Those Perfect Autumnal Lips

5 Nov 2015

Oh how I love lipstick. It's probably my biggest weakness when it comes to buying makeup, you only have to look at my Muji storage to see that I have a little bit of a lipstick addition (5 drawers is completely normal, right?!). Autumn is when I switch from the brighter shades of summer, when I pick my shades to make an impact, moving to softer, warmer shades which fit the season, working in harmony with deeper eyeshadow hues and cold flushed cheeks. It's time to share my favourite autumn lipsticks.

The Reds
A red lip is always popular, with berry shades definitely taking the top spot as one of my go-to shades for the colder months. Whatever your comfort level when it comes to makeup, there's a berry shade for you - you just have to find one which works well with your complexion. Easier said than done, right? I find with my olive complexion warmer tones work best, with cool toned reds being saved for the height of summer. A berry with a warm undertone compliments my skin tone without looking too harsh and having a warmer toned berry doesn't mean it has to be super dark and brooding; you can still find the perfect warm toned berry lipstick that has that pop of brightness. As with any shade, application is key. If you're not overly confident with darker shades then try a brighter lip liner underneath to take the edge off, or applying lightly with a lip brush for a less intense finish. A touch of gloss is another great way to soften up a lip, and this is the perfect time of year for whipping out those glosses with the micro shimmer and glitters ready for the festivities ahead!

Illamasqua Maneater (£19.50) is a great one to start with. More on the red side than berry, but a lot bolder and deeper in shade than most red lipsticks you'll come across, it makes a lovely starter shade for those transitioning from summer brights and is easier for those still dipping there toes into the darker shades many adore over the colder months. It has a lovely flash of cherry which brightens it up, whilst the overall shade is subtly warm in tone. You can check out my full review of Maneater hereUrban Decay Matte Temper (£15.50) is not too dissimilar to Maneater, but with a slight touch of coral as an underlying tone which brightens up this warm red lipstick. Slightly more budget-friendly, Temper is from the newest Revolution Lipstick range from Urban Decay which has an incredible formula for a matte lipstick, my favourite lipstick finish in the autumn months. Full review here

The Purples
It doesn't matter what time of year it is, I blooming love purple lipsticks! There's quite a few in my beauty stash, some which work better at certain times of year, but I do find that when it comes to autumn pretty much any purple works well - it's that perfect in-between season where we've lost the heat of summer but we're not in the coldest depths of winter just yet. Purples can be a fantastic alternative to red and berry lips in autumn and a shade which always makes a statement; I get more compliments on my makeup and lipstick choices when wearing a purple, than any other shade. I'm just such a sucker for a purple lip!

One thing I always, always do with purple shades is wear a lip liner. There's a few I love, especially MAC Magenta Lip Pencil when I want a brighter purple liner to liven up a lip colour, a beautiful purple with vivid pink undertones, or when I'm going for a really dark look, nothing beats MAC Nightmoth Lip Pencil for me! MAC Lip Pencils are £12.50 each, and for me, the best when it comes to long-lasting and highly pigmented lip pencils.

Onto the lipsticks themselves and I have four favourite purples when it comes to autumn. Let's start with the most muted purple of the lot, one of my favourite lipsticks in my entire lip product stash no less, and that's MAC Up the Amp Lipstick (£15.50). I adore this lipstick, it's one of my most used MAC lipsticks and works absolutely any time of year. A lovely muted lavender violet with a creamy Amplified finish, you can check out my full review here. Another favourite purple of mine from MAC is Rebel Lipstick (£15.50), which is quite a cult MAC shade and well deserved, too. It is one of those shades that is just perfect for the colder months, a lovely plum with bright berry undertones, almost like crushed blackcurrants. It has a satin finish, which I find very flattering, and suits such a huge variety of complexions - you can check out my full review here.

Urban Decay Venom Revolution Lipstick (£15.50) is a delicious bright berry plum and has the most creamy formula, as part of the original Revolution Lipstick line-up. It's a favourite for day time wear in particular, as it's just that touch brighter than the other plum purples in my stash. You can check out my thoughts on the fabulous Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick range here. My final purple pick is very similar to Venom, but just a touch deeper and more vampy, and that's Lime Crime Poisonberry (£12.95). I love Lime Crime lipsticks, they just really stand out from other brands, not just with their unique, vivid and playful packaging, but in the formula, pigmentation and longevity, too. I especially love teaming Poisionberry with MAC Nightmoth Lip Pencil, a lip combo I'm wearing in this Instagram picture, and you can check out my full thoughts on the Lime Crime Lipstick range here.

The Nudes
For me there is nothing easier than a nude lip, whether spring, summer, autumn or winter. Nude lips just go with everything, effortlessly, the easiest shade to pull off and one which can work so well with so many different complexions. Nude lips can be the perfect choice for day time looks, or a classic way to complete an evening eye. 

It'll be no surprise than both Urban Decay and MAC effortlessly make their way into my favourites pile when it comes to autumn appropriate nude lips. Urban Decay Fiend (£15.50) is one of my most loved Urban Decay lipsticks and the first from the Revolution range I tried, a lipstick I will repurchase so long as it is available! It's a super lovely warm pink that I absolutely adore teaming with a soft smokey eye - you can read my full review here. MAC Mehr (£15.50) is warmer and more brooding in tone, a shade I have adored for a couple of years now and one which seems to have picked up popularity among beauty bloggers over recent months. It just has that something-something that no other nude has, a super warm nude that on my naturally dark lips looks almost red toned, but on paler complexions comes across as a lovely pink undertone. Oh how I adore Mehr - you can check out my full review here.

A new addition to my lipstick stash that fits into this category perfectly is the stunning Clarins Rouge Eclat Tawny Rose Lipstick (£19.50), which is part of the beautiful autumn collection from Clarins for 2015 - you can check out my post on the collection here. Not only does it have a lovely formula that effortlessly glides on providing intense colour pay-off with a moisturising formula, but the shade, a warm rose nude, is just the most perfect classic nude lip, one which would suit any age range in these colder months. 

If all of these picks aren't enough and you're more of the sheer lip kinda girl, then Bobbi Brown Blushed Pink Sheer Lip Color is unbeatable. One of many new shades to become permanent features within the vast lipstick range on offer from Bobbi Brown - see this post for more info -, it is the perfect way to wear a nude but with a soft, sheer finish that's subtle and oh so very flattering. 

Autumn is the perfect time of year to experiment with your makeup and these are just a few of my favourite autumn makeup picks. You can check out my recent post on Making Autumnal Hues Work For You on other shades I adore turning to in autumn, and make sure to keep an eye out for more autumnal themed posts coming your way.