When Plans Unravel

22 Dec 2015

Today I am 37 weeks pregnant exactly. All the professionals, the baby books, the baby apps, everything tells you to have your hospital bags ready by the front door by 36 weeks, as from that point onwards baby could technically arrive at any moment. I planned for months that by 36 weeks I would have my hospital bags ready and raring to go - I even had a post drafted for last Tuesday, to share my hospital bags with you all. Alas, the last couple of weeks have seen things go a little off plan for me.

I have had the majority of my hospital bags packed for a good couple of weeks, with just a few things left to tick off on my 'to pack' list, but they're still not quite 100% ready. Why? Because our midwife appointment last week at 36 weeks didn't quite go to plan, and everything is a little bit up in the air right now.

All our midwife appointments have always gone splendidly. Just like our pregnancy, which I worried and fretted would be full of complications and disasters (I completely blame TV and film representations of pregnancies and birth for those unnecessary worries), all appointments have gone smoothly and test results have come back fine and measurements have been perfect. I got very comfortable in the idea that I was having a super smooth pregnancy and if everything had gone so right up until this point, what on earth could go wrong? Oh yes, I jinxed myself.

Don't worry - baby is fine, heartbeat is all good, s/he is moving as normal, it's just that s/he has decided to be an absolute awkward little monkey. After spending around 5 or so weeks head down and starting to engage, s/he decided that nah, I'm not too fond of being upside down after all and as we found out at our 36 week midwife appointment, Gizmo has now turned all the way back up. That's right, Gizmo has decided to get in the breech position, at such a late stage in my pregnancy that it is highly unlikely s/he will be able to flip back down. In fact, I am pretty sure the position is transverse (lying sideways across my tummy), although my midwife suspects they are bum down breech. 

We have another midwife appointment today, as well as a hospital scan on Christmas Eve, where the position will be confirmed and we will get the chance to discuss options for what to do birth wise. If Gizmo hasn't turned and is still in a breech position, then there are a few options open to me, but it'll most definitely result in me having a c-section opposed to the natural (preferably water birth with gas and air) I had planned. This will drastically change the contents of my hospital bags, as well as how many bags I actually have, as it could mean spending up to 5 days in hospital. 

For that reason I have decided not to share the contents of my hospital bags just yet, but to wait until after baby is born, when I can share with you exactly what I packed, what I used and what wasn't really necessary after all. That way I can also be specific as to what was helpful depending on the type of birth we have; natural or a planned c-section. I'm hoping this way it'll be more helpful for those who are trying to work out what to pack in their hospital bags! 

We only have to wait until Christmas Eve to find out what the likely option will be for us, whether baby has turned and we can try for a natural birth as planned, or whether we end up booking a date for a c-section there and then. It just goes to show that all the best intentions and well laid plans can quickly change at the blink of an eye; our baby being breech is something I never considered, especially after being head down for so many weeks. 

Hopefully next week I can share with you the news from our scan on Thursday, what position Gizmo has finally decided to settle into and what might happen from here on in. With only 3 weeks left to go, it's safe to say s/he has picked the most awkward time to play games! But I know once Gizmo is here, all the worry and plan changes and last minute running around will be worth it, and more. 

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