Making Autumnal Hues Work For You

30 Oct 2015

A couple of years ago you would have been hard pressed to find me sporting the warmer berry shades akin to autumn, especially a deep red lipstick. A lack in confidence and struggling to find the right autumnal shades which worked against my olive complexion meant it was definitely a case of trial and error when it came to making the typical shades adored through autumn work for me. Now? Autumn is by far one of my favourite times of year makeup wise, the perfect in-between of summer brights and dark winter hues, where you can still go playful with a pop of colour or try something more sultry with shades that have that something-something extra that makes them stand out. 

It's not just berry shades that I love in autumn either, but a whole host of shades which I love to turn to in my favourite season. As leaves turn to copper and crunch under our feet, the days start getting darker earlier and we sneak the heating on that little bit more often than we should, it's the perfect excuse to get out my favourite autumn products. Today I'm going to share some of my favourite autumnal hues with you all, with tips and tricks on making them work for you.

Lips are the easiest way to experiment with berry shades through autumn and for me, the quickest way to make a statement. Through summer so many of us will reach for those bright lip shades and when autumn comes around it's the perfect time to go for something warmer, instantly adding a sultry dimension to your look. For me the easiest way to do this is with berry reds and warm rosy pinks. I have quite a few staple berry shades in my lipstick collection and they're very easy to work with if you have the right tools. Love a shade but worry it's a touch too dark? Try a brighter red or berry liner underneath to lighten the colour slightly, or even applying more lightly with a lip brush for the colour impact without the intensity of a full lipstick. Want to go the full hog? Go for a darker liner and your berry lipstick will have a whole new depth.

Rosey shades and warm toned pinks are a super easy way to make autumn lips work for you without going to the full commitment of a deep berry. Going for a warmer pink or rose adds that autumnal touch without being too daring, a more subtle way to move from summer brights to winter darks.

Lip gloss is another fantastic way to experient come autumn, especially if you're just starting to dip your toes into deeper shades. You can team your favourite autumn lipstick with a berry gloss to give the finish a more playful look, or go for something lighter with a pigmented gloss worn alone for a touch of colour. Autumn is my favourite time of year for teaming lip liners with bold glosses, the perfect in-between and my favourite combination for an evening lip.

Eyes are where I'm most confident and for me, there's no season I love more than autumn for getting bolder with my colour choices and experimenting with the perfect eye makeup looks. Cranberry, berry and copper shades are hugely popular this time of year and an effortless way to create an autumn eye. I find going for berry shades which have warmer red tones work best, as cool red undertones can make my eyes look tired. Burnt copper shades are particularly lovely and an easy shade to transition to autumn with from the more golden coppers many love using in summer for that golden goddess look. 

My favourite shades for eyes in autumn? Deep chocolate bronzes and mossy emerald greens. There's few things I love more than creating a smokey eye with the perfect combination of browns and greens, especially if you add a touch of gold into the mix. It's different from the usual autumnal eye whilst still being perfect for this time of year. Not too dark and intense, but more standout than the typical looks you'll see in summer or the colder winter months to come. Greens are definitely overlooked in the makeup department, yet once you've found the right shade (or in my case, shades...) for you, you'll soon find yourself addicted to those dewy mosses and forest greens. 

Cheeks are super easy to spruce up for the autumn months, with a huge variety of warmer shades available from deep rosey hues to berry wines and those warmer neutral shades which even double up as a handy contour. Warmer toned blushes work well on a huge variety of complexions, but application is key. The warmer and deeper a shade, the more you need a gentle hand to apply. If you're heavy handed you'll end up looking like you have frostbite; it's much easier to start small and apply lightly, building up to the intensity you feel confident with, rather than going overboard and having to tone things down or start again! If you end up applying a touch more than you're comfortable with, a quick way to tone things down is to lightly buff your blusher in with a buffing brush or even use your base brush; the remaining base product will quickly tone down the colour.

Of course let's not forget nails. The beauty product that no matter what season, is the quickest way to add that perfect touch of colour. When it comes to autumnal hues I find greys, taupes, berry reds and deep wine shades super easy to work with, and a great way to build up to the festive season too. 

Over the next couple of weeks I'll be sharing some of my favourite autumn products with you all, covering everything from my go-to autumn lipstick shades, my favourite eyeshadow palettes for an autumnal eye and my most reached for cheek products for adding a touch of warmth. If you've enjoyed today's dabble into autumnal makeup, make sure you keep your eyes peeled, and in the mean time I'd love to hear how you make autumn hues work for you!