NEOM Real Luxury Skin Treatment Candle

13 Nov 2015

NEOM are a wonderful brand. Their products are of exceptional quality with phenomenal scent ranges and the stand-out feature for me; each scent range has a specific treatment which works in harmony to treat and enhance your mind. When I first started blogging they were a brand that was getting a lot of love in the blogging world, with bloggers raving about their candles, making them a brand I had to try. After several visits to the NEOM displays in Selfridge's they soon became a regular on my 'treat' list, having now tried quite a few products from both their home scents range and body care ranges.

The Skin Treatment Candle range is pretty new to the NEOM family and features two NEOM scents; Real Luxury and Tranquility, coincidentally, both my favourite NEOM scent ranges. Real Luxury is for me the NEOM scent range which is in my opinion the most subtle and pleasing scent on a whole, one which would suit most tastes without being too overpowering yet still pulling through with an incredible scent that leaves you feeling instantly peaceful, soothed and exceptionally relaxed. Teaming heady Jasmine with French Lavender and spicy undertones of Brazilian Rosewood, it's a beautifully distinct, reviving and luxurious scent that perfectly envelopes your home with serenity. 

Different to the usual home candle range available from NEOM, the Skin Treatment Candles are unique and stand-out, taking the treatment aspect of NEOM candles to a whole new level. Featuring 24 pure Essential Oils alongside those key Real Luxury scents, the Skin Treatment Candles have been specifically created to help you de-stress, reduce stress levels with a formula that has dry, stressed skin in mind. Working to provide an extra pampering boost of nourishment the formula includes skin softening favourite Cocoa Butter blended with Soybean Oil alongside Vitamin Rich Almond Oil, working together to provide therapeutic benefits for both body and mind. 

Getting the benefits of this 2-in-1 candle is super simple. Simply light the candle to get the luxurious scent going, relax for 30 minutes whilst the candle forms a therapeutic pool of oil, before blowing out the candle and allowing the oil to cool for 2-3 minutes. It is important to let it cool before applying to your skin, because just like any candle used for massaging or treatments, if you use it straight away it will be too hot. Once it has cooled, simply drizzle the warm oil over any part of your body you wish, made exceptionally easy by the pour tipped design of the candle jar, before massaging in. The oil is extremely nourishing and hydrating and it can be used as an all-over massage oil or specially on the area of your body where you need the most nourishing. 

I've been using it as a twice weekly treatment oil on my tummy, perfect for massaging my ever-growing bump and keeping my skin softened and hydrated, which is especially important the further along I get in my pregnancy and the more my skin is stretched. It makes a nice treat from my usual stretch mark massage and body oils, and also makes sure that at least two nights a week I sit down for a good half an hour and just relax.

Although it's not the most budget friendly of treatment candles, the quality of ingredients and overall product alongside the beautiful presentation and packaging which NEOM a brand worth investing in, it's definitely worth a treat purchase if it's within your budget. I love using this on my bump, and it's a product I would recommend to other mums-to-be as a real treat during what is a long, tiring and constantly life-changing time in your life. 

Available at, £36.

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