Blooming Lovely Pretty Silver Bola Necklace

24 Nov 2015

A picture of Blooming Lovely Jewellery Pretty Silver Bola Necklace

Today I am 33 weeks pregnant. Time is absolutely flying by and I can't quite get over how little time we have left. I know, I know, I say that every week lately, but honestly? It's starting to really kick in just how close our due date is and the nerves are seriously taking over. I'm even dreaming about it, and not always in a positive way either - anyone else wish labour was as easy as clicking your fingers or waving a magic wand? I'm nervous, and scared, and more than a little bit apprehensive. 

One benefit of being so close to our due date is that I'm starting to do the things I 'need' to do at this stage. My hospital bags are almost packed, I'm writing my birth plan, I'm trying to take time to relax and unwind, to remember that although labour may not be a fun experience, we will have our baby at the end of it, and spending a fair bit of time trying to get in a positive mindset. One thing which is helping me to feel more calm and soothed when I find myself getting a little over-worried, is my new Pretty Silver Bola Necklace. 
A picture of Blooming Lovely Jewellery Pretty Silver Bola Necklace

A picture of Blooming Lovely Jewellery Pretty Silver Bola Necklace

When I was asked if I would like to try wearing a Mexican Bola necklace, the entire concept was completely new to me. It wasn't something I had heard of before - although since mine has arrived I've done a little research into the history behind them, and it's actually rather quite lovely. 

The Mexican Bola is a chiming pendant worn for centuries by pregnant women as a way to soothe babies, resting nicely on blossoming bumps and chiming as you move around. The chiming sound these Bola's create is very subtle, so it's not distracting as you go about your day, but enough for your baby to be able to hear it, who can hear from roughly 23 weeks onwards. It's said to be a good way to bond with your baby before they arrive, and if you continue to wear your Mexican Bola post-birth, I imagine it would have quite a positive effect in helping your baby feel soothed and assured, a sound they will already be used to. 

Blooming Lovely Jewellery have a lovely selection of Bola's on their site and when deciding on which one I would like to wear over my own bump, I couldn't resist the incredibly pretty design of the signature Pretty Silver Bola which comes with a 36" sterling silver chain. It arrived in lovely gift wrap and presented in a handy jewellery bag with information on the history behind Bola necklaces. For me the Pretty Silver Bola really stood out, with the intricate design of beautiful blossoming florals. I've worn it every day since it arrived and I find the chiming works wonders to soothe and relax me, so I can only imagine the effect it must be having on baby! 

If you're an expectant mama yourself I would really recommend checking out the range which starts at a very purse-friendly £14. They'd also make the most lovely thoughtful Christmas gift for any expectant mamas in your life. 

You can find out more and check out the full range over at

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