Neal's Yard Remedies Natural Detox Kit

28 Jan 2016

A picture of Neal's Yard Remedies Detox Toning Oil

How many times have you started the New Year with good intentions and a list of heartfelt Resolutions that you were determined to stick to? How many times have you stuck at those New Year's Resolutions for a couple of months, before the determination fizzled out and they were soon forgotten about?

A much easier approach to New Year's Resolutions is to take them a month at a time, to concentrate on a specific goal or project each month opposed to having a long list of things you want to achieve, burning yourself out before you've even got through March. That's exactly what #MyBestYearYet from Neal's Yard Remedies is all about; helping you achieve health and wellness in 2016 by focusing on one specific thing each month. With the launch of a new and dedicated microsite,, each month Neal's Yard Remedies will be focusing on a new element to help you achieve a healthier life. 

Each month they will be providing delicious recipes, holistic therapies and expert tips from guest bloggers as well as creating Natural Wellbeing Kits which will be available both in-store and online. These kits will feature products from the Neal's Yard Remedies range which work in harmony with that month's focus; for January, with a theme of 'Detox', they have created the January Detox Kit.

The way the monthly wellbeing kits will work is by featuring a number of Neal's Yard Remedies products which all have some relation to that month's theme, at a discounted price compared to the price you'd pay if you bought each individually. The January Detox Kit features 4 products with a saving of 20%; so whereas buying the products as normal would cost you £48.20, when purchased as the January Detox Kit with the 20% saving, the kit will only cost you £38.56. For a brand whose products are organic, using the best possible ingredients available and products which are beneficial for skin, body and mind, it's fantastic to see such fantastic offers for customers new and old. I'm definitely excited to see what offer and products will be featured each month! So, what's inside this month's kit?

A picture of Neal's Yard Remedies Superfood Organic Greens Complex
A picture of Neal's Yard Remedies Cleanse Aromatherapy Blend

Organic Greens Complex with Purifying Chlorella (100g, £20)
A detoxifying complex which works to boost vitality whilst being good for the gut, brain and muscle-building. It's packed full of anti-oxidants as well as being rich in minerals, so great for body inside and out. To use you simply add it to juices or smoothies! 

It has a powerful ingredients list, all of which have their own benefits. Spirulina Power is an antioxidant and promotes vitality, Spinach Powder is rich in Chlorophyll and works to help maintain a healthy alkaline balance, Parsley Powder supports healthy kidney function, Chlorella Powder purifies whilst supporting immunity and Seagreens Wild Wrack helps to support healthy digestion. Barley Grass Powder and Wheat Grass Powder are raw food sources which have essential nutrients, Green Tea Powder Extract promotes a healthy breakdown of fats, Acerola and Cherry Powder Extract are fab sources of Vitamin C and Oat Grass Powder promotes our bodies natural detoxification processes. I'm looking forward to adding this to morning juices, as I want my body to be as healthy as possible inside and out, especially as a new breastfeeding mum.

Detox Toning Oil (100ml, £15.50)
I am obsessed with oils since using them much more often throughout my pregnancy and it's a part of my routine I plan on continue post-birth too. The Detox Toning Oil is infused with a warming and stimulating blend of Organic Lemon, Black Pepper and Frankincense Essential Oils. Most beneficial when applied after a warm bath/shower or body brushing, you simply massage vigorously into skin daily. Consistent use will help to banish toxins from the body, with the Essential Oils included being popular favourites of Aromatherapists when carrying out Lymphatic Drainage massages. Can't wait to give this a try!

Chia Seeds (50g, £3)
I love Chia Seeds, although I definitely need to experiment more with them as at the moment all I do is add them to salads or porridge. Rich in energy, they provide glucose and easily digested protein which is super beneficial for aiding the bodies natural repair and regeneration. Chia Seeds have 8 times more Omega 3 than Wild Atlantic Salmon as well as twice as much Calcium as Milk and 4 times the amount of Iron that you'd find in Spinach, so these tiny little seeds pack quite the powerful nutritious punch! 

If you use Chia Seeds, I'd love to know how you like to use them?

Cleanse Aromatherapy Blend (10ml, £9.70)
The final product in the January Detox Kit is one which I am actually so happy to see included, as I think it is the most perfect addition for the start of a new year. An oil you would use in an oil burner (it's important to bare in mind this is not an oil you would use on your skin), it is a cleansing and detoxifying blend which helps to focus and clear the mind. 

You can use it in two ways; by inhaling and by vaporisation. For inhalation you simply add 4-6 drops of the blend to a bowl of steaming water, place a towel over your head and lean over the bowl, inhaling the vapor for a few minutes. This helps to clear your head and can be great for congestion. By vaporisation you just need to add a couple of drops to a vaporiser or burner and let it work it's magic, a quick and easy way to fragrance a home and boost your mind.

Naively I didn't realise Neal's Yard Remedies created ready made blends like this, and I think it's going to be a range I have to indulge in this year! 

Will you be joining Neal's Yard Remedies on #MyBestYearYet? 

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