Top Family Vloggers

2 Feb 2016

I've always been a bit of a YouTube addict. I fill my watch list with video after video and spend hours wasting away time watching tutorials and reviews. I used to soley watch beauty related videos, but over the past year or so I have become absolutely addicted to watching vlogs. Vlogs from all kinds of different bloggers and YouTubers, from right here in the UK all the way over to America. 

Of course, my interests have also changed quite drastically over the past year and since finding out we were expecting a baby, one of my most watched type of videos on YouTube is vlogs from family and parenting vloggers. If I thought I had an addiction to beauty reviews, then this is on another level! So today I wanted to share with you my top family vloggers, the channels whose videos I always look out for and vloggers who I think you should be subscribed to. 

Charlotte is a mum of one, a little boy, who is currently pregnant with her second baby, a little girl! Charlotte's channel has a mix of videos covering reviews, hauls and vlogs and has been sharing updates throughout her pregnancy which I have really enjoyed watching! Charlotte also has a fab blog that I love reading, so a great one for those who love following in more than one way.

One of the channels I came across after subscribing to Channel Mum, Jessica is one of my favourite vloggers for how honest, real and down to earth her vlogs are. A mother of two boys, Jessica shares everyday life as a mum in the most lovely way, and it's actually been wonderfully reassuring to see motherhood and parenting portrayed so honestly. As well as vlogs Jessica features recipes, hauls and even includes a touch of fashion and beauty. A lovely mix of content!

I've followed Liza for a good couple of years now over on her blog, easily one of the most beautifully presented and written blogs out there with the most lovely content and stunning photography. It's throughout my pregnancy I have started to watch Liza's YouTube videos, especially since she shared the news that she is expecting her second little boy! Liza's channel is a fab one for those who love all things beauty and fashion with a lovely mix of parenting and pregnancy videos thrown in. 

Quite possibly my favourite mummy vlogger that I came across whilst pregnant, I absolutely adore the content that Rebecca, AKA Mrs Meldrum, shares on her YouTube channel which makes her one of my go-to mums for everything from advice and tips to honest real life vlogs and interesting content. Sharing life with her two lovely little girls and Mr Meldrum, there's always something going on even if it's crafting, playing and cooking at home to going out on adventures and sharing the beautiful area of Scotland that they live in. You can tell how much hard work Rebecca puts into her channel, into creating content for her videos as well as her blog, which has some fab and information reviews. She is quite simply one of the loveliest ladies I have gotten to know online since getting pregnant and becoming a mama myself. 

Another vlogger who is beautifully honest and real in her vlogs, Natasha Bailie is another mummy vlogger that I found through Channel Mum. Natasha's vlogs share life with a toddler and give a real insight into what life is really like as a mum. If you want to subscribe to people who show all aspects of life without dressing things up with roses, then vloggers like Natasha should definitely be on your subscription list! 

Pretty Neat Living is the first channel I subscribed to specifically to do with being pregnant, as Jennifer was at the same stage throughout her first pregnancy as I was in mine. Although Jennifer actually ended up having her little girl early, just before Christmas, following her journey alongside my own was so wonderful and each week with each new pregnancy update, I felt so reassured knowing someone else was going through the same things as me at the very same time. I found myself sitting there nodding my head and agreeing with her on pretty much everything, we both even had breech babies! Although thankfully Gizmo ended up turning down for me, whereas Jennifer's baby was a little more stubborn. I always look forward to new videos from Jennifer now and can't wait to see her grow on this journey as a new mama. Even better? She shares planning and organisation videos, which falls in nicely with my new Erin Condren Life Planner obsession! She also shares some lovely vlogs that are always a joy to watch. 

Last but by no means least, The Michalaks is easily my favourite vlog channel out of all the channels I'm subscribed to on YouTube and I always look forward to their newest vlog. The Michalaks are husband and wife Stefan and Hannah, with their lovely toddler boy Grayson. My partner actually hates all the videos I watch on YouTube, but The Michalaks are the only vloggers he'll happily sit and watch with me. We both feel that they are the most honest YouTubers out there and love how real their content is. There's no pretending that they're YouTube stars despite having a very big following, there is no arrogance at the popularity of their videos and each new vlog is always honest and real in what they share. You can tell that they work exceptionally hard, not just on their vlogs but 'in real life' which they share through their vlogs and for me, they are the best presented and put together vlogs you could find. A must-watch for anyone, whether you're into family vloggers or not.

Do you have any favourite vlog channels you think I should add to my subscription list? 

P.s. In case you missed it, I shared my birth announcement! Gizmo is finally here!