Ragdale Hall Experience Day

2 Dec 2015

On Sunday I had the pleasure of popping along to Ragdale Hall Hydro Health and Thermal Spa, which is located very close to me within a 15 minute drive. I've been to Ragdale Hall once before, last summer with fellow blogger Charlotte who writes over at Lilmisschickas, and it was a heavenly day spent enjoying the Pure Detox Spa Day. Ever since that first visit I have been absolutely in love with Ragdale Hall and it's a spa I always recommend to friends and family. Situated in the heart of the British Countryside nearby Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, it's a slice of heaven tucked away from busy life, the perfect place to get away from everyday stresses and take some much needed 'me time'. 

On this visit I got to experience the 'Ragdale Hall Experience Day', which is the perfect package for anyone who wants to see what Ragdale Hall has to offer without going for a full spa package, with the added benefit of being able to upgrade or amend the day to suit your needs. My Experience Day included a treatment specifically tailored for expectant mama's; the Elemis Nurturing Massage for the Mother-to-Be

The Experience Day actually includes quite a lot for what it is. Upon arrival at Ragdale Hall you are welcomed by the ever-friendly reception staff who will take you through to the Garden Room where you can enjoy a complimentary welcome drink whilst being introduced to the spa and given all the information you need for your day by your own Ragdale spa member. This is a great chance to ask any questions if you are new to Ragdale Hall, as well as getting a visual tour of the spa and layout, receiving your complimentary robe for the day and if you are having any treatments, given all the information and timings you need. As with all spa packages, the Experience Day includes full use of the Thermal Spa (more info about the amazing Thermal Spa and all it has to offer in this post), which for me is the biggest selling point of Ragdale Hall, including a Candle Pool, indoor and outdoor waterfall pools and an incredible array of heat and water rooms which offer different sensory, peaceful and mindful experiences. 

You also get full use of a 25m indoor swimming pool which features a whirlpool, cascade and back, shoulder and foot massage jets, as well as use of the steam room and sanarium. For those who love to keep fit there's also full use of a gymnasium, 18 free exercise and relaxation classes in two fitness studios, a choice of 4 water exercise sessions in a specialised exercise pool along with full use of aquagym equipment as well as a whole host of other exercise equipment and areas around the spa. 

The Experience Day also includes a lunch in the Veranda Bar, with a main course, a dessert and a drink. You can upgrade to a full 3 courses in the dining room which gives you more choice over what to eat, which is the lunch which I had included in my Pure Detox Spa Day last summer, but for the Experience Day I think this complimentary 2 course lunch is more than enough, and I personally prefer the relaxed atmosphere of the bars to the dining hall! The Experience Day lunch menu does give quite a good choice of salads and jacket potatoes as well as fruit and chocolate based puddings. 

The Experience Day costs £95 during the week, £115 at weekends. 

I was really excited to get stuck into my Experience Day, despite the grey rainy weather outside, having already planned out my day before I arrived. The Ragdale Hall website is incredibly in-depth with all the information you would need to plan your day and if you know times of your treatments (if you are having one) then I think it's a good idea to plan your day in advance so you make sure you take advantage of all the facilities you want to try. Once I had finished my welcome introduction I headed straight off to the thermal spa, knowing I wanted to spend some time in there before my lunch as well as after, before finishing the day with my pregnancy massage. 

There's a few areas in the Thermal Spa I had to avoid due to being pregnant, but my favourite room - the Candle Pool - and the very calming Thought Zone are both suitable for mama's to be, as well as the Cave Shower, Experience Showers and different pools around the spa. The Candle Pool is for me one of the most amazing experiences you will find at a spa. It's a lovely warm pool in a starlit cave-like room with different areas for you to go and relax, with very soothing music playing softly throughout. The Thought Zone is a really lovely place to relax, get some much needed time to yourself and just reflect. I visited the Thought Zone a couple of times throughout my day, which features changing images and colours with music in a warm, dry heat room. The reason you are advised to avoid other areas of the Thermal Spa if you are pregnant is because they are very heat orientated, and as pregnant women are unable to regulate body temperature normally throughout their pregnancies, it's best to avoid anything that is too hot. 

I made sure to take advantage of the swimming pools this time around, which I didn't get to check out last year, and I really enjoyed the different features the pools had. I definitely enjoyed taking advantage of the foot massage jets, which were a lovely way to pamper my tired pregnancy feet, and enjoyed swimming a few lengths of the pool for some light exercise. 

My massage was booked in for late afternoon, so it gave me a chance to enjoy the spa throughout the day, winding down with my treatment before heading back home. There's quite a few pregnancy-safe treatments available at Ragdale that you can add on to your Experience Day to create the perfect spa day and the Elemis Nurturing Massage for the Mother-to-Be (£84) was the perfect way to make my day more tailored to me and my needs.

Suitable from the first stages of pregnancy but most beneficial for those in their 2nd and 3rd trimesters, it features a 25 minute consultation with a 60 minute massage. Opposed to massages which take place on a massage bed, the Nurturing Massage is carried out on a very comfortable, very soft and very supportive 'ground bed' with a unique pregnancy beanbag which ensures you are comfortable, in a safe and secure position, and able to move around with ease. Admittedly when I first saw the set up part of me thought 'Oh no, I have to get down there?', but it was so, so comfortable I was really surprised. I also found the beanbag moulded to my shape and bump perfectly, so much so that I didn't need the pregnancy pillow my therapist had on hand for me. 

The aim of the massage is to relieve tension in the upper back, alleviate swelling in hands and feet and overall leave you feeling relaxed, soothed and calmed, which is incredibly important for any pregnant woman but especially when you are in the later stages when everything is getting a little bit more uncomfortable and harder. As well as being a full body massage, there's also an incredibly relaxing gentle scalp massage and a light facial included, so it really is the most perfect treatment for expectant mama's. The girl who did my massage was absolutely lovely, very reassuring, she had really taken the time to go over my treatment form before my arrival so she knew exactly how far along I was down to the amount of days. She took the time to ask what areas I would like her to concentrate on the most and really put me at ease. I was so relaxed I actually nodded off a few times, and embarrassingly ended up snoring a little! But that just goes to show how relaxed she had made me feel. The past few days since I have really noticed how much more relaxed my entire body feels, so it was very beneficial for me, the perfect way to end a blissful day.

If you've been looking into trying out a spa day for yourself then I really recommend giving Ragdale Hall a look. It's very easy to get to, situated in a beautiful picturesque landscape, in an incredibly beautiful building. The facilities are phenomenal and the Thermal Spa is out of this world, there's an incredible amount of activities on offer and the whole team from reception through to beauty therapists are helpful, welcoming and extremely knowledgeable. 

With Christmas just around the corner it's the perfect time to give the ultimate beauty treat to a friend or loved one, or even ask Santa to make a visit to Ragdale Hall the gift you find under your tree this Christmas. There's a huge array of Christmas Gift Vouchers available this festive season, with Monetary Vouchers starting from £25 which can be used towards a spa day or spa break, a more specific Spa Day Package Gift Voucher with spa days starting at £79, or the more indulgent Spa Break Gift Voucher which starts at £138 per person per night. 

You can find out more about all the treatments, spa days and spa breaks Ragdale Hall have to offer, along with the full selection of Christmas Gift Vouchers, over at www.ragdalehall.co.uk

*I was kindly invited along to Ragdale Hall as a guest.
All opinions are my own - Disclaimer