Morphe Brushes Warm Color Palette

26 Jan 2016

A picture of Morphe Brushes 35W Warm Color Palette
Eyeshadow palettes have always been my weakness and an area of my makeup collection I can never seem to cut down. Whenever it comes to having a beauty clear out I'll spend forever going through every single shadow in every single palette, always coming up with one reason or another as to why it has to stay and I can't possibly let it go. It's an addiction, and one I have no shame in admitting; I am obsessed with eyeshadow palettes. 

You'd think with more palettes than I could ever get through that the last thing I need is another one to add to my never-ending collection - especially one with 35 eyeshadows! Yet after seeing review after review and several mentions in 2015 favourites videos over on YouTube, I couldn't resist the pretty darn beautiful Morphe Brushes 35W Warm Color Palette any longer.

A picture of Morphe Brushes 35W Warm Color Palette

A picture of Morphe Brushes 35W Warm Color Palette

A picture of Morphe Brushes 35W Warm Color Palette
First things first, let me just say that it is very, very rare that I will spend so little on eyeshadows. How little are we talking? The Warm Color Palette costs just £15.95. That's right, £15.95 for 35 eyeshadows, which works out at roughly 46p each. That is pretty darn cheap. I like my highly pigmented, long-lasting and perfect formulas that I am used to with the high-end brands which adorn my makeup stash and when I do go for more budget brands it's usually in the form of single shadows; it's been several years since I have spent so little on an eyeshadow palette, and as soon as I opened this one I remembered why. The smell. 

For the price it's no surprise that the quality of ingredients used is going to be poor. The top three ingredients are not the nicest; Talc, Mica and Mineral Oil, and the rest of the ingredients aren't any better. The scent of this palette, which hit me instantly on first opening it up, is very strongly of talc. That said, the shadows are too beautiful for me to be put off of using it altogether and let's be honest, I've used worse. 

The shadows included cover a huge range covering everyday nudes, creams and beige shades to warmer bronze, coppers and golds all the way through to smouldering browns, plums and berries. There's even a few stand-out shades in there such as pretty pinks and peaches and bold purples. All of the shadows, even the lovely pale silver, are warm in tone. Like the name of the palette suggests, warmth is the overall theme of this palette and one which comes across beautifully. 

There's a lovely mix of matte and shimmer finishes included in the palette with something for any look, any occasion and all tastes. The formula for each shadow regardless of finish, although not the best ingredients wise, is very, very nice. Buttery soft with almost no fall-out, only the slightest if you're a touch too heavy handed with your brush, applying really well and blending beautifully. Some of the lighter shades do need a bit more oomph to them to build up the colour but otherwise the pigmentation is pretty impressive and longevity wise we're talking all day long wear without smudging or budging; although I'd make sure you wear a good eyeshadow primer to make sure they really last from morning to night. 

Although the smell of the talc each time I reach for this palette is a reminder of why I stopped buying cheap makeup products, there's no denying that the pigmentation and sheer selection of shades are more than enough to keep me reaching for it. Will I buy more Morphe palettes? Unlikely. Yet that said it is a palette I'd recommend to anyone from those on a budget to those who are just as obsessed with eyeshadow palettes as me; some of the shadows are too gorgeous not to add this one to your beauty stash. 

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