20 Years of Lush

6 Nov 2015

2015 marks 20 Years of Lush. That's a blooming long time, especially when you've spent many of those 20 years watching the brand grow and expand. I've been using Lush products for 13 years now, since I was 14. I was first introduced to Lush back in school, where for my year 10 Art & Design coursework we had to create a window display for a Lush bathbomb. I'd never heard of Lush before then and I was amazed by the Lush magazine and bath bombs we were given as inspiration. Everything was new to me, and the imaginative designs, beautiful scents and enchanting effects of Lush products was completely mesmerising. 

I decided to do my window display on Big Blue Bath Bomb (£3.50), a bath bomb I've always loved the sound of and yet still to this day, have never tried for myself. A blue and white bath bomb that has been created with summer days at the seaside in mind, it features Arame Seaweed, which softens whilst in your hot bath water and is rich in vitamins and minerals including Iodine, which is fab for regulating metabolism. It also features Sea Salt, which works to remove dead skin cells, Lemon Oil, which is fantastic for invigorating and clearing the mind, and Lavender Oil, which has antiseptic and cleansing properties. OK, I might have to buy that (at long last!) this weekend when I head to the Nottingham Lush store! I had so much fun working on my display, and it really was the starting point for what has become a long, long addiction to Lush and their ever expanding product range.

Over the years I have had more 'favourite' Lush products than I could list, and I can't for the life of me remember even one product I have tried and not loved. Lush is one of the only brands I can think of who's products always tick the right boxes, who always manages to impress the beauty obsessive side to me, whilst playing perfectly to the young and carefree side of me that just adores the innovative and imaginative products they have to offer. 

2015 has been an incredible year for Lush, expanding their name even further and opening up a humongous flagship store on Oxford Street in London. They've continued their tireless charity work, supporting worthy campaigns and causes that need the help, and have expanded their product range like never before. For me, 2015 doesn't just mark 20 years of Lush, but it makes an incredibly exciting new path for Lush as a brand. 

I'd love to hear how you first got into Lush and what your favourite Lush products are, and if you're yet to try Lush for yourself, what are you waiting for?

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