Neal's Yard Remedies Mother & Baby Organic Collection

15 Dec 2015

We've now hit the 36 weeks pregnant mark and with just 4 weeks left until our due date, things are getting serious. At the end of this week I will be considered full term and our baby could technically come at any point from now onwards. That's a pretty scary thought, although I suspect I will go overdue! All of our baby clothes have been washed, our hospital bags are packed and my birth plan has been written. All that's left is a couple more midwife appointments and to decorate the nursery, which we plan on starting this weekend. Time has absolutely flown by and it is crazy to think that in just 4 short weeks, our baby could be here.

If you've been reading my weekly pregnancy posts which I started sharing from just over 15 weeks pregnant, you will know that it is really important to my partner and I that we do whatever we can to ensure our baby is safe and healthy, and that includes the products we use on our baby and it's delicate, sensitive skin. This means we won't be using any products which use unnecessary filler ingredients, or ingredients which I know can cause skin sensitivity issues; instead we will be opting to use products and brands which use organic and natural ingredients.

The way I am looking at the products I use on our baby is very simple; if it's a brand or a product which contains ingredients that I wouldn't use on my own skin, why would I put it on the sensitive, delicate skin of my baby? If it's a brand I use myself, whose ingredients and products I trust and believe are safe to use, then I will use those products on my baby. One such brand which perfectly fits into this category is Neal's Yard Remedies, an organic beauty brand which I have personally used for around 4 years now, and one whose products I have a lot of faith in, with a strong brand ethos and ingredients which are selected for their proven benefits. It also helps that the mother and baby products available from Neal's Yard Remedies come highly recommended from other mums who have used their products, which is very reassuring for me as a first time mum.

The Mother & Baby Organic Collection is a perfect way to delve into the products available for mamas and babies. It features 7 products, 3 of which are specially for the expectant or new mamas, 3 more are specifically for baby and then there's a fabulously handy Organic Cotton Flannel. All products can be bought individually, and the products featured in the collection includes both full sizes and travel sizes, but even the travel sizes are incredibly generously sized so you're sure to get a lot of use out of them. It's a great way to explore the ranges before investing in full sizes, whilst also making a lovely little gift for any expectant mama friends or a nice treat for yourself if you want to try more organic and natural products for you and your baby.

Baby Balm
Working to protect, calm and soothe, the Baby Balm is suitable for use on baby's face, body and bum. It contains a combination of gentle moisturising ingredients such as Olive Oil, Coconut Oil and Shea Nut Butter, and is specifically beneficial for dry or chafed areas. The oils work to lubricate your baby's delicate skin whilst the Beeswax and Shea Nut Butter provide a gentle and thin protective layer. Gentle enough for use from birth, the collection features a 15g travel size worth £3.30, with the full size being 50g and costing £11 to purchase individually.

Pure Baby Oil
100% organic and fragrance free, the Pure Baby Oil contains a blend of easily absorbed base oils which are ideal for massage as well as soothing areas of try skin and helping to treat Cradle Cap. Suitable for use from birth, it works to nourish delicate skin whilst conditioning with Starflower Oil. The collection includes the full size 50ml which costs £7.50 to purchase individually.

Baby Bath & Shampoo
A gentle way to cleanse delicate skin and hair, the Baby Bath & Shampoo can be used to cleanse both skin and hair from 3 months onwards. With an organic infusion of calming Chamomile and Lavender with a blend of mild vegetable based cleansers, it's perfect for even the most sensitive of baby skin and perfect for babies with normal or very fine hair. The collection features a 100ml travel size worth £4.25, with the full size being 200ml and costing £8.50.

Mothers Bath Oil
Baths have been incredibly beneficial for me throughout my pregnancy and I am guessing they will be a rare luxury once baby is here, to help me unwind and relax. The Mothers Bath Oil is a lightly fragranced organic bath oil with a natural dispersant that helps to relax and create a sense of well-being. It can help to soothe and condition skin, boost skin suppleness and with a delicate infusion of relaxing essential oils, it makes a perfect pre-bedtime bath time treat. The collection includes a full size 100ml Mothers Bath Oil, which purchased individually costs £15.

Mothers Massage Oil
A nourishing massage oil which works to boost elasticity, help prevent stretch marks and tone skin, the Mothers Massage Oil is infused with an uplifting blend of fragrant essential oils alongside Organic Soya and Almond. Best applied to areas where stretch marks can be prone, and most beneficial for dry skin when applied directly after a bath or shower whilst your skin is still damp, to help your skin lock in extra moisture. The collection includes a 50ml travel size worth £9.75, with the full size being 100ml and costing £19.50 to purchase individually.

Mothers Balm
A fragrance-free balm with a moisturising blend which has been formulated with essential fatty acids which have been specifically selected to help maintain skin's elasticity, helping to prevent stretch marks and soothe any discomfort or itching which expectant mamas can experiencing as their bumps grow and skin tightens and expands. The collection includes a 50g travel size worth £8.33, with the full size being 120g and costing £20 to purchase individually.

Organic Cotton Flannel
Made from 100% high quality natural, organic cotton, unbleached and undyed, the Organic Cotton Flannel is super soft and suitable for use on both mama and baby skin. I've popped ours in our baby drawer in the bathroom for baby to use. Individually the Organic Cotton Flannel costs £4. which is very reasonable for a high-quality organic flannel.

I've already been using the products for 'mother' on myself throughout the last few weeks of my pregnancy and I have really enjoyed using each of them. I can't wait to try the baby specific products on our baby when they are here! I would definitely recommend checking out the collection if you're looking to use organic products on your baby, or want to treat any expectant mamas in your life.

The Mother & Baby Organic Collection costs £45 with a value of £52.13. Available both in-store and online at

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