Sunday Post #46 | Radley Autumn Rose

1 Nov 2015

The Radley Autumn Rose Large Weekender
November 1st. The end of year countdown. Christmas is just 8 weeks away, 2016 is suddenly looking a hell of a lot closer - oh and it means I have just over two months left until baby is here. 

Time feels like it's speeding by and yesterday I spent much of my day just marvelling at where this year has gone. It feels like it's been the quickest yet - although the older I get the more it feels like time whizzes by before I've had a chance to stop and take it all in. Since getting pregnant this has been the case even more so; I'm constantly looking towards my due date, almost forgetting to live 'in the now', counting down days and weeks and then wondering why time is going so fast. In fact, yesterday whilst getting ready to head out for a Halloween themed evening with the girls, it almost sent me into a panic - November is here and I don't have half as much time on my hands as I'd like. 

Radley Autumn Rose teaming blooming autumnal roses with deep royal blue

The Radley Autumn Rose Large Weekender is perfect for a quick getaway or hotel stay
The Radley Autumn Rose Detachable Pouch is perfect for all your gadgets and makeup must-haves

Of course November 1st does have it's positives. Despite feeling like I have an hourglass on a 10 week countdown hovering above my head, it's made me want to get things sorted. Productiveness has hit an all time high, which is interesting when combined with 3rd trimester pregnancy tiredness and working 7 days a week. 

I've also found myself working towards November 1st for quite a while, knowing I wanted certain things done or ready to be done by this date. I have content for the blog planned, drafted and scheduled for between now and March 31st 2016. Over-organised? Perhaps. But I want to keep the blog ticking over whilst I'm settling into a whole new life as a first time mum. I'm excited for the content coming your way, feeling more passionate about the features which will be coming on Tattooed Tealady than I have all year. I feel like I'm back in control and so far as things go to plan, you can expect the blog schedule to go back to daily content from here on in, which I have missed doing so much throughout my pregnancy so far. 

This beautiful Radley Autumn Rose Large Weekender is playing a big part in that productive boost, and a bag you're going to see crop up quite a bit over the next couple of months. My first dabble into the quintessentially British brand, this Radley bag has the most lovely autumn rose design teaming greens with pinks and the perfect royal blue, crafted from oilskin. Absolutely huge in size, it features an open top which fastens closed with a popper tab, met with a polka dot lining inside, including three inside pockets and a detachable pouch on a handy lanyard. Not only does it make the perfect bag for a weekend away - a bag I plan to use for an upcoming hotel stay nearer Christmas -, but it's the perfect size for my hospital bag. I also have a sneaky suspicion it'll make a handy changing bag for longer days out or trips away, or until baby Gizmo is old enough to start rummaging in things by which time a traditional changing bag might be more appropriate.

Of course November also brings some exciting events and plans my way. Come November 5th I don't doubt that childlike love for Bonfire Night will take over, hoping to get to a fireworks display after work and if not, making do with watching the town's firework displays from our bedroom window. Next weekend I have the pleasure of spending the day with some of my favourite bloggers as I spend one of my last days out spending time with friends before baby is here. Baby and Christmas shopping followed by a delicious trip to Jamie's Italian for good food with great company, my favourite kind of day. Each weekend from now until my due date is full to the brim with plans to see friends and family before I get so big I can't move, and of course before the rush of Christmas itself and the brand New Year.

For me, the start of November is both scary and exciting. I'm nervous for how little time it means I have left before my life changes forever, but excited for lovely days out, evening plans teamed with delicious food and trips away, the festive seasons and lots of celebrations.

I'm happy to see November here. What about you?

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