can decide for herself. I think it's really important to teach her to cherish her female friendships too. It's so easy to get stuck in negative, bitchy 'friendships' where women are jealous of each other and their achievements, but we should be building each other up and encouraging everyone.

    Catherine | Hey, Mama

    Catherine | Hey, Mama

    1. Woops, sorry for the double link! Didn't mean to spam you :)

    2. Thanks Catherine! Funnily enough I'm also vegetarian of about 10 years!

      I wasn't bought up as a vegetarian though (I ate a bit of chicken and a bit of fish but no red meat and not a lot of pork) so I think I'm going to do the same for Arthur and let him decide when he's older - though I'm not 100% sure yet. It's something I'm really torn about to be honest.

      I think valuing female friendships is such an important life lesson for girls too and it's good if they can learn that early because it saves a lot of nastiness at school! I was bullied by girls who had been my 'friends' all the way through junior school, when it got to senior school and it was so petty and unnecessary. You're right - women should be supportive each other - the world's hard enough without us making it harder for each other.

      Thanks for your lovely comment! xx