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4 Dec 2015

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I've always loved cooking, in fact it's one of my favourite things to do and from a very young age I have cooked all of my own meals. I used to love Food Technology back in high school and since around the age of 11 as soon as I started learning the basics of cooking and a few core meals, I started to cook my own meals at home. I wasn't the biggest fan of my mum's cooking, so it gave me the opportunity to cook meals to my own taste, seasoning and adding spices to my liking and experimenting with different cuisines, tastes and textures. I look cooking for myself, for friends, for family, oh and of course for the other half. 

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I love cooking from fresh and very rarely opt to have oven food. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are cooked from scratch with fresh ingredients and I am also a complete sucker for cooking in bulk so that I can pop some extra meals in the freezer for lazy days when I'm short on time. Time is something you definitely need to consider if you want to cook from scratch, even if it's a meal that's quick and easy to make, as there's prep time to consider, as well as the dreaded cleaning afterwards! But for me, time spent cooking from scratch is always time well spent and can often be as short as 10 minutes to rustle up something tasty; I think there's a huge misconception with how long cooking from fresh takes, when often shoving something in the oven can take far longer!

One thing I've never been the best at, is sticking to recipes. It's actually left me quite limited sometimes in the things that come to mind when I look at the ingredients I have, just sticking to what I know. I have dozens of recipe books, always buying new ones and telling myself I'll make all the delicious recipes hosted inside, but buying the separate ingredients and making sure I have everything I need always gets put off and put off until that tasty looking recipe is quickly forgotten about and I'm back to cooking the regulars. That's where Gousto comes in, taking all the hassle out of fresh homemade cooking, shopping for ingredients and even sourcing recipes; because Gousto takes care of all every last detail for you.

A picture of fresh ingredients from Gousto
A picture of fresh ingredients from Gousto
A picture of Farm Fresh meat from Gousto

Gousto is a food subscription service, but unlike monthly boxes which will send you snacks and treats to try out from different brands, Gousto will send you a weekly box with up to four meals including full easy-to-follow recipes and all the ingredients you'll need to create each meal, for either two people or four people per meal. Each recipe is well-balanced and nutritious, full of flavour and with a great selection of recipes on offer each week that cover a variety of cuisines, tastes and dietary preferences. Gousto takes the hassle out of shopping and cooking in one easy box, and the results are pretty darn tasty.

My partner and I got to test out Gousto for ourselves recently, with a box full to the brim of fresh, organic, tasty produce that covered everything from the meat and vegetables for each meal, down to every last ingredient needed to cook, season and deliver tons of taste to our plates. Arriving in a well packaged box that had specialised filling to keep all the produce cold (with actual ice packs for the meat and perishables), alongside four handy recipes cards, we were set for a weekend of delicious meals, and boy were they delicious! 

Having selected the recipes ourselves before our box was ordered and whizzed over to us, I was really excited to get stuck in. Our meals included Beef Stroganoff, which both of us thought was the tastiest of the lot and one I really need to make again soon, as well as Halloumi Sandwich with a carrot slow and homemade chips that even now I am craving the taste of, Asian Pepper Chicken which followed a recipe much tastier than the usual asian meals I tend to cook, as well as a really scrumptious Cheesy Chicken Pie which was very filling and very moreish. Both of us were very pleasantly surprised at just how amazingly well each meal turned out, following the recipes to a T and being super impressed with the results. We loved them so much I've tucked away the recipe cards and plan to make each one again in the future!

I know we'll be using Gousto again, the recipes and quality of produce are too good to resist, and it's been the perfect way to reignite the experimental side of me that loves trying new meals and foods. It's a super handy service, especially considering you can order reoccurring boxes, or one-off boxes as and when you want them. 

I'll be sharing each of the meals we got to try in their own recipe posts over the coming weeks, but until then if you fancy giving Gousto a try for yourself you can find all the info you need, including how deliveries work, pricing and menu options for the next fortnight over at

Will you be giving Gousto a try?

*I was kindly sent a complimentary Gousto box.
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