3rd Trimester | My Experience

12 Jan 2016

I can't quite believe it, but today is my due date. The 3rd trimester has gone by in a haze, at times feeling like it has absolutely whizzed by, whilst at others dragging itself out like it would never end. Then suddenly, here I am, my due date. When did this happen?!

Although today is my due date I am very sceptical that Gizmo will actually arrive today. Statistically only 1 in 25 babies will arrive on their due date, with most babies being born either one week before or one week after. As there is most definitely still a baby in my tummy, it's safe to say Gizmo isn't one of those babies that made an early appearance. It's surreal, I must admit, knowing s/he could come any day now and even if not naturally, the most my midwife would let me go overdue is 2 weeks (please come before then Gizmo!). 

I honestly don't think it's even sunk in. I keep thinking of Gizmo's arrival as 'in the future', something that is going to happen but not quite yet. I suppose after 9 months of being pregnant it's pretty natural to think that way; I'm so used to being pregnant that not being pregnant seems an almost impossible thought. I suppose it won't really hit me until labour starts, I'm trying to cope through the pain and our baby finally arrives. Well, it'll be a bit hard to ignore Gizmo's arrival when s/he is here, that's for sure!

We're ready though, whenever s/he does make an appearance. The nursery is (almost) all done. Furniture is in place, clothes have been washed in baby-gentle products and ironed before lovingly put away. Out cot-bed has been put together and our mattress in it's place. My granddad's old chair is tucked in a corner with pillows and blankets ready for cosy night feeds, with books all in their place ready for bedtime stories. We've even got some of the d├ęcor in place. There's a couple of bits paint wise that need a touch up, but other than that we're good to go, and with baby being in our room for the first 6 months, that can be finished another day. 

Our Snuzpod is set up next to my side of the bed, with everything we need for day and night feeds, changes and general baby time. Toy storage has taken residence in the living room alongside the play mat and bouncer, and our pushchair is by the door ready for it's first outing. Hospital bags and car seat are ready and raring to go, if we need them - oh, didn't I mention? We're kinda opting for a home birth now, scary! 

The 3rd trimester itself has been a lot harder than I expected it to be. Slight complications aside, such as Gizmo going breech for a few weeks and needing to go to hospital last Tuesday with suspected pre-eclampsia, What struck me the most this trimester is the tiredness, a tiredness like nothing I've felt before - even more so over the past few weeks where I feel like I have no say in my body's need to nap every afternoon. It's a frustrating kind of tiredness, because I can be mentally wide awake, I can have the energy and the want to get up and do things, but my body? My body simply won't move, it needs rest, it needs to sleep a deep, coma like sleep.

Generally getting around has been more difficult by the day, too. Waking up in the night thanks to Gizmo bouncing on my bladder has led to me looking like a sea lion trying to hoist itself up. Walking up and down the stairs takes slow careful steps, especially as I can't even remember the last time I properly saw my feet. Getting up from our lower-than-average sofa has become a daily task or asking my partner to help me up each time, and with all of that has come intense Edema; swelling in my feet, ankles, legs and sometimes my fingers, has been my worst enemy. 

I wish I had something more exciting to say about the 3rd trimester, that I eventually got that burst of energy everyone says you're meant to get towards the end, that I spent it enjoying my last few weeks as 'Sophia' before I become 'mummy', but honestly, it's been exhausting and so much harder than I thought it would. I've always written my weekly pregnancy posts as open and honest as I can without being too over the top in how much detail I share (because let's be honest, there's some things about pregnancy you just don't need to read about!), and I would be lying if I said it had been a breeze when it had been anything but. I'm looking forward to not being pregnant any more, even though I know there will be times I miss it, there will be times I miss feeling Gizmo move, kick, roll, twist and turn in a way only I know and can feel. But boy, I can't wait for my body to be mine again!

And so I bid farewell to the 3rd trimester, knowing that from today Gizmo's eviction notice has been served and I only have to wait a maximum of 2 weeks to claim back my body. It'll be battered, it'll be sore, it'll be tired and achy and probably more unattractive than it ever has been, but it will have grown a baby, made a human life, and it'll be mine again. 

Next Week: Maybe a birth announcement, who knows.....