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29 Dec 2015

A picture of Asda Knitted Baby Booties

The 2 week countdown has officially begun, I am now 38 weeks pregnant and baby could arrive any day now. Every day I keep telling myself to slow down, that I could go into labour at any point and baby could be here before I know it, but it still seems surreal. I've been pregnant for 8 and a half months, I've known since I was 5 weeks pregnant on the dot, the majority of my 2015 has been spent pregnant. The idea that soon I won't be pregnant, but in fact I'll be a 'mother' with a baby to look after, it's all a little mind blowing if I'm honest.
A picture of Disney Tigger Hooded Cardigan

Today I want to share with you some of the new baby bits we've added to our wardrobe, but before I get into the adorableness of baby clothes and newborn toys, I thought I better give you a little update!

If you read last week's pregnancy post, when plans unravel, you'll know that Gizmo decided to have a cheeky couple of weeks and after being in the head down position for quite a while, we suddenly had the news that s/he had turned back up and into the breech position. This was quite a shock for me because my pregnancy has gone so, so smoothly so far and I know how complicated it can make things when a baby is breech during delivery. In a way I was massively relieved we found out before going into labour, but it also left me spending 10 days feeling very 'up in the air' and unable to concentrate on anything, because I didn't know what was going to happen. We had a scan booked in for Christmas Eve and despite everyone around me getting into the festive spirit, I just couldn't feel excited about Christmas because finding out what was going to happen with our baby, labour and delivery was taking up all my concentration and time.

On Christmas Eve we headed over to the hospital and I was a little bit nervous to say the least. The scan could go one of two ways; Gizmo could still be breech, meaning we'd be staying longer in the hospital to discuss our options with a consultant and book me in for a planned c-section, or Gizmo would have turned back down and we'd go ahead as planned with a natural birth. Of all the scans we've had throughout my pregnancy, this was definitely the most nerve-wracking one for me - and thankfully within a minute of being on the table, we were happily told our baby was head down again. Hurrah! No more worrying about having surgery, no more worrying about how long it'll take to recover and whether it would make those first special few weeks with our newborn baby so different from everything I'd imagined.

Thank you to all of you who sent well wishes and had your fingers crossed for us that Gizmo would turn - all those positive thoughts worked!

A picture of Asda Duffle JacketA picture of Asda Star Print Snowsuit
A picture of Star Wars Darth Vader Bodysuit
A picture of Lamaze Captain Calamari
A picture of Mamas & Papas Baby on Board Lotty Ladybird

A picture of Asda Knitted Bear Hat and Mittens Set

But now back to today's pregnancy update and the pretty darn adorable baby bits I want to share with you all. As my due date drawers even closer, we have spent the past couple of weeks doing everything we can to make sure that our home is perfect for our new arrival. We've been decorating the nursery over Christmas (which I will be sharing in a pregnancy post as soon as it's complete - it's taking a little longer than we expected!), we've been ordering the last few bits and bobs like the mattress for our cot-bed and we've moved our gorgeous Snuzpod and the essentials into our bedroom, where baby will be for the first 6 months.

Back in September I shared a post with you all about budgeting for a baby and how to make sure you get everything you need on the budget you have, without going overboard or getting yourself into unnecessary debt. One of the things I mentioned in that post was my love for supermarket baby ranges, in particular Asda which is somewhere I can't help visiting whenever I am in Nottingham, as our closest Asda has a huge floor all devoted to George clothing and George home. There is a huge range of Asda baby clothes both in-store and online, as well as all the essentials you'd need for feeding, changing and even toys, all very budget-friendly covering everything from really budget buys to the more special buys. What I also find very handy is the fact that Asda stocks other brands well known for their baby products, such as Mamas & Papas, Lamaze and Red Kite

With our baby due in January one of the most important things for us when it has come to picking clothes and outfits, is making sure that we have enough warm clothes and outdoor wear for our baby to stay warm through the colder winter months. Just like with adults, cardigans, jumpers and jackets all cost a little more than your usual tops and bottoms, but Asda have a fantastic range of very affordable winter wear in their baby range. I spent weeks trying to find the perfect warm hat and mittens set for Gizmo, as all the hats I had come across were very thin and more 'fashion' wear than something you'd chose for warmth. The Asda Knitted Bear Hat and Mittens Set is only £4, which is an absolute bargain! Just like the Asda Knitted Baby Booties which are so damn adorable and also cost just £4 a pair. 

Although Asda do stock a lot of gender specific clothing, they also cater really well to those opting for gender neutral clothing like us. I personally adore grey and silver for baby wear and think it works well for both boys and girls, so lots of the warmer winter wear was exactly what we were looking for. The Disney Tigger Hooded Cardigan is only £9, with the lovely and warm grey Asda Duffle Jacket is £10 and has both adorable toggle fastenings as well as a zip underneath to keep baby extra snug. For trips out and about where we'll be using the pushchair to get into town opposed to travelling by car, a warm pramsuit is essential and as soon as I saw the Asda Star Print Snowsuit, I knew it was perfect - and at only £14 it's a bit of a bargain! I love that it comes with warm mittens, too, which can be detached if you want with a handy velcro-fastening. 

So many baby brands have cottoned on to how well baby items sell when they are themed around popular films, TV shows or music, and Asda have definitely taken the Star Wars craze in their stride with a lovely long-sleeved Star Wars Darth Vader Bodysuit at a very reasonable £4. There's actually a whole host of different 'character' themed clothing available in the Asda baby range and I've noticed compared to other well known baby brands, they options are so budget-friendly; some shops and brands really hike up their prices for popular characters and themes! 

Toys are another thing Asda have a fantastic range of and this is where the other brands Asda stock come into play the most. It's no secret I'm a huge fan of Lamaze and I remember when my nephew was born he had a Captain Calamari attached to his pram that always kept him occupied. At just £9.97 it's a really reasonably priced sensory themed toy that keeps baby occupied when out and about, I hope Gizmo loves it as much as my nephew loved his! For at home we have another sensory themed and budget-friendly toy for Gizmo to get to grips with; the Red Kite Garden Gang Munchy Caterpillar, which is huge and if you can believe it, only costs £6.50! We have a few bits and pieces from Red Kite who have a lot of lovely bright, fun and interactive designs covering toys, changing and bedding, all at very reasonable prices. They seem to be a great brand for budget-friendly buys! Of course, every new baby needs a travel accessory and the Mamas & Papas Baby on Board Lotty Ladybird sign, which costs a pretty reasonable £6.95 is the only gender neutral baby on board sign I have managed to find. 

Getting your baby winter essentials (and not so essential toys) doesn't have to break the bank, and if you're going gender neutral like us then you can always tuck them away nicely once baby grows out of them for use with your next baby, which is what we plan to do. Some shops will happily charge you £30+ for one cardigan or jacket, but you can easily get a few different items for the same price from somewhere like Asda, and the quality is just as good! Buying cheaper doesn't have to mean the items you're getting aren't as good; the majority of our baby wardrobe is supermarket or sale buys, and it's helped us massively in getting everything we need within a realistic budget.

Where do you buy your little ones clothes?

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