Christmas Gifts for the Home

19 Nov 2015

A picture of La Montana Winter Oranges Candle

With the festive season about to take over, Christmas has been dipping it's toes into some recent posts on Tattooed Tealady and this week I kicked things off with my first of five Christmas Gift Guides, featuring the best beauty gifts under £15. Today it's the turn of home and food to take spotlight, with my gift guide featuring all the best home scents and delicious treats which will make the most perfect Christmas gifts this year.

La Montana Winter Oranges Candle, £35
I introduced La Montana to the blog back in April and even then, I knew that Winter Oranges would make the most perfect Christmas scent. A real house warmer, it has a spicy blend of Valencia Orange, Cinnamon, Red Apple and Clove that has just the right touch of zest to stop it being over-powering. With a burn time of 40 hours it's going to be the perfect evening scent over Christmas and with the 1930's inspired packaging and label, it's sure to be the perfect addition to any home this winter, standing out from other brands from scent to presentation.
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Boots Traditional All Butter Shortbread Petticoat Tails, £6
I'm a sucker for shortbread and it's become a bit of a tradition that each Christmas I pick up two tins; one for my dad, and one for me and my other half. Shortbread is an indulgent treat for me (because let's be honest, they're not the healthiest treat you can have!) and make the perfect partner to a cup of tea. Boots shortbread isn't the most delicious shortbread in the world, but it's budget friendly and makes a very, very easy gift.
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Festive Heart Slate Coasters, £6.50 
If you know anyone whose recently moved into their own home or who plans to in the new year, something like these Festive Heart Slate Coasters would make a lovely simple gift that's also thoughtful for a new home gift. I picked these up for our home as we had previously just had some cheap cork coasters and I've wanted some slate coasters for quite a while; not only do I love that these are heart shaped, but the set is pretty reasonable priced at just £6.50 for four.
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A picture of Boots Traditional All Butter Shortbread Petticoat TailsA picture of Flamingo Candles Bah! Humbug Christmas Classic Jar Candle

Flamingo Candles Bah! Humbug, Mulled Wine & Berries and Cinnamon Sticks Christmas Classic Jar Candles, £12 each
It's no secret I am a big fan of Flamingo Candles and this year they have come out on top for me as the most affordable brand for amazing Christmas scents. When I received these candles I was a bit unsure; I like that each has a touch of fine glitter to make a glistening finish, presented in the classic Flamingo Candles jars - they easily stand out from other brands. A couple of the scents had me sceptical, yet as soon as I opened them and gave the scents a try I was absolutely in love and completely smitten. If you're on a budget this year and want to treat a friend or loved one to the perfect Christmas candles? This is the range to go for. Bah! Humbug has been the most surprising scent for me and has completely won over my other half; a twang of Peppermint with undertones of Vanilla and Crisp Mint. Mulled Wine & Berries is a classic Christmas scent and one which instantly made me feel festive; Apple, Sweet Berries, Wine, Brandy and Orange teamed with Clove, Ginger, Cinnamon and Vanilla. Last but not least, Cinnamon Sticks, and one which I really, really love. I was worried it would be too harsh in scent but it's actually very light and refreshing; Cinnamon, Ginger and Orange teamed with a base of Vanilla. 

Noble Isle Lightning Oak and Rhubarb Rhubarb! Candle & Snuffer, £39 each
Keeping on the candle theme but with scents which are suitable all year round and better suited to friends and loved ones who prefer something more subtle than the heady scents of autumn and winter, Lightning Oak and Rhubarb Rhubarb! from Noble Isle make perfect alternatives this Christmas. To me Lightning Oak smells like a well dressed man (don't look at me like that, you know the scent!), and is one I have found a little bit irresistible. It teams top notes of Bergamot and Grapefruit with heart notes of Cardamom and Clove Bud alongside base notes of Vetiver and Sandalwood. Not only would Lightning Oak make the perfect scent for any candle lover, as a unique scent to envelope a home with, but for me this is the most unisex scent you could come across and perfect for any guys in your life who want something less sweet or fruity than the usual alternatives. Rhubarb Rhubarb! is a deliciously bittersweet scent and instantly makes me think of childhood memories picking rhubarb from our garden to make crumbles and pies. There's top notes of Rhubarb and Juniper Berry teamed with heart notes of Rosemary and Tarragon and base notes of Moss and Cedarwood. The whole Rhubarb Rhubarb! scent range is delicious, and this candle is a lovely way to experience the scent. 
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A picture of Noble Isle Lightning Oak and Rhubarb Rhubarb! Candle & SnufferA picture of NEOM Perfect Peace Scented Candle
A picture of NEOM Perfect Peace Scented Candle

Chestnut Lodge Conserve and Marmalade Selection, £8.50
I love food-y gifts and Boots always have a great range at Christmas. As well as shortbread, something my dad loves is jams and marmalades, and so when I spotted this selection gift box I knew it had to go under his tree at this Christmas! It includes 8 conserves and marmalades with a delicious array of flavours; strawberry conserve, raspberry conserve, blackcurrant conserve, blackberry conserve, cherry conserve, apricot conserve, English breakfast fine cut marmalade and whiskey fine cut marmalade.
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NEOM Perfect Peace Scented Candle, £34.95
One brand who always get Christmas spots absolutely spot on, is NEOM. This year one of the limited edition scents is the perfectly festive Perfect Peace, which gives a more refreshing and invigorating take on classic Christmas scents. With 25 pure essential oils, the scent teams Pine, Myrrh and Lime Peel. For me this is the perfect Christmas morning scent and is going to be lovely on a crisp winter morning. With a burn time of 35 hours, it's a splurge scent that will make an unforgettable gift for any candle lovers out there who love creating the perfect Christmas atmosphere. 
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Connock London Hawaiian Nights Gift Box, £68
This set teams home scents with beauty essentials and has such a beautiful fragrance throughout that it's perfect as a luxurious gift set this Christmas. The set includes a 220g Candle, a 100ml Fragrance Diffuser and a 100g Kukui Oil Soap. The scent is light, floral, slightly fruity and oh so very delicious; it's a perfect scent to relax to and would make the perfect backdrop for a pampering evening. With a sensual and exotic take on Hawaiian Flowers it teams floral notes of Gardenia and Jasmine with a warm, woody and sultry undertone. Presented in a gorgeous ribbon topped gift box, you could easily give this gift as is without the need to wrap it in Christmas paper. Simple, chic and very sensuous. 

A picture of Connock London Kawaiian Nights Gift BoxA picture of Crabtree & Evelyn Star Shaped Shortbread Tin
A picture of Rathbones White Pepper, Honeysuckle & Vetivert Luxury Candle

Crabtree & Evelyn Star Shaped Shortbread Tin, £8.00
For me there are few brands who have got the Christmas packaging as spot on as Crabtree & Evelyn this year. Their design team has done a blooming brilliant job and the entire Christmas range is by far the most festively themed Christmas range I've come across this year - the packaging alone is enough to make Crabtree & Evelyn a must-have on Christmas wishlists this year. If like me you love shortbread but want something with better quality, flavour and taste than the Boots offering, then this Star Shaped Shortbread Tin makes a perfect tasty treat. Scottish shortbread biscuits which have been traditionally baked by a small, family-run bakery in the breathtakingly beautiful Scottish capital, Edinburgh.
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Rathbones White Pepper, Honeysuckle & Vetivert Luxury Candle, £50
Last but not least and from the oldest candle brand in the world, the Rathbones White Pepper, Honeysuckle and Vetivert Luxury Candle is one of the most beautifully scented candles I have ever come across. One of those gorgeous scents that is instantly soothing and relaxing, it teams Lily, Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Peach and Lemon with Vetiver and Cedar to create a stunning scent that has been inspired by the countryside. With a burn time of 60 hours it makes a beautiful statement, being huge in size with four wicks for an even burn. 
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