Etsy Life Planner Sticker Haul

27 Feb 2016

A picture of UK Etsy Life Planner Stickers
Back in January I shared my new Erin Condren Life Planner and my first impressions of what is a pretty popular method of organisation and planning. One thing that comes along with using planners of this nature is the lure of pretty stickers, and boy am I obsessed! I can't stop buying stickers for my planner, and so I thought today would be the perfect time to share some of my recent sticker buys and favourite UK sticker sellers, for anyone who is well and truly addicted to planning and organisation.

A picture of ItsPrettyCraftyUK 32 Weight Loss Tracking Scale Stickers

I generally stick to UK sellers when searching Etsy for stickers, despite there being hundreds and hundreds of super pretty stickers available from sellers all over the world, particularly America. Why? The postage from abroad is so much more than you'd pay from a UK seller, and after being hit with custom fees for my Life Planner, I don't really want to risk getting fees for an envelope of stickers! 

There are a fair few UK Etsy sellers who specialise in stickers for planners and organisers, although nowhere near as many as I'd like - I'm hoping to see more pop up as planning gets more popular in the UK, and in the meantime I'm considering making my own at home (an idea totally stolen from Miss Budget Beauty). 

I've seen a lot of planner posts and YouTube videos where people really go all out with the stickers, but I wanted to take a different approach. I wanted to go with stickers that would keep me organised, stickers which would add a nice something-something to my planner without being over the top, and a few which would add nice pretty touches when the occasion called for it.

I ordered two sheets of 32 Weight Loss Tracking Scale Stickers from ItsPrettyCraftyUK, which cost £2 a sheet. I ordered the two sheets to make sure I had enough to pop one in each week of my planner as a way to keep on top of my weight and hopefully motivate me to get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight. There's quite a few scale stickers on Etsy but these were by far my favourites! 

A picture of StickleCo Life Planner Stickers

A picture of StickleCo 24 Tea Cup Life Planner Stickers
StickleCo is easily one of my favourite Etsy sellers for Life Planner stickers, they just have the prettiest designs and all so reasonably priced, too! They also came with some cute little freebies which I thought was lovely.

We generally get our food shopping delivered so I thought it would be happy to have a sheet of the 28 Food Shop Stickers to pop in on shopping delivery days as a little reminder, especially now I have constant baby brain! The sheet of 28 cost £2, so not bad at all.

I'm definitely a home bunny and more often than not when catching up with friends, if it isn't out for an evening meal it will be a cuppa round mine. I thought the sheet of 24 Tea Cup Stickers was super cute and perfect for popping in my planner when making plans with friends, again at just £2. 

Now that I have a baby to devote my time to, the last thing on my mind is sorting through emails and working away at the PC. To make sure I keep on top of things I thought it would be a good idea to have set days that I make sure my inbox gets some attention and so the sheets of 35 Envelope Stickers seemed perfect for the job - with each sheet costing £2 it's a quick and easy way to make sure I keep organised. 

Last but not least from StickleCo, I ordered a sheet of colourful yet simple 135 Decorative Star Dots which again cost £2 and make lovely little additions to my planner as and when I need something like a bullet point! 

A picture of HummingbirdPlanner Life Planner Stickers
A seller I love for monthly planner kits as well as individual sticker sheets is HummingbirdPlanner, another one that also includes a mini set of assorted stickers with orders. 

I've made a few orders from HummingbirdPlanner now and from the UK sellers available, it's my favourite for monthly kits - my March kit has just arrived and I'm already looking forward to adorning each March page with all the lovely stickers! The full Monthly Kit collections cost £12.95, so a bit pricier than other stickers and sellers I have shopped from, but the colours match the month you're working with and include every sticker you could possibly need!

Some other stickers I have ordered from HummingbirdPlanner include the Computer / Blog Icon Planner Stickers and the Camera Icon Planner Stickers, both of which include 77 stickers each and each cost £1.95. Like the envelope stickers, these were ordered to help me keep on top of blog planning and organisation!

A picture of WendyPrints Pay Day Life Planner Stickers
Last but not least, I have a sheet of Pay Day Stickers from WendyPrints which cost £1.85 for a sheet of 72 and will help me keep on top of my pay days throughout the year and how much is coming in each month. I love the selection of colours with this one too, as most of them were matchable to the colours of the different months in my life planner!

If you have any favourite UK Etsy sellers for Life Planner stickers, I'd love for you to let me know so I can check them out. Also if you've ever ordered from American sticker sellers, let me know how you found them for postage, how long they took to arrive and whether you received any charges!

If you fancy getting yourself an Erin Condren Life Planner then you can sign up using this link which will take you to the registration page of the website. If you use that link that you can get yourself a very handy $10 off your first order! But make sure you use that link, otherwise the discount won't apply.

What do you think of life planners and organisations? Just a fad or great way to keep organised?