Spice Up Your January with Gousto

18 Jan 2016

A picture of organic produce

Back in December I shared a post all about how easy cooking with Gousto is, a fantastic concept whereby Gousto send out a selection of fresh ingredients to create recipes you've chosen for that specific box. I'm a big fan of Gousto after trying it out for ourselves and really loved the ease it gave us to cook up really delicious meals with simple and easy to follow recipes, with all the ingredients provided. Whether you're a busy working couple, stay at home mum/dad who needs to save time or someone just starting to get into cooking yourself, it's a fantastic way to learn scrumptious dishes, eat well and get creative in the kitchen.

When January rolls around and a new year begins, everyone makes their list of New Year's Resolutions, goals and projects they want to tackle over the year ahead. This year I decided that I didn't want to make a list of things to accomplish in 2016, instead I wanted to carry on from the positive 2015 I had been lucky to have and asked you to try these 5 things in 2016 to make your year a more positive and happy place. 

A picture of Mr Organic Organic Red Kidney Beans and Organic Black Beans
A picture of fresh ingredients for cooking with Gousto
A picture of Just Very Good Fresh Herbs

When I have made a list of New Year's Resolutions to tackle throughout the year, one thing has always featured, and pretty predominately too. It's something a lot of people tend to add to their resolutions, and that is to get healthier, mostly by undertaking a New Year detox. This year I'm happy to go without a detox to start things off, instead, I'm upping my game in the kitchen with Gousto by spicing things up!

This January instead of toning things down, detoxing and getting rid of things we love, Gousto are asking their customers both new and old to 'Spice Up Your January'! As someone who loves adding flavour and spice to meals, one of the reasons why I began cooking for myself at such a young age, the idea of keeping things spicy in the kitchen this January was one I couldn't pass up, and over the past week I've been enjoying another Gousto box with four scrumptious meals that have had tons of flavour and just the right amount of spice, to ensure we get off to a tasty start in 2016.

I'm not talking burn-off-your-tongue spice either. I'm talking beautiful flavours, warming spices, that oh so tasty kick to a meal. Ways to make your food stand out and pop without making you reach for that big glass of milk. Not only are spices an incredibly easy way to change up your usual meals and experiment in the kitchen, but they're the most guilt-free way to enjoy more scrumptious food whilst you're at it!

Gousto Recipe Cards

The recipes we opted for with our box were very, very different to the winter warmer meals we opted for with our December box. This time we went for filling Italian Bangers & Mash, fresh and flavourful Asian Salmon, sweet and smoky Mexican Halloumi and sticky and spicy Jerk Chicken. Each dish came with it's own set of ingredients, perfectly measured out in portion sizes (in our case for 2 people, although you can opt for each recipe to cater for up to 4) with each ingredient being just enough, even down to the seasoning and spices being pre-weighed ready for you to use.

The ingredients just like with our December box were incredibly fresh, all of which is organic, food that you can tell had been picked and prepared to ensure your meal was the best it could be. The recipe cards with each had the usual step-by-step guides which made it incredibly easy to follow and each recipe was so scrumptious that the cards have now taken up new homes in my recipe binder ready to have again when we fancy it.

Yet again we have been massively impressed with Gousto. If you think you're up to the challenge of spicing up your January and giving new flavours and spices a try, then make sure you head over to www.gousto.co.uk - and if you're quick enough, you can snap up the new customer offer and claim 50% off of your first box!

Keep an eye out, as I'll be sharing recipes from both our most recent box and the December box over the coming weeks, delicious and easy to cook meals that will soon get you throwing out the detox and wanting to experiment in the kitchen instead!

*I was kindly sent a complimentary Gousto box.
All views are my own - Disclaimer.