Bee Good Youth Enhancing Lift & Brighten Eye Cream

9 Dec 2015

A picture of Bee Good Youth Enhancing Lift & Brighten Eye Cream

Applying eye cream morning and night is a really important part of my skincare routine, just as much as ensuring I cleanse properly, as the skin under our eyes is so thin and delicate it really does need that extra loving care. Now I'm on the dark side of  my 20's with my 30's drawing near, it's even more important than before that I use an eye cream which will look after that delicate skin, helping to keep skin healthy as it ages.

Over the past 5 weeks I've been trying the Bee Good Lift & Brighten Eye Cream, part of the new 3 product Youth Enhancing skincare range from cruelty-free Bee Good, which features a serum, eye cream and moisturiser which together aim to keep skin youthful, healthy and happy. A range which is suitable for all skin types but especially beneficial for mature or ageing skin, it holds big claims - but does it deliver?

Described as a powerful multi-action eye treatment, it aims to lift and tighten whilst helping to reduce dark circles as well as visibly reducing the signs of ages. Even better? It claims to be suitable for use around your lips too, where it can work to target fine lines, although I've personally stuck to using this one as an eye cream. Like all of the products available from Bee Good, the ingredients used are animal and planet friendly, being completely cruelty-free and using natural preservatives, which means there's no unnecessary, harsh or filler ingredients. The Lift & Brighten Eye Cream features a powerful and skin-loving array of ingredients, including ingredients grown and sourced right here in the UK, with Bee Good being a British brand and one that is very proud to be British, too. 

There's British Wildflower Honey, which is anti-oxidant rich and high in essential amino acids, which works to protect skin, battling fine lines and wrinkles. Propolis Extract, which helps to calm skin (particularly sensitive skin), which is very highly concentrated with anti-oxidants and flavonoids. Beautifeye, which has been clinically proven to benefit the contour of our eyes, it helps to lift and firm skin by strengthening the dermal structure, ultimately helping to minimise the appearance of fine lines and discolouration, whilst reducing puffiness. British Echium Oil helps to add some much needed nourishment to the delicate skin around our eyes, also working to help reduce the appearance fine lines and wrinkles. Osilift, which is derived from Oats, has been clinically proven to create an instant 'lifting' effect and also works long-term with continued use to give skin a smoother feel, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Last but not least, this hard-working formula also includes a natural source of Vitamin E, which is a fab source of anti-oxidants whilst also having great anti-inflammatory properties, which together helps to protect skin against premature ageing. Quite the powerful combination of ingredients, aren't they?

The consistency of the Lift & Brighten Eye Cream is perfect for both morning and night use; not so thin that it doesn't feel like it's doing anything, but not too thick that it feels heavy on the delicate skin around my eyes. It has an incredibly subtle scent that I can't quite pinpoint, but is almost like a very, very subtle soft honey, which actually works quite well to be calming and soothing on application. Once applied it does have an instantaneous cooling effect, which is particularly lovely at night after a long day. There's no denying that at first I wasn't overly wowed by this eye cream, it didn't seem all that special and it was slightly less on the hydrating side to other eye creams I've favoured this year. Yet after continued use I have found myself starting to really enjoy using this eye cream. After using it for several weeks I've seen the delicate skin around my eyes become firmer, smoother in texture and overall left looking brighter and healthier. My skin feels stronger, firmer and overall in better condition that it has been for quite a while. I don't know if it's because this has such a skin-loving formula, or because I have stuck to using it both morning and night instead of using a specific night eye cream alongside this one in the morning, but whatever it is, it's working.

If you're looking for a new eye cream and like me you're starting to aim your skincare towards looking after your skin as it ages, then this might be one worth adding to your routine. It's pretty budget-friendly, available in a 5ml travel size for £8, a 15ml standard size for £19.75, as well as part of a Youth Enhancing Travel Duo which features a 5ml travel size Lift & Brighten Eye Cream alongside a 15ml Youth Enhancing Plump & Firm Moisturiser, for a very reasonable £15. All options are available online at, with free delivery on all UK orders.

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