Cosy Autumn Evenings

11 Nov 2015

Relax and unwind with Timothy Dunn signature scent, Violette De Lune Neroli & Wild Jasmine
Autumn is one of my favourite times of year. I'd even go so far as to say that it's my favourite season, as I just really love the change in colours around us as everything turns from green to beautiful oranges, reds and bronzes. There's something very cosy feeling about autumn and as soon as the leaves start to crunch under my feet I feel ready for cosy nights in, Christmas planning and winter warmer food.

Deep navy blue nails with Mavala Twilight Blue Nail Color Cream

Over the past few weeks as I've found myself well and truly in the 3rd trimester of my pregnancy, I've found my energy levels quickly depleting and all I want to do come 8pm when I finish work is slump on the sofa with blankets, treats and a good movie on the telly with candles burning and a big bottle of water. Pre-pregnancy that would have been cup of tea after cup of tea, but for those of you who are also pregnant or who have been pregnant, you won't be surprised to find I am on tea rations to make sure I stay within my caffeine 'allowance' each day. Surviving on two cups of tea a day compared to my usual 10 or more is definitely a challenge, but my skin has been adoring the extra water!

Autumn evenings would never be complete without a candle burning and candles are one of my biggest obsessions, with every surface in every room being adorned with my favourite scents and brands. A scent I've really loved over the past few evenings, lighting for an hour or so whilst relaxing in the living room is the stunning Timothy Dunn Violette De Lune Home Candle* (£36) which has the most beautiful fragrance to just completely relax and wind down to. The signature scent for Timothy Dunn, it teams seductive Amber Woods, Dark Violet, Moroccan Rose, Wild Jasmine and Neroli. It's the kind of scent that makes you want to just switch off from the world, perfect for 'me time' and one that has started to have an instantaneous soothing effect on me the more I use it. It's my first dabble into Timothy Dunn scents, so delectable it's inspired me to ask Santa for the Grecian Lime Home Candle (£36); as a Cypriot lady I have a sneaky suspicion this could be a scent I adore.

Evenings are the most perfect time to pamper and lately I've been obsessed with doing my nails. I think the change in season has made me excited for the warmer shades I can wear, especially as I think autumnal hues work better against my olive complexion. I've been adoring two shades in particular recently, starting with the stunning Illamasqua Scarab (£14.50) which is possibly my favourite Illamasqua shade ever. It looks like they've discontinued it now, but there's a very similar one I think would make a nice alternative, Charisma. I've also loved a blue nail as of late and Mavala Twilight Blue (£4.75) is a beautiful deep navy blue that's perfect for this time of year.

I've found myself snacking a lot in the evenings. Most days I'm really good and I'll snack on a fruit, but the colder and darker nights get, the more I find myself stuffed under a blanket devouring chocolates. Tickling my fancy this week is the limited edition Lindor Milk Chocolate Orange Truffles* (£4.89) which have been the perfect way to get my sweet tooth fix. Lindor is one of my favourite chocolate brands and for me, taste completely unique to any other chocolate brand out there and I am obsessed with these! For someone who isn't the biggest chocolate orange fan, these are delicious; the orange isn't too overpowering but still pulls through nicely.

Movie nights make my autumn evenings complete and tonight I'm settling down to watch a new DVD, Jurassic World. I didn't manage to catch this one in the cinema so it'll be my first time giving it a watch and I am so excited! The original Jurassic Park film is one of my absolute all-time favourite films and I am hoping this does it justice! Have you seen it yet?

How do you like to spend your cosy autumn evenings?

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