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2 Dec 2015

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Yesterday we reached the 34 weeks pregnant mark. I cannot even begin to tell you how surreal it feels knowing that not only is our due date only 6 weeks away, but now that we are in December I can also officially say 'our baby is due next month!'. How crazy is that? 

If you've followed my weekly posts so far throughout my pregnancy then you will know I have had a pretty easy pregnancy so far with no morning sickness or severe pregnancy issues. In fact, everything has gone pretty smoothly. There's only a few niggles I've had, and most of them have been to do with having an extremely sore back and shoulders.

As soon as I started getting a proper bump I have struggled with extreme shoulder pain, particularly in my left shoulder, and some pretty uncomfortable lower back pains. At first these started mainly due to how I was sleeping; changing a lifetime habit of sleeping on my left side, having to adjust my sleeping position to make room for my bump and overall finding it a struggle turning and moving around as much. The further my pregnancy has progressed, the bigger I - and my bump - have gotten, the worse these pains have been. They've struck at all times of the day, my back can be very sore if I am out all day and work is getting very painful with no amount of cushions propped up behind me as I work away at the computer being any help at all. The pains and soreness are now daily, and I suspect they're going to get worse between now and our due date.

Some much needed relaxing and 'me time' does help. I find a soothing hot bath can work wonders (especially when full of wonderful Lush products!), as well as massages specifically tailored towards expectant mamas. Just before the end of my 2nd trimester I treated myself to a pregnancy massage from Big Calm Bespoke Aromatherapy, which was easily one of the best massages I have ever had. The benefits of this massage lasted several weeks and even now, although the pains do come and go and have been more frequent in the 3rd trimester, I have not suffered with the unbearable pain in my left shoulder since that massage. The benefits of this massage were so worth every penny, that I have booked myself in for another Christmas week, and I plan to book myself in for the Postnatal New Mama Massage next spring. I was also lucky enough to spend a perfect day this weekend at Ragdale Hall Health Hydro and Thermal Spa, being pampered with the  Elemis Nurturing Massage for the Mother-To-Be, but more on that this evening when I share my day at Ragdale in more detail.

Lovely massages and grabbing a pampering bath when I have the chance are all well and good, but ultimately I needed to do something that would ease the pain and soreness on a day-to-day basis. Pregnancy pillows had been mentioned to me all throughout my pregnancy, in fact they were one of the first things friends and family were happy to recommend as soon as we shared the news that we were expecting. I've been pretty stubborn though when it comes to pregnancy related purchases for myself, even scrimping on how much maternity wear I have added to my wardrobe (with my reasoning being I work from home so I can live in stretchy PJ's!). Every time a friend or even a lovely reader on here, Twitter or Instagram suggested a pregnancy pillow as an absolute essential, I kept brushing it off. "I'm making do with pillows", "I can't spend money on myself when we have a baby to prepare for", "It's OK, I'm managing". Oh, how very wrong I was.

Since the Theraline Original Maternity and Nursing Pillow (£44.95) has come into my life, it has honestly made the biggest difference. From the very first night I used it, the difference it made to my sleep, to the positions I could now get comfortable in, to my ease of movement in bed, I was left swallowing my words and wondering how on earth I had managed my pregnancy so far without a Theraline!

Able to be bent and manipulated into any shape you need, it works to provide you with support and relief for your legs, bump and back all in one. It makes it easier to change sleeping positions, which I can wholeheartedly agree with as I now find it much easier to turn over and even get up with the Theraline than before, when I was really struggling, even grunting as I tried to move (because that's attractive). It offers amazing support in a variety of positions other than sleeping, too, like when I'm relaxing on my bed binging on Netflix or even propped up as a back support as I work on my laptop. It can even be used bent under your knees to relieve tension and pains in your knees and legs, which is something I've experienced whenever in the same position for a considerable amount of time. Amazing for use throughout pregnancy, it is also something you can use once baby is here and I can tell it's going to be an essential for me during feeding as it will make the perfect support for me whether on the bed or downstairs on the sofa.

The way Theraline differs to other maternity pillows I've seen friends use or ones I've looked at online, is the filling. Much, much finer, it has a filling made up of millions of tiny micro beads; I'm talking grain of sand tiny. I think it's this filling which makes all the difference and helps you manipulate the pillow into the position that works for you. It is also anti-allergenic, breathable and can be washed by removing the outer cover. It's very light too, so easy even in my heavily pregnant state to move it around and between the bedroom and living room as it's very easy to carry. I've even caught my partner sneaking a quick lie down with it every now and then, and he wants his own because he finds it so comfortable!

I thought making do with spare pillows was all I needed and that it was the same as having a specifically designed pregnancy pillow. It's not, at all. Using spare pillows is a world apart from the way I have felt since using my Theraline. Not only was it more work having to reposition more than one pillow each time I moved around in the night, but they were hard, not quite the right shape or size, I have been able to get so much more sleep since using my Theraline, my aches and pains have almost completely subsided and even throughout the day, by using it to prop myself up I've managed to stop daytime complaints because my body is in a supported position. I wholeheartedly believe this has been one of the most positive additions in our home throughout my pregnancy and would 100% recommend a Theraline for expectant mamas. Not only is it a very reasonably priced pregnancy pillow to get you through your current pregnancy, but it can be used after birth and even in future pregnancies too.

You can find out more about Theraline and their full range of products over at, with the full range purchasable online at

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