30 November 2015

Makeup Favourites of 2015

A picture of Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation

With the end of 2015 drawing to a close and the Christmas countdown officially starting tomorrow, it's time to start sharing my favourite products of the year. The first of a few posts coming your way, today I'm going to be sharing the makeup products which stood out for me the most. From budget-friendly brands whose products left me pleasantly surprised, to high-end favourites that are well worth the splurge. These are the makeup products I have used the most in 2015, the products I have been reaching for time and time again - my makeup favourites of 2015.

29 November 2015

Christmas Gift Ideas for Children

A picture of Early Learning Centre Sensory Stacking Rings

Over the past couple of weeks I have shared a few different Christmas gift guides with you all, with a couple more still to go. So far we've covered the best budget-friendly beauty gifts with my top picks of Christmas gift ideas under £15 as well as a few more extra special beauty treats with my favourite Christmas gifts under £30. I've also taken care of scents and tasty food related gifts, with my gift guide on Christmas gifts for the home. Today is the turn of gifts perfect for children, covering toys, books, keepsakes and even beauty sets that are perfect for the little ones in your life, covering newborns to young children.


27 November 2015

The November Subscription Boxes 2015

A picture of the November Birchbox x Skinny Dip box

Subscription boxes have always had a place on Tattooed Tealady, ever since I first started writing this blog back in early 2012. I used to share monthly reviews of every beauty box going, both brands which are still around now as well as those who have fizzled out and long-since stopped business. Over the years the boxes and brands of monthly subscription boxes I shared has gone down, finding myself with a couple of select favourites and ultimately realising that I didn't need to be subscribed to every single box going; at the time it was a good way to introduce myself to new products and brands, but over time it just ended up with me having mountains of boxes and samples I never got around to using.

The boxes which feature on Tattooed Tealady now are boxes which I really do love and look forward to receiving each month. Not just specific to beauty any more, either, but including home and lifestyle boxes which are full with beautiful scented and exceptionally tasty treats each month. Today I wanted to share these boxes with you in a new format; one post a month sharing each fabulous subscription which has popped through my door that month. Let's get stuck in shall we?

26 November 2015

Lush Christmas Haul

A picture of Lush Christmas products

A well over-due haul, I actually picked up these few bits from the recent Lush Nottingham Bloggers Event, and now that I'm finally getting round to using them I thought it was about time they made an appearance on the blog, especially as I can give you a proper review of how each works and whether I think they're worth adding to your pampering box (hint: they absolutely are). 

25 November 2015

This Month's Favourites | November 2015

OK who else is slightly alarmed by how quickly November flew by? I can't believe December is just a few days away and then it's officially the countdown to Christmas. Excitement overload! There's a few old favourites cropping up in this month's favourites as well as a couple of new products I've been indulging in. Overall I'm pretty smitten with this month's picks and all are products which I have really struggled to put down. 

24 November 2015

Blooming Lovely Pretty Silver Bola Necklace

A picture of Blooming Lovely Jewellery Pretty Silver Bola Necklace

Today I am 33 weeks pregnant. Time is absolutely flying by and I can't quite get over how little time we have left. I know, I know, I say that every week lately, but honestly? It's starting to really kick in just how close our due date is and the nerves are seriously taking over. I'm even dreaming about it, and not always in a positive way either - anyone else wish labour was as easy as clicking your fingers or waving a magic wand? I'm nervous, and scared, and more than a little bit apprehensive. 

One benefit of being so close to our due date is that I'm starting to do the things I 'need' to do at this stage. My hospital bags are almost packed, I'm writing my birth plan, I'm trying to take time to relax and unwind, to remember that although labour may not be a fun experience, we will have our baby at the end of it, and spending a fair bit of time trying to get in a positive mindset. One thing which is helping me to feel more calm and soothed when I find myself getting a little over-worried, is my new Pretty Silver Bola Necklace. 

23 November 2015

Christmas Gifts Under £30

A picture of Kiehl's Holiday 2015 Limited Edition Peter Max Designed Creme de Corps

With the final week of November underway, the run up to Christmas has never been closer. I've been talking about Christmas a lot over the past few weeks, but I can't help it. As soon as November 1st comes around each year it's like an alarm goes off in my brain and I can't help but think of Christmas and how much I love the festive season and everything it brings. 

My Christmas Gift Guides are now well underway, having shared the best beauty gifts under £15 as well as some lovely Christmas gifts for the home featuring a few delicious treats and an amazing array of incredible home scents. Today I'm back with another beauty themed gift guide, covering all the best gifts you can pick up for between £15 - £30. With gifts perfect for all ages and covering a variety of beauty needs, my under £30 gift picks are sure to make the perfect presents this Christmas.

22 November 2015

Sunday Post #49

It's been awhile since one of my Sunday posts was dedicated to a good old catch up, but after my first weekend in as long as I can remember being at home without any plans giving me the chance to get a lot of things ticked off on my to-do list, I think it's the perfect time for a good old chinwag, don't you?


21 November 2015

Soft Autumnal Cheeks

A picture of autumn blushes

If you've caught my autumnal posts so far you'll have seen me share my top tips for making autumnal hues work for you, some stunning purple, red and nude hues that make perfect autumnal lips, how I like to spend my cosy autumn evenings and most recently, my autumn scent library. Continuing on with the autumnal theme, today I've pulled out all my favourite autumn blushes starting from the very budget-friendly picks to some more high-end splurge buys. Blushes and shades which are lovely for this time of year, work with a variety of looks and which ultimately work to compliment a look, with flattering finishes and workable hues. 

20 November 2015

Mama Mio for Pregnancy Skin

A picture of Mama Mio The Tummy Rub Oil

If you've read any of my pregnancy posts so far (which go up every Tuesday, if you're interested) or my recent monthly favourites posts, you will know that I have seriously upped my body care routine over the course of my pregnancy. I've always been one to pamper and preen, it's one of my favourite ways to relax and unwind and I'm a firm believer in taking some time out of everyday just for yourself, even if it's only 10 minutes. 

I've always had a morning and night time body care routine, which includes cleansing and moisturising, applying various lotions and potions. I think it's something I picked up from my mum - she was always applying some cream or other and so it was something I started doing from a young age. I actually find a lot of friends don't bother with moisturising, even those friends who are super into their skincare or love adding every product you can imagine to their hair, our bodies definitely get forgotten about sometimes yet they deserve the love just as much as our faces or hair!

19 November 2015

Christmas Gifts for the Home

A picture of La Montana Winter Oranges Candle

With the festive season about to take over, Christmas has been dipping it's toes into some recent posts on Tattooed Tealady and this week I kicked things off with my first of five Christmas Gift Guides, featuring the best beauty gifts under £15. Today it's the turn of home and food to take spotlight, with my gift guide featuring all the best home scents and delicious treats which will make the most perfect Christmas gifts this year.

18 November 2015

The Autumn Scent Library

A picture of Thierry Mugler Angel Passion Eau de Parfum

There's been a little bit of an autumnal theme on Tattooed Tealady recently, firstly sharing how to make autumnal hues work for you before delving into my favourite autumnal lip products and even going so far as to give you a little window into life outside of the beauty reviews, with a feature on how I like to spend cosy autumn evenings. Today I wanted to talk scents with you, with my autumn scent library, featuring a beautiful array of fragrances perfect for this time of year; those in-between beauties that are great for transitioning from summer to autumn, and those deeper, muskier scents that are perfect for the colder weather.

17 November 2015

The Gro Company Baby Essentials

Today marks 32 weeks pregnant and with just 8 weeks to go until our due date, it's time to start putting the nursery together and preparing all the essentials which will help us when we have a newborn to look after.

A company that has made that extremely easy for us is The Gro Company, who specialise in safer sleep solutions for babies and young children. For me, one of the things I worry the most about is keeping our baby safe - I'm sure that's a natural feeling and worry to have, whether it's your first or your tenth. With an award-winning range, The Gro Company are endorsed by The Lullaby Trust, a safe sleep charity which helps to provide safe sleep advice and materials, making The Gro Company a brand who you can put your trust in and your faith in their ever-expanding range of products. Not only do The Gro Company products work to promote a safer sleep, but they have already taken a huge weight of worry of off my mind, before baby has even arrived.

16 November 2015

Christmas Gift Ideas Under £15

Christmas time with Lush Butterbear Grin and Butterbear It Gift Tin
With December just a couple of weeks away and the Christmas rush soon to start, it's time to start sharing my Christmas Gift Guides with you all. I like to plan in advance and get everything prepared and ready for Santa's visit early, so that I can enjoy a stress-free Christmas season. Over the next two weeks I'll be sharing five gift guides with you all, covering beauty gifts for all budgets as well as gifts for the home and perfect presents for children. 

If you like to plan in advance then these gift guides will be a perfect way for you to get this year's Christmas gifts sorted before the festive season begins, and if you like to leave things to the last minute you can rest assured that the brands and websites I'll be featuring have fantastic and reliable delivery options to make sure you get all those important gifts in time for Santa's visit! Kicking things off today we have a beauty inspired wishlist, with all gifts included being £15 and under.

15 November 2015

Sunday Post #48 | The Advent Calendars

OK, I know we're still in November, but my Christmas planning is almost complete and the advent calendars are already out on the fireplace ready to be started on December 1st. I like to be prepared when it comes to Christmas, this year even more so - it'll be our last Christmas as a '2' before baby arrives and we become a 3. The last few weeks of my pregnancy are going to be smack bang in the middle of the festive season and I want to enjoy our last quiet Christmas, savouring the indulgent eating and festive plans with friends.

13 November 2015

NEOM Real Luxury Skin Treatment Candle

NEOM are a wonderful brand. Their products are of exceptional quality with phenomenal scent ranges and the stand-out feature for me; each scent range has a specific treatment which works in harmony to treat and enhance your mind. When I first started blogging they were a brand that was getting a lot of love in the blogging world, with bloggers raving about their candles, making them a brand I had to try. After several visits to the NEOM displays in Selfridge's they soon became a regular on my 'treat' list, having now tried quite a few products from both their home scents range and body care ranges.

12 November 2015

New Skincare Favourites

Must-try skincare products for any budget
At the beginning of 2015 I made a very big change in the way I approached skincare. Skincare has been a huge passion of mine for several years now and something that has become even more important to me since starting this blog. Since starting Tattooed Tealady back in April 2012 I have learnt so much more about the world of skincare, from the different products you can use, ingredients to look out for as well as ones to avoid, as well as learning how to understand, treat and look after my skin, in a way that I truly believe would not have been possible without this blog and reading skincare reviews on other blogs, too. 

It also meant that I was constantly switching up my skincare products, testing new brands and product releases for review here on the blog, always buying the latest must-have product hoping it'd be a skincare saviour for me like all the rave reviews. I'm extremely lucky that my skin has never had any issues with products, specific ingredients or constantly changing things up, but in 2015 I wanted to concentrate on specific routines. Keeping with the same products until they were completely used up before moving onto something new, working with my skins needs opposed to what took my fancy at the time. My skin has been so much happier for it since, and today I wanted to share some of my new favourite skincare products, products I've been using over the past few months which I am absolutely besotted with.

11 November 2015

Cosy Autumn Evenings

Relax and unwind with Timothy Dunn signature scent, Violette De Lune Neroli & Wild Jasmine
Autumn is one of my favourite times of year. I'd even go so far as to say that it's my favourite season, as I just really love the change in colours around us as everything turns from green to beautiful oranges, reds and bronzes. There's something very cosy feeling about autumn and as soon as the leaves start to crunch under my feet I feel ready for cosy nights in, Christmas planning and winter warmer food.

10 November 2015

3 Things I'll Miss When I Become a Mother

Sharing 3 Things I'll Miss When I Become a Mother

Today marks 31 weeks pregnant, we are now officially into the single figures countdown and I'm starting to feel all sorts of crazy emotions. I'm excited, of course, like kid on Christmas Day excited, because it means in 9 short weeks our baby will be here. But I'm also nervous and scared, about to start a whole new journey in my life for the first time, just hoping I get it right.

9 November 2015

Humble Natural Beauty

The relaxing and soothing Humble Rose & Frankincense Bath Honey
I love discovering new beauty brands, especially when that brand advocates natural beauty. Humble Natural Beauty is a lovely range of bath and beauty products which have been created by Kate Humble; a TV presenter, author, environmentalist and farmer (you may recognise her from quite a few BBC shows!). Kate wanted to create a range of beauty products that was environmentally friendly, a product range which avoided the pollution and environmental impact many products in the beauty industry can create, and so Humble Natural Beauty was born. Created with natural, biodegradable ingredients, Paraben and SLS free, with recyclable packaging that's simple and beautifully designed. 

8 November 2015

The Sunday Post #47 | The Good Spa Guide

Sundays have always been about pampering for me. The one guilt-free day of the week where everyone indulges in sleeping in late, binging on Netflix and trying to get as much 'me time' in as possible before the start of a new working work. Ever since I can remember, Sunday's have been my favourite day of the week to pamper and preen, relax and indulge in some of my favourite things. Disappearing into my current book, sinking into a hot bubble bath and pampering from head to toe, something made all the more luxurious this Sunday thanks to The Good Spa Guide.

7 November 2015

Charlotte Tilbury The Golden Goddess

Charlotte Tilbury The Golden Goddess Look Gift Box
Ever since Charlotte Tilbury first released her exquisite beauty range back in September 2013, it's been the brand every beauty adorer wants to get their hands on. World renowned for her makeup artistry, the move to her own beauty range was one which has been welcomed and celebrated ever since. Every visit to Selfridges is that little bit more special when you visit the Charlotte Tilbury stand, alongside a stunning and effortlessly interactive website that makes online orders a breeze. The recent move to making her products available in John Lewis, both online and in-store, this stunning range is set to adorn more and more dressing tables across the UK. 

6 November 2015

20 Years of Lush

2015 marks 20 Years of Lush. That's a blooming long time, especially when you've spent many of those 20 years watching the brand grow and expand. I've been using Lush products for 13 years now, since I was 14. I was first introduced to Lush back in school, where for my year 10 Art & Design coursework we had to create a window display for a Lush bathbomb. I'd never heard of Lush before then and I was amazed by the Lush magazine and bath bombs we were given as inspiration. Everything was new to me, and the imaginative designs, beautiful scents and enchanting effects of Lush products was completely mesmerising. 

5 November 2015

Those Perfect Autumnal Lips

Oh how I love lipstick. It's probably my biggest weakness when it comes to buying makeup, you only have to look at my Muji storage to see that I have a little bit of a lipstick addition (5 drawers is completely normal, right?!). Autumn is when I switch from the brighter shades of summer, when I pick my shades to make an impact, moving to softer, warmer shades which fit the season, working in harmony with deeper eyeshadow hues and cold flushed cheeks. It's time to share my favourite autumn lipsticks.

4 November 2015

Brand Spotlight | Merumaya

Cruelty free Merumaya Integrative Effective Skincare products

It's only been a year since I started adding Merumaya products into my routine, but ever since each new product has earned it's spot in my daily and weekly skincare regimes. Merumaya is one of those brands that never fails to impress me, whose products are effortlessly effective with incredible ingredients that work wonders with my skin. The benefits Merumaya products have shown for my skin have been amazing, but what is most surprising about Merumaya products is the fact that each and every product within the range, which covers both skincare and body care, is incredibly affordable and purse-friendly, with products that would suit any budget. Today I'm going to share my thoughts on my favourite Merumaya products and exactly why you should be giving this brand a try for yourself.

3 November 2015

Plus Size & Pregnant

Sharing my 26 weeks and 29 weeks pregnancy bump

Today I am 30 weeks pregnant and that is absolutely crazy. Going down a different route with this week's pregnancy post, this post isn't going to be about my latest adorable baby buys or my hopes and dreams for a happy future ahead. Today I want to talk about some of the harder aspects of pregnancy, of the things I've struggled with, thoughts I've battled with and assumptions I've faced. Today I want to talk about being plus size and pregnant.

2 November 2015

Clarins Festive Eye Make-Up Palette 2015

The multi-purpose Clarins dual-ended eyeshadow brush
In 2013 Clarins amazed beauty adorers worldwide with the release of the limited edition The Essentials Palette 2013, a beautiful 10 shade eyeshadow palette that was perfect for the Christmas season and full with stunning shadows essential for creating everything from an everyday eye to a subtle night-time look. I was completely smitten with the release and couldn't help but treat myself - you can check out my full review here

In 2014 Clarins followed this with the release of another limited edition, The Essentials Palette 2014, a release I was incredibly excited to see after falling so in love with the first palette back in 2013. Even more beautiful than the first, it had some real stand-out shades that gave it that something-something more than the original 2013 palette. You can check out my full review here.

Now in 2015 with the festive season upon us, Clarins have released another stunning limited edition palette - The Essentials Festive Eye Make-Up Palette 2015, a limited edition palette that completely stands out from other palette offerings from Clarins, a palette absolutely perfect for the festive season with shades that will work all year round too.

1 November 2015

Sunday Post #46 | Radley Autumn Rose

The Radley Autumn Rose Large Weekender
November 1st. The end of year countdown. Christmas is just 8 weeks away, 2016 is suddenly looking a hell of a lot closer - oh and it means I have just over two months left until baby is here. 

Time feels like it's speeding by and yesterday I spent much of my day just marvelling at where this year has gone. It feels like it's been the quickest yet - although the older I get the more it feels like time whizzes by before I've had a chance to stop and take it all in. Since getting pregnant this has been the case even more so; I'm constantly looking towards my due date, almost forgetting to live 'in the now', counting down days and weeks and then wondering why time is going so fast. In fact, yesterday whilst getting ready to head out for a Halloween themed evening with the girls, it almost sent me into a panic - November is here and I don't have half as much time on my hands as I'd like. 
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