The De-stress Pamper Evening

1 Feb 2016

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I love pamper evenings. Face masks, at-home manicures, a good movie and plenty of snacks (preferably of the chocolatey variety) is my idea of a perfect night in! If you’re an avid reader of beauty blogs then I'm sure you've seen plenty of pamper-themed posts before but I thought I’d throw my two cents into the mix.

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First step: face masks. I tried Lush Fresh Face Masks for the first time in August and have been in love with them ever since. The first one I tried was Brazened Honey, which I loved, followed by Cupcake and Cosmetic Warrior. Loved Cupcake, didn't get on with Cosmetic Warrior. Either way - Lush’s fresh face masks are definitely worth a try and you can always take a small sample pot home to try before you buy. My point is, any sort of face mask is a must-have for me when it comes to pamper evenings! A full, luxurious cleansing routine followed by a face mask and then facial oil means happy skin and happy me!

One way you could incorporate the face mask into your pamper routine would be to apply it and then have a lovely bubble bath, followed by a body scrub and body butter. I love my Mandara Spa Amber Heaven Exfoliating Sugar Scrub as it is really gritty and tough on the skin - which doesn't sound very relaxing but I like to feel a scrub working! You could always opt for a gentler option if you prefer. I have so many body butters, lotions and sorbets but a cult favourite is Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter. It smells divine and feels lovely on the skin.

If you have time, you could give yourself a hand and foot massage or even see if your friend or partner would act as a masseuse to help you relax! I love Lush Hottie Massage Bar as it smells incredible and leaves the skin feeling lovely, however it can be a bit messy to use. For a less messy option, I’d suggest The Body Shop Sensual Massage Oil as it is less messy to use and smells just as divine.

Once you've fully de-stressed and relaxed, time to get those cosy PJ's on, drag the duvet downstairs and stick a good movie on. My movie of choice for a pamper evening would be anything rated PG or U, easy viewing, zone-out type stuff. I like to either totally zone out from the world and immerse myself in the film (and potentially drop off to sleep!) or paint my nails as this is the one time in the week that I will have nothing else to do which could ruin my fresh at-home manicure. I tend to use a nail strengthening polish, such as Avon Nail Experts Strong Results, before going in with the standard base coat and colour, leaving plenty of time in between stages.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR | Nicola writes a beauty and lifestyle blog, itsneecola. Having written beauty and lifestyle content on itsneecola for several years, Nicola has now taken the step to branch out to YouTube where she shares a variety of beauty and lifestyle content. You can also find Nicola over on Twitter and Instagram @itsneecola

Nicola is one of the fab bloggers helping me out whilst I settle into life as a new mum. Massive thanks to Nicola for sharing her de-stress pamper evening with us all, you can never beat a good pampering session and Disney movies to wind down and relax with! I'd love to hear how you de-stress and what ways you like to pamper, so be sure to leave your perfect pampering night-in in the comments below!