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4 Nov 2015

Cruelty free Merumaya Integrative Effective Skincare products

It's only been a year since I started adding Merumaya products into my routine, but ever since each new product has earned it's spot in my daily and weekly skincare regimes. Merumaya is one of those brands that never fails to impress me, whose products are effortlessly effective with incredible ingredients that work wonders with my skin. The benefits Merumaya products have shown for my skin have been amazing, but what is most surprising about Merumaya products is the fact that each and every product within the range, which covers both skincare and body care, is incredibly affordable and purse-friendly, with products that would suit any budget. Today I'm going to share my thoughts on my favourite Merumaya products and exactly why you should be giving this brand a try for yourself.

Probably the product Merumaya is most famous for, the award-winning Melting Cleansing Balm (100ml, £15.50) is one of my favourite cleansing balms ever, as well as one of the most affordable ones I've tried for it's effectiveness, too. A balm which has a much lighter and easier to work with consistency than others, it's almost like a cream-balm hybrid. Teaming Sweet Almond Oil, Echium Oil (which contains Omega's 3, 6 and 9 as well as anti-oxidants) alongside Magosteen Fruit Extract (rich in vitamins and polyphenols, which also provide anti-oxidant protection), it feels absolutely beautiful to massage into skin. Velvety soft, it's just incredibly easy to work with and doesn't take any effort at all, unlike a lot of cleansing balms on the market. It easily removes makeup, dirt and grime, leaving skin feeling exceptionally clean and clear, as well as pretty darn soft, too. Super lovely, and the cleansing balm I would choose to repurchase over all others (I'm currently on my 2nd tube, unable to resist having this beauty in my skincare stash!). 

Merumaya create wonderfully effective face masks and I've been using two from the range, both of which I am absolutely smitten with. The first one I tried has actually become one of my favourite masks ever, and that's the incredible Skin Brightening Exfoliating Peel (50ml, £19.50). A miracle worker in a tube, it works to exfoliate skin with a unique combination of Acid and Enzyme technology, leaving skin looking brighter, clearer and a hell of a lot smoother to the touch. This has been one of my most reached for pampering products throughout my pregnancy, giving me fantastic results each time. It can tingle a little once first applied, but nothing uncomfortable - that said, if you have sensitive skin, as with any products I would always recommend doing a patch-test first. It has a lovely light-weight gel formula, so super easily to apply and a little goes a long way. It's been fantastic for my skin and few products, whether masks, exfoliating toners, serums or oils, have had the same effect as this little wonder.

The Mud Marvels Mask* (50ml, £19.50) is the latest mask to join the range, and one of the newest products to Merumaya in 2015, too. This is fantastic for anyone who loves deeply cleansing and detoxifying masks, using Charcoal, Ground Volcanic Ash, Kaolin and Bentonite alongside a complex blend of nourishing oils which revitalises skin, giving skin a naturally radiant and healthy look. It's particularly wonderful on oily skin and blemishes and I've found it to be a miracle worker on those pesky pores on my nose!

I'm a big, big fan of serums and the Iconic Youth Serum* (30ml, £35.50) has been one of my most reached for night-time serums over the past few months. I've noticed that every time I use this serum, I wake up with more plump and youthful looking skin that's much softer to the touch. Using Hyaluronic Acid with Echium Oil and Mangosteen Fruit Extract, it works to provide a boost of hydration, improve elasticity, plumpness and radiance, whilst improving the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots. I find one pump is the perfect amount for my face, with an additional pump ensuring I can pamper my neck, too. Always important to remember your neck and d√©colletage in your skincare routine, from cleansing to your final step of applying moisturisers!

Another new product to Merumaya in 2015 and one I actually got to have a little input in by giving it a blind trial earlier in the year before it was finalised, and that is the blooming amazing Everything Everywhere Beauty Oil* (50ml, £26.50), one of the most affordable facial oils you'll find for it's size and the benefits it gives. It utilises Kahai Oil, which has even more benefits than the popular Argan Oil with 50% more Vitamin E and twice as much Linoleic (Essential Fatty Acids), as well as three times more anti-ageing Retinol than the much loved Rosehip Oil which is a great healing ingredient. Team that with carefully blended Oat, Grapeseed and Jojoba Oils and you have a non-greasy, light-weight multi-tasking oil than can be used on the face (my personal favourite way to use it), on hair, as a cuticle oil, as an overnight hand and foot treatment or even as a body oil or scalp treatment. It helps to boost moisture and elasticity whilst nourishing and brightening skin, all whilst reducing the appearance of fine lines. I really, really love this oil and after being one of the 'testers', it's lovely to see it now available as a valued part of the Merumaya range.

Last but not least and moving away from the skincare products, we have a body care product from Merumaya I always have to have on my desk when working, currently working my way through my second tube, the Hydrate & Protect Hand Cream. It's a really, really moisturising hand cream that has anti-ageing properties with Hyaluronic Acid, working to plump, moisturise, smooth and give skin a more even and rejuvenated texture. It's non-greasy, sinks in quickly and doesn't leave a sticky feeling as some hand creams can once applied. I've also found this a must-have for popping in my handbag over the past couple of weeks now that we've hit the colder months of autumn, keeping away dry skin and battling the cold to keep my hands hydrated.

Merumaya is one of my favourite beauty finds of the past year and each new product makes it's way into my favourites pile with ease. The ingredients used within their products always produce fantastic results with my skin, and I love the fact that they are a cruelty free brand, with no testing on animals carried out by either Merumaya or their ingredients suppliers. In fact, all but one of their products (Skin Brilliance Supplements) are vegan friendly, too! I really do love this brand and cannot recommend them enough; definitely one to pop on your 'to-try' list.

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