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6 Oct 2015

A picture of baby friendly natural and organic beauty brands

One of the first things I talked to my partner about when we found out we were expecting a baby, was what we would use on them products wise. Although I'm not a 'green blogger', using brands and products which are natural, organic and free of unnecessary ingredients where possible is extremely important to me, and that's something I want to carry on with our baby too. The way I see it, if there's ingredients, brands and formulas I avoid using on my own skin, why would I put them on my baby? Especially when they're a newborn and their skin will be so sensitive and easy to react. 

Thankfully, my partner agrees and he's more than happy for us to use natural and organic brands where possible, going for brands which avoid ingredients which can be harsh to skin and ultimately are pretty unnecessary ingredients just used to bulk products out. For today's pregnancy post, which marks my 26th week of pregnancy, I'm going to be sharing with you some of the organic, natural and baby-friendly brands we plan to use with Gizmo, giving you a little introduction to each brand and why we think they will be a good choice for our baby.
A picture of natural Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil

Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil* is a new baby skincare brand, created by a mum trying to find the perfect product to soothe her daughters dry skin. After struggling to find products on the high-street which weren't loaded with unnecessary ingredients which make dry skin worse, she decided to make her own - and so Kokoso came to be! The Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil is full to the brim with active natural ingredients derived from 100% natural organic Virgin Coconut Oil and nothing else - it is the one and only ingredient. Each coconut which is used in Kokoso products has been grown and hand-checked on a certified organic family-run farm in Thailand before making it's way into the Kokoso pot. A multi-purpose moisturiser which can be used as a baby massage oil, nappy cream and if you fancy dipping in there yourself, it's also fab as a natural lip balm, makeup remover, face and body moisturiser as well as a conditioning hair mask. I plan to use this as both a nappy cream and a massage oil for baby Gizmo and having been a big fan of coconut oil as a beauty saviour over the past couple of years, I'm sure s/he will love it as much as me.

Available at as well as in-store and online at, £7.99, 168g pot.

A picture of natural Dr Bronner Baby Mild Liquid Soap

I've been using Dr Bronner Liquid Soap for several years now, being my preferred product for washing my makeup brushes with. A while back I received a sample bottle of the Dr Bronner Baby Mild Liquid Soap in a beauty box and I tucked it away without opening or testing it, knowing it would come in handy when we had a baby. A 100% natural and biodegradable soap, it's completely fragrance free and perfect for even the most sensitive of skin, so great for babies. Containing USDA Certified Organic oils and essential oils, it can be used as a hand wash, face wash, body wash, shower gel and I'm pretty sure it'd be fine for hair, too. Dr Bronner is a very well known brand in the beauty world, so I'm excited to get more use out of this multi-purpose product instead of just using it to clean my makeup brushes. If we get on well with this little travel bottle, I'll definitely be picking up a larger size as a bathroom essential. This is the only one in the range which is specifically advertised as baby-friendly, so if you prefer the other scents I'd be sure to check first if they are suitable for use with babies.

Available at, £5.99, 237ml.

A picture of Weleda Baby Derma White Mallow and Calendula baby skincare products

I'm such a big fan of Weleda and I raved about the Weleda Stretch Mark Massage Oil in my September Favourites (read here) which has been my most used product throughout my pregnancy so far. Weleda have a really expansive range of baby-friendly products and I was kindly sent some very handy travel sizes to pop in my hospital bag. I'll be sharing a post on my hospital bag closer to my due date, but had to pop them in this post too as I'm really excited to use Weleda products on baby Gizmo, as I adore the brands ethics and ingredients they use within their products.

The Weleda Baby Derma* range is a completely new range to join the Weleda family. The White Mallow Body Lotion works to calm skin, provide intensive moisture, relieve itching and cool skin. White Mallow Nappy Change Cream also calms skin and provides intensive moisture whilst relieving itching, but it also works to protect against dampness and prevent soreness which manage babies experience when wearing nappies. Last but not least, the White Mallow Face Cream helps to strength the skin's protective function and protect skin against harmful environmental influences, whilst also relieving itching, providing intensive moisture and calming skin.

The Weleda Calendula* range is the range I have seen most raved about by other natural and organic loving mums on blogs and Instagram, so a range I'm personally really intrigued by. A more expansive range than the new White Mallow range, it's full of every product you could imagine needing for a baby. The Calendula Shampoo and Body Wash cleanses skin whilst helping to keep dryness at bay and maintaining the skin's protective layer. The Calendula Face Cream is a moisturising, protecting and soothing cream which supports skin's natural function whilst leaving skin feeling softer. Last but not least, the Calendula Nappy Change Cream is perfect for delicate skin, working to care and protect skin whilst soothing irritation and preventing soreness and chafing.

Both ranges are available at and ranges in price from £6.95 - £11.95.

A picture of the Antipodes Saviour Skin Balm suitable for use as a nappy cream

I've featured the Antipodes Saviour Skin Balm* before (see here) but it's only recently on adding a fresh pot to my beauty stash that I realised this incredibly versatile and multi-purpose balm can also be used for baby care. Antipodes is one of my absolute favourite brands for skincare so I am thrilled it's a brand I can introduce to Gizmo as part of their body care routine, too. A potent conditioning balm created with nature's riched oils, it contains a healing blend of Totara and Tea Tree with antioxidant Echinacea and Vinaza Grape. I plan on testing this out as a nappy cream and also have a feeling it'll be pretty darn good on elbows and knees, which is one of my favourite uses for the Saviour Skin Balm.

Available at, £28.99, 75g.

A picture of Sophie la Girafe Cosmetics Baby Skincare products

Sophie la Girafe* is a brand I've been aware of for years, but not for their beauty range - a new release in 2015 - but for their world-famous and very loved Sophie la Girafee Teether Toy. When I was introduced to the new baby skincare range from Sophie la Girafe I was massively intrigued and I'm really excited to see what Gizmo thinks to the range. Free from unnecessary and harmful ingredients such as GMO's, nano-particles, synthetic perfumes or dyes, phthalates, parabens, chlorine, SLS, SLES, MIT, triclosan, propylene glycol, benzobarbital and phenoxyethenol, they are cruelty-free and 100% vegan friendly. Using a minimum of 99.4% natural ingredients, it's one of the most natural baby ranges I've come across yet!

The Hand & Body Wash is a gentle cleanser suitable for use on both the body and hair, with a rich subtle foam which cleanses and cares for skin with Oat Milk, Cotton, White Tea and Lavender Water. It works to moisturise, condition and also helps with keeping tangles at bay. The Bubble Bath has a gentle cleansing foam to make bath time enjoyable and relaxing. Featuring White Tea, Lavender Water and Oat Extract it doesn't just create magical bubbles, but also nourishes, moisturises, soothes skin and relieves skin symptoms whilst preventing skin irritations. The Body Lotion is a gently moisturising and nourishing body lotion which is specifically for baby skin, aiming to keep skin healthy, well-moisturised and supple. It utilises White Tea, Jojoba Oil, Lavender Water, Oat Milk and Shea Butter which together work to fortifies skin and provide antioxidant protection, moisturise skin whilst maintaining the protective layer, soothe and relieve inflammation all whilst preventing skin irritations.

The full range is available at, ranging in price from £10.99 - £14.99.

A picture of -TEN- Boutique Baby Skincare Products

Last but not least and another very exciting baby-friendly brand is -TEN-*, a boutique skincare range which has products for both baby and mum. All -TEN- products are free from parabens, ethanol, SLES, formaldehyde, dyes, colour, phtalates, lanolin, soap, paraffin mineral oil and nitrosamine, with products formulated to reduce the risk of allergies. I was kindly sent a selection of products to use on Gizmo which cover bath-time as well as products handy for use throughout the day.

The Baby Cleansing Foam has been specifically formulated for delicate baby skin, using natural oil extracts of Calendula and Chamomile which work to protect skin's natural skin barrier, helping to retain natural moisture. It also has a fab cleansing and refreshing effect, stimulating senses with a natural and subtle fragrance. The Baby Natural Shampoo works to cleanse hair leaving it clean, silky and tangle-free with a pH balanced formula which is gentle on the scalp. With a lather-rich and tear-free formula, it strengthens hair and utilises Chamomile extracts, Wheat Proteins and Jojoba Oil to soothe, repair and moisturise whilst stimulating hair growth, calming skin and managing tangles. The Baby Gentle Massage Oil uses Sweet Almond Oil to help repair delicate skin whilst softening and hydrating, relieving dry, flaky or itchy skin. Baby massage is something which really intrigues me and something I hope to do daily with Gizmo, as it's not only great for calming your baby but has shown to be a great way to strength the bond between baby, mum and dad - this is going to be perfect. Last but not least, the Baby Protective Diaper Cream which has been formulated to protect skin with key ingredients which prevent nappy rash, keep skin dry and soothe skin whilst protecting against irritation.

The full range is available at, ranging in price from £10 - £11.

As all of the products featured in this post are specifically for use on baby Gizmo, I have not been trying and testing them myself - mostly because once you open a product the run-down to it's expiry date starts and also because they're not for me! I wanted to share today's post to introduce you to all of these wonderful natural, organic and baby-friendly brands, but I will of course be reviewing each product in full once we have given them a try on Gizmo. I'm really excited to have found such wonderful brands which I feel happy and confident using on our baby and I hope this has been helpful for anyone who like me, wants to use natural and gentle brands on their own children!

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