Inika Vegan Brush Roll

11 Feb 2016

A picture of Inika Vegan Brush Roll

I have a lot of love for Inika, a 100% natural beauty brand which creates vegan friendly, cruelty free and certified Halal products, a few of their makeup products are essentials in my beauty stash. I'm a particularly big fan of the Mineral Eyeshadow range, which for me is unbeatable for the beautiful shade range, incredible formula and ease of use, a range I've raved about more than a few times here on Tattooed Tealady.

Today I have a very different Inika review for you, straying away from the natural makeup products and instead giving the beauty tools a try; it's time to delve into the Inika Vegan Brush Roll.

A picture of Inika Vegan Brush Roll

A picture of Inika Vegan Brush Roll
Like all Inika products, the Brush Roll and all the brushes included inside are 100% cruelty free, vegan and Halal. They are made without any unnecessary, hidden or harmful ingredients and have been created to ensure they do not harbour bacteria. Designed to help you create a flawless finish with ease, there are 8 brushes included in the brush roll, each tackling a different aspect of makeup application.

The Vegan Blush Brush has soft bristles, with more movement than than the firmer brushes in the brush roll, which can be used to apply either blusher as designed or even a contour or touch of highlight. The Vegan Foundation Brush has the shape of a traditional flat foundation brush with just the right firmness to apply foundation evenly, building up coverage if required for the perfect flawless finish. The Vegan Angle Brush can be used for applying shadows, liner and brow products, much the same as the Vegan Large Angle Brush.

The Vegan Concealer Brush has wonderfully dense bristles which get to every nook and cranny to ensure you cover all blemishes and imperfections you want to cover and conceal. With a very similar design, the Vegan Eyeshadow Brush can be used to apply and blend shadows, particularly Inika's very own Mineral Eyeshadows. The Vegan Brow and Lash Comb helps to keep your brows and lashes tamed, perfectly essential perfect applying mascara and brow products. Last but not least, the Vegan Lip Brush with Lid is a small, precise brush which helps you to apply lipstick as well as blending in lip pencils, with the lid helping to keep your makeup bag mess-free when out and about.

Each of the brushes has a simple black design akin to the packaging throughout the Inika range and being very easy to use. My favourite brushes are by far the Lip Brush and Blush Brush, both of which are really lovely to work with. 

Have you tried Inika before?

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