The Body Shop Italian Summer Fig

8 Oct 2015

A picture of The Body Shop Italian Summer Fig Fragrance Mist and Italian Summer Fig Shower Gel
OK so let's be honest, fig scents have been a bit of a thing over the past few years, haven't they? It all started with the likes of Diptyque Philosykos, a fragrance which has taken the beauty world by storm and adorns more than a few bloggers dressing tables (including mine - read review here). One of those blogger inspired purchases that everyone had on their wishlist and everyone needed to have in their fragrance collection. 

A few brands over the years have brought out fig-themed products and ranges, hoping to stir up that same adoration and lust as Diptyque, but none have managed to get the scent right for me. That was until The Body Shop released their Italian Summer Fig range, and finally I've found a fig-scented beauty range that's budget-friendly and more affordable than it's high-end counterpart. Listen up fig fans, because this is a range that needs to go on your wishlist.

There's 5 products in the range altogether, covering bathing, moisturising and fragrances, all at very affordable prices and nothing more than £18. There's a beautiful shower gel, a deliciously thick body butter, a lighter body lotion, the perfect fragrance mist and for those longer lasting fragrances, a perfectly designed Eau de Toilette. I've been trying out 2 products from the range, using both individually and together to layer the scent, making it last longer.

The Italian Summer Fig Shower Gel has a deliciously light and refreshing fragrance of ripe figs with grape leaf, milky fig notes and woody tones. A soap-free shower gel which works to gently cleanse and fragrance skin, it lathers with and really adds a new dimension to the scent under the hot steam of a shower. The star ingredient is Community Fair Trade Honey, all the way from the UNESCO Sheka Forest Biosphere Reserve situated in the southern region of Ethiopia. It's on this reserve that African bees distil the nectar of rainforest flowers to create a distinctive and floral honey, which is collected by 'Bee Whisperers' who collect the honey whilst improving and maintaining beekeeping communities, ensuring the traditional and natural ways of working with bees in Ethiopia. A huge 250ml bottle costs just £6.50, so really reasonable - especially as I find The Body Shop shower gels last a really long time.

Next up we have the Italian Summer Fig Fragrance Mist which is lovely to reach for throughout the day and works well to keep the fragrance of Italian Summer Fig going strong if layered after using the shower gel. With the same fig fragrance, it's light, refreshing and quite the soothing scent which is perfect for use any time of day, but a favourite of mine for day-time wear. I'm a huge fan of The Body Shop mists and have built up quite the collection over the years, finding them just as good as a perfume for long-lasting fragrance. A seriously underrated range, a 100ml bottle costs just £8.50 and these beauties last forever. 

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