Five Budget Beauty Products

8 Feb 2016

A picture of high-street makeup

I often seem to write about high-end products, but there are a few very affordable brands that offer some fantastic products which I just love, and so I thought I'd share my top 5 budget picks with you today!
A picture of Sleek Lipstick True Colour in Liquer
A picture of Bourjois Contour Clubbing Eyepencil in Blue Neon
A picture of Bourjois Mega Liner in Ultra Black
A picture of SEVENTEEN Phwoarr Paint
A picture of Bourjois Paris 1 Seconde Nail Polish

001. Sleek Lipstick True Colour in Liquer, £4.99
I'm now on my third one of these lipsticks, and if you're a regular reader of my blog you may have seen this particular shade pop up a couple of times in the past. Liqueur is just the perfect go-to nude for me, and Sleek's True Colour Lipsticks have a gorgeously creamy formula that feels nourishing on my often dry lips - I always carry this in my bag with me.

002. Bourjois Contour Clubbing Eyepencil in Blue Neon, £4.99 
Another long time favourite of mine, I just can't get enough of blue eyeliners and Bourjois' Contour Clubbing Eyeliner is Neon Bleu is the most stunning bright royal blue shade. I love that Bourjois offer a massive range of shades in their Contour Clubbing range, they're very affordable and stay put without smudging.

003. Bourjois Mega Liner in Ultra Black, £7.49 
If I'm looking for more of a classic black flick, I know I can always trust the Bourjois Ultra Black Mega Liner. This is just like a calligraphy pen with a slanted tip, that's easy to use to create a super smooth line. The colour is also blacker than black - so there's no need to layer up with this product.

004. SEVENTEEN Phwoarr Paint, £4.99 
I picked this up originally just to try out as a replacement for my Benefit Boiing Concealer, and it really is fantastic. I suffer with dark circles under my eyes and Seventeen's Phwoarr Paint makes for a fantastic cover up that doesn't sink into any fine lines. It's also great as an all over blemish concealer. 

Yep Bourjois again! Their nail polish range is fantastic, and I especially love the 1 Seconde polishes. I have a few of them now and they all give beautifully opaque coverage with only one or two coats, and they dry super fast - just what I need when I'm in a rush to get ready!

So there we have it! There are plenty of other budget products that I use, but these are definitely some of my most reached for makeup items. I'd love to hear if you use any of these products?

ABOUT THE AUTHOR | Written by Michelle, Thou Shalt Not Covet is a beauty, fashion, lifestyle and travel blog with truly beautiful imagery and a fantastic mix of budget and high-end brands. You can also find Michelle over on Twitter and Instagram @TSNCBlog.

Michelle is one of my fabulous guest bloggers helping me out as I adjust to life as a new mum. I hope you enjoyed her post on budget beauty products, it's definitely made me want to pay more attention to Bourjois next time I'm out shopping! Do you have any favourite budget beauty brands?