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17 Nov 2015

Today marks 32 weeks pregnant and with just 8 weeks to go until our due date, it's time to start putting the nursery together and preparing all the essentials which will help us when we have a newborn to look after.

A company that has made that extremely easy for us is The Gro Company, who specialise in safer sleep solutions for babies and young children. For me, one of the things I worry the most about is keeping our baby safe - I'm sure that's a natural feeling and worry to have, whether it's your first or your tenth. With an award-winning range, The Gro Company are endorsed by The Lullaby Trust, a safe sleep charity which helps to provide safe sleep advice and materials, making The Gro Company a brand who you can put your trust in and your faith in their ever-expanding range of products. Not only do The Gro Company products work to promote a safer sleep, but they have already taken a huge weight of worry of off my mind, before baby has even arrived.

Swaddling is definitely something I've been nervous about. A long time tradition, I was convinced I wouldn't be able to master the art of swaddling. Thankfully all the fiddly bits to swaddling have been taken care of with the Gro-Snug (£22.99), which is available in three designs; we opted for Rainbow Spot, which is a lovely gender neutral design for our baby with lots of multi-coloured little dots. There's also a Grey Marl version and a Pure White version. 

With a revolutionary design, Gro-Snug has a 2-in-1 design of being a swaddling blanket and a newborn Grobag. Not only does it cover swaddling in seconds, but with the right weight taken into account for the time of year - Gro-Snug is available in Light and Cosy, perfect for different temperatures -, it doubles up as the only bedding you'll need for your little one. The Gro-Snug itself feels exactly that, very snug! It's made using supersoft stretchy cotton with poppers and a zip that have been designed and neatly popped into the design to make them easy to access, but without being in the way for your baby. 

You don't need to worry about getting the hang of wrapping and manipulating the Gro-Snug into the classic swaddle position; the design of Gro-Snug means all you have to do is pop baby in position, zip it up and close/open the poppers as desired et voila, you're good to go! The packaging itself has some very easy to understand instructions, but there's also easy how-to videos over on The Gro Company YouTube Channel, which show you exactly how to use each of their products. 

Not only does the Gro-Snug take the hard part out of swaddling, but the design of the Gro-Snug itself means your baby has the room to move around with room for healthy hip movements and natural leg positions, all added into the unique and innovative design. If that wasn't enough, it even takes night time nappy changes into account, with the zip starting from the bottom so that you can just unzip the bottom half for easy nappy access! The Gro-Snug is going to make bedtime so much easier for us when our baby first arrives, and is the perfect starting point before we move onto baby sleeping bags and baby bedding. I feel so much happier knowing our baby will be safe in their Gro-Snug, and in the best position and fabric for a safe night's sleep. 

When baby Gizmo is a little older we plan to use baby sleeping bags. Until I got pregnant myself, the idea of a sleeping bag specifically designed for babies was completely new to me. It seems like they have really picked up over recent years, although some inquisitive research tells me they've been around for quite a while, with The Gro Company launching their Grobag Baby Sleep Bags way back in 2000. Statistics show that 95% of parents in the UK now use a baby sleeping bag opposed to traditional baby bedding, and The Gro Company easily comes out as the most popular brand with their huge range of Grobags which help to ensure a safe sleep for your baby.

There's a huge variety of Grobags on offer, which is available in 35 innovative, colourful, fun and unique designs, with the range being an award-winner; Grobag has clocked up four Mother and Baby Gold Awards as well as two Practical Parenting Gold Awards. Each comes with a free nursery thermometer (as does the Gro-Snug), which I find incredibly handy as it means we can ensure any room baby sleeps in has a thermometer and we can ensure baby is in a room which is a safe temperature. Each Grobag is made with the very best premium fabrics, meeting safety standards and even inspiring the new British Standard

They come in different sizes for different ages, as well as different togs for different temperatures year round. We opted for the super fun and colourful design of the Carnival Grobag (£26.99) which also features the unique travel design. Not only can the Carnival Grobag be used as a night time sleeping bag, but the hardness opening at the back means you can fit a 5-point harness for a pushchair or car seat safely onto baby whilst they are in their Grobag. There's so many wonderful designs with patterns, themes and colours suitable for boys, girls and my favourite, the gender neutral options suitable for either. 

The Gro Company Gro Anywhere Blackout Blind (£29.99) was one of the first things I popped on our baby wishlist, introduced to me by a neighbour when we spotted them using it for their little girl. Although we thankfully live in a quiet area of our town, the street lights outside easily illuminate our room at night and although our bedroom blind blocks most of that light, some light does still get in meaning our room is never completely dark. The Gro Anywhere Blackout Blind is going to be perfect for us because not only does it ensure baby won't be over stimulated when waking in the night by the light coming through, but it also ensures that when baby goes to sleep earlier, at times when it will still be light outside, the blind will ensure baby think it's bedtime by blocking out any outside light. 

Super easy to use, it attaches directly to glass using suction cups and has a new improved design with a velcro fastening which makes it quick and easy to use, adjust and pop away again when not in use. It's also portable, meaning you can take it with you whenever you're away from home, ensuring that no matter where your baby sleeps, they have the perfect sleeping environment. I know from studying Sleep Psychology when back at University how important a dark room is for a good night's sleep, so I think this is a really invaluable product to have and hope it will help in a positive and happy sleep routine for baby Gizmo!

A product I am hugely excited about from The Gro Company is the incredibly innovative Gro-hush Baby Calmer (£24.99), which to me is just incredible in it's idea and design! Honestly, as soon as this arrived I was like a kid at Christmas and I can't tell you how excited I am to use this on our baby, although I've already been testing it out on my bump! 

A unique and portable white noise baby calmer, the Gro-hush is a perfectly sized hand-held device which features three sounds; a mothers heartbeat, rain and ocean waves. Each resemble the white noise your baby has come accustomed to when inside the womb, working to soothe, relax and keep baby happy. It slips snugly onto your hand, light-weight and with a travel friendly case, with a cushioned side which uses 100% cotton and with a volume that is perfect safe for your baby. Not only am I excited to see how this works with our baby, but I absolutely adore how easy this is to take around with you and plan to pop it in our changing bag on trips out as an easy way to soothe baby when out and about. For me, this is not only one of the most exciting products to come from The Gro Company, but one of the most innovative and exciting products for babies I have come across so far.

Last but not least and another product which I think is just incredibly innovative is the Gro-egg Room Thermometer (£21.99), which is a super popular The Gro Company product and one which is going to massively put my mind at ease when baby is here. The temperature of your baby's surroundings is so, so important. Too hot or too cold could be extremely dangerous and even life threatening, so keeping your home and babies room at a safe temperature is absolutely paramount. 

The Gro-egg is a room thermometer which displays the temperature whilst also changing colour so that you can see at a quick glance whether the room is a safe temperature for your baby. With a handy guide on both the packaging and the back of the Gro-egg itself you'll find that glowing blue means too cold, yellow is the perfect comfortable temperature and a red glow means it is too hot (as it was when I was photographing it!). I cannot tell you how much worry this takes away, knowing we will be able to quickly and easily see if the temperature is safe for our baby, especially as adults and babies feel temperature differently. For me, this is one of the most important products The Gro Company have created, and really does put the safety of babies and children at the forefront of this brand's range. 

Do your little ones love The Gro Company products? Are you an expectant parent who has been thinking of trying out some of the products featured for your little one? Let me know - and if there's any other products in The Gro Company range you think I need for baby Gizmo, I'd love to hear your recommendations! Keep an eye out on my Instagram as I share pictures of all of these products in use, and you'll be spotting more than a few of them in a couple of upcoming nursery themed posts too. 

You can find out more about The Gro Company over at, with the full range being purchasable from their online store at

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